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45 percent of Nigerian graduates unemployed: survey




Nigeria needs to ramp up training and job creation schemes for university graduates, a leading recruitment agency said on Monday, after a survey indicated nearly half of those with a higher education qualification were unemployed.

A total of 41,032 (45.72 percent) of the 89,755 people who responded to the survey on said they were unemployed graduates, the Lagos-based firm said in an emailed statement.

The results demonstrated the “need for urgent actions on both public and private sector operators”, calling the number of unemployed graduates “cause for worry”, it added.

“Using this survey as a representative sample for the entire employment age population, it is clear that more work needs to be done to put more people in jobs.”

It added: “In addition, as employers continue to complain about a dearth of skills among graduates, a massive skill acquisition programme should be put in place for graduates and more industries put in place to assimilate them.”

Nigeria — Africa’s most populous nation with more than 170 million people — is also the continent’s leading economy and number one oil producer.

But the economy has been hit hard by the global fall in oil prices since mid-2014, weakening the naira currency, while foreign exchange controls have hit investment.

Unemployment has long been a concern, with official rates currently at 9.9 percent.

President Muhammadu Buhari, who is trying to kick start the economy, on Monday said poverty, injustice and unemployment were the main causes of conflict in the country.

All three have been seen as a recruitment tool for Boko Haram’s Islamist insurgency in the northeast.

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  • amador kester

    The untenability of these dismal statistics underscores the need for entrepreneurial universities public and private. For decades this trumpet has been sounding, loud and clear

  • Obasi OFIA

    This is sad. However, the other side of the coin is that majority of those unemployed graduates are unemployable. Again, when one comes up with good proposal that can help our unemployed youths, it gets killed why passing through the bureaucracy manned by many ideologically barren Civil Servants. Even if you succeed in getting it through to the so called leaders, because they either busy looting, and therefore will pass it back to the same Civil Servants to file away or make it permanently KIV. Finally, apart from the records of monumental loots, can the leaders show us records of monumental industries established to take care of would be graduates during the oil boom before we are ushered into the oil doom?

  • Dominic

    Please Editor, what is the full meaning of AFP (the writer of the article above). I want to cite the author in a write-up. Thanks