New invoicing & book keeping software ‘Invoicemonk’ solving payment and tracking issues for SMES

1 year ago
1 min read

The Freelancing and SME industry is about to witness ease in transactions and running their business as a fast-growing invoicing and bookkeeping app; Invoicemonk storms the market. Invoicemonk was created to solve the problems of sending invoices and estimates, managing business expenses, receiving payments, book keeping and customer management for freelancers and small businesses while they focus on building their businesses (doing what they love). It’s also useful for individuals and businesses who don’t have extensive accounting and financial structures to produce or manage invoices and estimates sent to their clients. The lack of these accounting structures and know-hows causes irregularities during financial auditing and failures to keep track of sales in business, thereby causing irretrievable and untraceable losses.

In a statement by the Founder and CEO, Olayinka Olayokun ‘We believe that Invoicemonk is the future for freelancers and SMEs who don’t have accounting knowledge or large budgets to hire big finance departments to take care of their invoicing and book keepings. Therefore, Invoicemonk is a free online invoicing and accounting service to help freelancers and small businesses produce invoices in real-time.

Olayokun stated ‘Invoicemonk has come to help individuals and SMEs manage their freelance & small business accounting records by sending fast and free invoices/estimates online. Why do we say it is the future? Every business, at one point or another, will require investment from friends, family or corporations. Without a financial history or adequate financial documentation of revenue, no one will be interested in investing or even taking the business seriously. Hence the need for Invoicemonk, which will help provide professional services without necessarily investing in accounting services

Co-founder and Product Manager, Joan Omionawele said the idea of invoicing is for easy tracking of business engagements and we are working to have Invoicemonk, embedded in every individual and business daily life, which will revolutionize the idea around invoicing. To access Invoicemonk, simply visits Invoicemonk website and click the get started button to register, verify that you are not a robot, fill in the necessary information and you are good to go. Though Invoicemonk is super easy to use, we know that people learn at different pace, hence we created series of video guides to help anyone easily get started.


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