Meet TBKOfficixl, the African hip-hop star looking to conquer Europe…one nation at a time

Agyei Roland, popularly known as TBKofficixl, is a Ghanaian hip-hop artiste based in Austria.
Agyei Roland, popularly known as TBKofficixl, is a Ghanaian hip-hop artiste based in Austria.

Author Erica Jong crisply said: “Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.” That talent could lead to the “dark places” is not a doomsday position, it simply connotes the difficult road, strange or familiar, anyone may have to take to reach their destination.
Austria-based Agyei Roland, better known as TBKOfficixl, a Ghanaian hip-hop artist, would be absolutely familiar with Erica’s submission. He found the fulfilment of his passion away from his country of birth. Though his profile as a singer is never diminished back home, destiny has a way of leading us to a place of accomplishment in a ‘strange place’ that eventually becomes home.

TBKOfficixl is an elite singer in the European country and his songs are the rave of his huge fanbase in the country and continent. It was easy for the artist, who speaks fluent German, the official language in both his nation of residence and Germany, to appeal to music lovers in the contiguous countries.

In 2017, Agyei Roland, who releases his songs in German, put out a 13-track album, in which he showcased his rap talent to the delight of his fans and die-hard lovers of the genre of music. The strongly-worded album reminded many of the hardcore hip-hop culture that once dominated global music during the days of late icons, Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G.

He titled the album ‘Polymorphose’ and featured Crest on seven tracks of it. In 2020, TBKOfficixl also blew his fans away with ‘Bad Man’, a single that again projected his international profile. As his fame kept spreading, he released two strong singles in 2022, featuring two other artists. He released Cest La Vie, featuring Bryann and Bomboclaat, in which he featured Sosa Kriminell.

The other singles he released in June 2022 are: Jordan Emblem and Fick Die Neider. Fick Die Neider, which translates to “Fuck The Envious,” has a strong parental advisory because of its use of explicit content, as is customary.

TBKOfficixl’s album and singles are popular and raking in the figures on international streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Deezer. His songs are also available for free download in unlimited fashion in Hi-Res quality on Qobuz on a subscription basis starting at £10.83/month.

On Spotify, TBKofficixl has no fewer than 5,000 listeners on a monthly basis, as he keeps entertaining the Hip-Hop community and his fanatical fans world wide.
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