Merck Foundation Chief Executive Officer (CEO) launched the First Episode of “Our Africa by Merck Foundation” TV Program which raises Diabetes Awareness in Africa

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Merck Foundation (, the philanthropic arm of Merck KGaA Germany has launched the First Episode of their first-ever TV program – ‘Our Africa by Merck Foundation’. The first episode which focused on raising awareness about the prevention of Diabetes amongst African communities has received great feedback and reviews from the viewers of the two channels.

The show initially released on prime TV stations of many countries like KTV in KenyaNTV in Uganda, and GH One TV in Ghana and ZNBC in ZambiaAYV in Sierra Leone and LTV, Liberia, immediately captured the attention and hearts of millions of viewers across Africa. The TV program will soon be broadcast on TV 3 in Ghana, BTV in Botswana, KTN in Kenya and QTV in The Gambia. “Our Africa” TV Program is currently on social media handles of Senator, Dr. Rasha Kelej and Merck Foundation.

Watch the First Episode promo here:

The first-of-its-kind TV program “Our Africa by Merck Foundation”, which is set to be the voice of the voiceless and break the silence about many critical and sensitive social and health issues in Africa such as; Diabetes, Ending Child Marriage, Supporting Girl Education, Women Empowerment, Stopping GBV, Ending FGM and Breaking Infertility Stigma, among other social and health issues affecting the continent; Merck Foundation through their “Our Africa” TV program, has established the first ‘Fashion and Art community with Purpose’ community across 20 countries to break the silence and be the voice of the voiceless about many critical and sensitive social and health issues in Africa and beyond.

Senator, Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation expressed, “I am very happy to receive this very positive and encouraging feedback on the show from our African viewers. I have received numerous messages on our social media about how they enjoyed and benefited from the first episode and are looking forward to watching more episodes with their family and friends. Our viewers and social media followers totally loved the fusion of addressing health / social issues with fashion, art and music! They found the show to be very entertaining and informative at the same time”.

Watch the First Episode here:

The first episode focused on creating awareness about the rising incidence of Diabetes and ways to prevent it, through the African Community of Fashion and Art with Purpose. In the African region, currently, 24 million adults are living with diabetes in Africa. The figure is projected to rise by 129% to 55 million by 2045. Moreover, African region tops world in undiagnosed diabetes as per WHO analysis. 13 million adults living with diabetes in the IDF (International Diabetes Federation) Africa Region are undiagnosed – 54% of the total number of adults with diabetes in the region. The First episode has raised awareness about diabetes early diagnosis. The guests highlighted the early signs and symptoms can include frequent urination, increased thirst, feeling tired and hungry, vision problems, slow wound healing, and yeast infections. They also highlighted diabetes prevention such as eating healthy, exercising regularly, stopping smoking, and limiting alcohol intake.  

The first episode featured designs from Gabriel Froid and Kinneh Mbenga, young designers from Mauritius and The Gambia; Cwezi, a popular singer from Ghana; Teenusha Soobrah, a Nutritionist from Mauritius. The purpose was to educate our African communities about the prevention and early diagnosis of Diabetes through dialogue, featuring awareness messages in their designs. Moreover, creating a song about diabetes called “No More Diabetes” by Cwezi, Singer and Musician from Ghana.

This pan African show is conceptualized, produced, directed, and co-hosted by Senator, Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation to feature Fashion Designers, Singers, and prominent guests from various domains with the aim to raise awareness and create a culture shift across Africa. The show is co-hosted by Brian Mulondo from Uganda.

“I am very proud to inform all our viewers that Merck Foundation has been providing specialty training for African, Asian, and Latin American doctors to better manage diabetes, hypertension, and endocrinology patients, through their “Merck Foundation Nationwide Diabetes & Hypertension Blue Points Program” in partnership with African First Ladies, Ministries of Health and Medical Societies”.

“Merck Foundation provided 714 scholarships for Diabetes Master Course, One-Year Postgraduate Diploma and two-year master degree in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Preventative Cardiovascular Medicines from University from UK for doctors from 43 countries in Africa and beyond. Furthermore, the Master course in the Clinical Management of Diabetes in 4 languages- English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, endorsed by Diabetes UK for doctors from African and Latin American countries. Therefore, I’d like to ask doctors who are watching to apply for our scholarships on to fill the public healthcare gap if needed in their communities”, added Dr. Kelej.

“But Merck Foundation has provided more than 1460 scholarships in 32 critical and underserved specialties such as; reproductive and sexual care, oncology, respiratory care, acute care, advanced surgery, pediatric emergency, orthopedic, neonatal care, fertility care and embryology, and more”, Dr. Rasha Kelej emphasized.

So, stay tuned and be ready to Get informed, Get healthy, and Get entertained!”, concluded Senator, Dr. Rasha Kelej.

To watch “Our Africa by Merck Foundation” TV program, follow the social media handles of Senator, Dr. Rasha Kelej:  Facebook (, Instagram (, Twitter ( and YouTube ( and Merck Foundation: Facebook (, Instagram (, Twitter ( and YouTube ( 

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