Lord’s Chosen… Two decades of preaching gospel, setting captives free

The divine calling of Pastor Muoka into God’s work, which has culminated into the establishment of The Lord’s Chosen 20 years ago, is akin to the call of Abram.
Worshippers at a recent crusade of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries.
Worshippers at a recent crusade of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries held in Kogi State

The divine calling of Pastor Muoka into God’s work, which has culminated into the establishment of The Lord’s Chosen 20 years ago, is akin to the call of Abram. The Father of all faithful was asked to leave his ancestral country to an unknown land where he would be blessed. As Abram obeyed without knowing his destination, but only trusting on the promises of God that fail not, Muoka obeyed the voice of God to leave the comfort and the enviable position in his former church for a distinct assignment to win ten billion of souls for the Kingdom of God.

In fact, he was very reluctant to part ways with his former church members because of the special love he had for the brethren and the leaders, but in the revelation he was warned he would loss all he had if he dared reject the call of God.
Of course, he has good reasons, but obedience is better than sacrifice; so he succumbed and towed the path Abram followed and God Almighty presented to him, the name, “The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement.” As he embarked on his missionary voyage, he began to see the blessings of God in every step he takes. And today, many that are in agreement with him in his journey are called the “Chosen Generation.”

Starting with a few hundred members, the mustard seed has grown in leaps and bounds to be in different countries of the world. Because God’s hand is in the ministry, the work has advanced, making the ministry’s threefold visions — grassroots revival all over the world, revival of the Apostolic Christian experiences among the body of Christ, and the revival of heaven consciousness in the heart of every believer and ten billion souls mandate — to be actualised. Pursuing our visions and mandate, which are tailored towards making the world a better place and preparing mankind for the second coming of our Master Jesus Christ remains sacrosanct.

For the past 20 years, this has been our main assignment. We have faithfully been sending the glad tidings to all parts of the globe not for entertainment, but as a solemn message from God to men; liberating them from the limitation Satan has placed them.

We have been passing the message to as many people as possible, telling them to tell others that this is our time of visitation. We are telling the children of men that Satan has condemned all men to misery and danger, but God in His infinite mercy has sent His Son, Jesus Christ to deliver them through The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement as He did in the Bible days. We have been telling the sons of men that if they believe the gospel, and give up themselves to be Christians indeed, they will be saved from the guilt and power of sin. We have made them to understand that a Christian is not a sinner and a sinner is not a Christian. Armed robbers, prostitutes, idolaters, adulterers, liars, fraudsters and their likes, no matter how rich or highly placed they may be, are not Christians and should not be called one. All these were said to make them return to God, so that, it shall be well with them.

We have for the past 20 years taken this message to the market squares, inside commercial buses and have made a loud noise about it, blown our trumpets and deployed hundreds of buses and cars to different communities and neighborhoods to spread it. We have taken the gospel to different doorsteps; putting fliers on the streets as a way to make people see and read and accept Jesus Christ as their personal saviour.
We know this is not a bread and butter task, but a serious affair, and God who has commissioned us to do it will finish it Himself. We are not looking at the physical challenges or earthly rewards of our work, but look forward to having the mansions and crowns our Master, Himself, promised us for faithfully doing the job. We are looking beyond the grave, because grave shall not hold us captive in our quest to turn the world upside-down for Jesus Christ. We embarked on this journey of global revival for Jesus Christ with all our strength, soul, spirit and body.

The same speed at which we started it when we were called and chosen for this work 20 years ago (2002), is the same momentum and impetus we are still following; we have not reduced till date. We are very conscious that this world has expired and will soon pave way for a new world under the direct supervision of our Lord Jesus Christ and the saints. We know there is another fellowship after this life. There is another world, which is eternal in nature, where only the chosen will live forever with Jesus Christ as King. This is the essence of the third vision in our threefold vision, which is to revive heaven consciousness in the heart of believers.

Through our vision we are telling all ears that the more the love of the world prevails, the more the love of God declines.

For 20 years running, we have been telling the world the implications of loving the world. By virtue of our calling, we are holding fast to our vision, that is, to let the world see the profanity of things of this world and be persuaded to make Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords, their Saviour.

The Scripture speaks to us: “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light” (1 Pt 2: 9).
We are distinct from the world; we are imparted with a godly Spirit, principle and practice; which we could never have received, if we had not been chosen to follow Jesus Christ and sanctified by His Spirit. We were called out of darkness into a state of joy, pleasure, all-round blessings and prosperity. It behooves on us to show forth the praises to the Lord by our conduct. We are peculiar people and in covenant with God. Jesus Christ, His only Begotten Son, has purchased us with His blood and we are to show forth His virtues by publishing and proclaiming the wisdom, power, goodness, mercy, righteousness and truth of God. The Almighty God called us out of the darkness of sin, ignorance and misery, into the marvelous light of knowledge, faith, holiness, dominion and comfort. We are called the chosen ones because of the distinct assignment of winning 10 billion souls, which no one had ever dreamt of. We are called royal priesthood because we have a duty to sacrifice to God, thus we became holy by offering acceptable sacrifice to God through our services. We are peculiar because we were called out to this limelight from the darkness of sin. We are the few that were chosen from many that were called. The Scripture says: “For many were called, but few are chosen.”

Testimony Of The Lord’s Doing
God, The Vindicator Of The Righteous

This is a testimony of how I was delivered from the little girl (Ujunwa) living with me.

I am Sister Kate Eze. I reside in Lagos State. On one fateful day, I had a dream where I fought a pussycat. But as I was about to kill it, a voice said: “Don’t kill that cat, if you kill it your name will never be clean in this life and they will not understand you.” I left the cat and it immediately changed to Ujunwa, the girl staying with me.

This happened around 4a.m in the morning and because of that fight I could not sleep again, so, we prayed till 5 a.m. Usually, l do not take her to morning-cry, but because of what had happened, l took her with me that very day. While I was preaching, Ujunwa was sharing the fliers, after that we returned home.
Getting home, my husband was awake and I narrated the incidence to him. Although, he doubted me, he, however, restrained me from narrating it to other members of our family. As he left for work, he went with my phone, so, I would not be able to call anybody, but before he came back, l had gone to all his siblings and narrated the incidence to them. Hearing this, they all assembled in our house later in the day. They interrogated Ujunwa, and she narrated how she was initiated into witchcraft. She said that the brown cat I was hitting against the wall was she, while the black one was Ukamaka, the lady that initiated her.

According to Ujunwa, Ukamaka came to see her because she (Ujunwa) has not being attending meetings, so she came to know why? I asked what was the meaning of the python she turned into? And she said that she was instructed in their coven to swallow me. I asked what would have happened had I being swallowed? She said that I would have died in my sleep.

She said that she could not swallow me because I do take her to The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries. According to her, each time she returns from the church, the leader of their coven will instruct members to chain her, as a form of punishment and she would not be able to operate for awhile. She said she wants to go back to the Orthodox Church where she will be allowed to operate freely.

I also asked her: why is it that Chiamaka, my daughter, could not stay with her in the same room? She said it is because the blood of Jesus has covered her from the crown of her head to her sole. My husband’s siblings concluded that she has to go back to her parents. On the agreed day, Ujunwa surprisingly changed to a dog and bit my husband on his palm. I asked Ujunwa to tell me why she bit my husband and she said, it is to transfer his finances to their witchcraft kingdom.

Eventually, she was taken to the village and she was further interrogated, but she denied everything she said in Lagos. She rather told the villagers that she is not a witch, but if they find her to be one that she got it from The Lord’s Chosen and it was because of that that my husband’s family never liked The Lord’s Chosen.

As a result of her lies my mother-in-law bad-mouthed the Lord’s Chosen and the whole family turned against me; they stopped coming to my house, and also labelled me a witch. As this was going on, God was watching the whole episodes until last week, when something happened in the family.

Before then, our intercessor leader had called for a seven-day programme with fasting and prayers; we prayed for our General Pastor and the forthcoming programme.

On the Saturday night/Sunday morning, l had a dream where 15 people were fighting me; we fought against each other and I beat all of them, leaving out the smallest girl among them. I later asked her why she was after me? She said it is because I exposed her nakedness to the world and now the world sees her as a witch. I pitied her because she was drenched in blood, so, I took some cotton wool to clean her, but as I was about to do this, I awake.

On Sunday night after concluding the fast, our branch pastor prayed for us and we broke the fast. When I got home, my husband revealed to me that Ujunwa is really a witch, saying she turned to snake in the village. I told him to explain further and he said, Ujunwa turned to a very big python, while sleeping.

According to him, Ujunwa’s mother came into the room where Ujunwa was having her nap, when the girl turned to a big python, but when she and other shouted her name, she change back to a human being.

She later confessed, telling people around exactly what she had told us in Lagos. They asked her when she was initiated and she said 2008 and that she was commissioned to kill me (her madam), but she could not operate because I am a member of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries.

It was after this that, my husband’s people began to call and apologise to me that I should forgive them and that God of Chosen should forgive them too.

I appreciate God for what He has done, may His name be glorified forever in Jesus’ name. I pray for our General Pastor and his family, all the Pastors, leaders, workers and members’ worldwide.

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