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A complete list of the best casino & gambling experts

By Guardian Nigeria
23 July 2023   |   2:28 am
In this article, you can learn about real professionals in the iGaming business who have proven their expertise for years


In this article, you can learn about real professionals in the iGaming business who have proven their expertise for years, shared their personal experiences with the community, and made a significant contribution to the gambling educational industry. If you ever think about how to find a gambling niche expert, you can try to use these notes.

To make this list easier to use, it is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Current experts who can be contacted;
  2.  Specialists who have had a great influence on gambling, which you can look up to when choosing an expert;
  3.  Categories in which it’s difficult to single out one specific expert and it makes sense to contact large companies or test several freelancers.

Current Gambling Experts 

Here are collected currently functioning professionals with extensive experience and an impressive bag of knowledge who can be contacted for help or advice.

The best casino experts involved in gambling education 

In the educational niche in the field of gambling, the University of Nevada (Las Vegas) is in the lead. At this institute, students can get high-quality knowledge about iGaming.

Professor David G. Schwartz is one of the strongest gambling historians of our time. He is a Ph.D., author of ten books, and has experience running the Center for Gaming Research. Here is the biography page on UNLV.

Dr. Brett Abarbanel is Executive Director of International Gaming Institute (IGI) and has a research affiliate appointment at the University of Sydney School of Psychology’s Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic. She specializes in studying the user experience in online gambling and in describing gambling elements in gaming and eSports.

If you need to listen to a lecture or get a professional assessment of your article, you can try to contact them.

Top Experts in Gambling Addiction Treatment 

Keith Scott Whyte is the executive director of the National Council of Problem Gambling (NCPG). He has held this position for 25 years. Prior to that, he worked at the American Gaming Association as Director of Research. Graduate of Hampden-Sydney College. The best way to describe his activities and position is a squeeze from the goals of his current company:

  • To serve as the national advocate to mitigate gambling-related harm;
  • To improve health and wellness by reducing the personal, social, and economic costs of problem gambling;
  • To lead state and national stakeholders in the development of comprehensive policy and programs for all those affected by problem gambling.

Dr. Lori Rugle (PhD, ICGC-II/BACC) – the owner of the Robert Custer Lifetime-Award from the National Council on Problem Gambling, Lecturer at OAPGG (Oklahoma Association on Problem Gambling & Gaming) has 35 years of experience in the fight for responsible gambling.

Experts in Gambling on Financial Matters 

Alan L. Silver. Alan has extensive experience in launching offline casino products. He has worked as a financial advisor for major casino software provider companies such as Aristocrat. Alan briefly served as an Adjunct Professor of Casino Marketing and Hospitality at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He applied his knowledge to help build financial and marketing departments on three continents. MBA graduate of two universities – Sacramento and Southern California. Most recently, a senior consultant at Meister Economics. When large iGaming companies are looking for consultants with similar experience, they sometimes use the term “money-saving gambling expert” as a description of the position.

Gambling Tax Experts 

Raymond Kondler – famous financial advisor and Certified accountant. Managing Partner of Kondler & Associates, CPA. Collaborated with such well-known brands as DraftKing. Over

30 years of experience. Previously worked as Audit Manager and Director of Financial Reporting. Raymond is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and NJ, NV, CA State Boards of Accountancy. Specializes in:


  • financial accounting;
  • corporate and individual tax compliance;
  • gambling investments;
  • poker & sports betting service taxes.

Bitcoin Casino Experts 

Edward Ackins. Since cryptocurrencies are quite innovative in gambling, there are not many experts in this section today. The most experienced in this specialization is Edward Ackins, who leads the BitcoinCasinoTop platform, highlighting the best brands of crypto casinos. You can often meet him at conferences and exhibitions and also read his articles for FocusGN, CardPlayer, GamesBras, SiGMA, and other niche publishing houses. Ed is also the co-author of the book “The Impact of CryptoCurrency on the Gambling Industry,” which will soon be available in bookstores.

Short portfolio of Ed Akins – 12 years in gambling, The Master of Science in Applied Statistics (NJIT), 4 years of experience as a live dealer, held C-level positions from four different online casinos, certified Blockchain & Cryptocurrency expert.

Expert in Gambling Laws 

Richard McGowan S.J. Associate Professor of the Practice Finance Department at Boston College. Richard serves on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts’ Compulsive Gambling Council, National Center for Responsible Gambling and is a consultant to numerous lottery and gaming commissions. Author of 6 books on the legalization and government regulation of gambling that can be used as a desktop guide for practicing gambling lawyers. We hope that in the near future, Professor McGowan will release and share with readers information about the upcoming internet gambling laws.

Casino Influencers 

After brief research, it became clear that now video (like YouTube) and streaming (like Twitch) platforms have more influence on the audience of gamblers. Therefore, one of the most influential influencers can be called Roshtein. 1.1 million followers on Twitch, 132k followers on Instagram, and 133k followers on the Kick platform. This blogger is a kind of franchise player for casino brands, he makes content with celebrities that is very popular. Now he is actively collaborating with Drake in advertising for the Steak brand. One of the main disadvantages of influencers is that they are not always a professional gambling expert.

Specialists Who Have Had a Great Influence on Gambling, Which You Can Look Up to When Choosing An Expert

This section contains personalities who somehow influenced modern gambling. Their stories are sometimes complicated and thorny, but at the same time, they left their legacy.

Casino Business Consultants 

The main rule when choosing a business consultant is that he or she must have real experience managing a profitable gambling business. In this section, it is difficult to single out a specific person, it is enough to simply describe with an example. Major Riddle – this man was the owner of two casinos in Las Vegas. In 1963, he wrote “The Weekend Gambler’s Handbook”, which was very popular among players. If you want to buy business advice, you definitely need a similar person, sometimes called an “expert gambling counselor”. Choose at your discretion.

Experts in Gambling Tricks 

Nick Trost. In this part of our article, we will have to dive into history since the best book, “Expert Gambling Tricks” was written in 1975, and its author is Nick Trost. In his book, he talks about three main things:

  • Various games and swindles;
  • Special gambling devices;
  • Proposition bets.

This book is quite popular in magic schools. If you want to impress your friends, you can search it on the Internet, it is available in pdf format on several sites.

Sports Betting Experts 

Frank Rosenthal. Now on the web, if you wish, you can easily find many sports cappers and tipsters, but among them there will be mainly people who primarily pursue the goal of their own enrichment and do not have sufficient practical experience in betting. That is why we decided to add a legendary person to this section, who, unfortunately, is no longer with us. The man who won the title of “The greatest living expert on sports gambling” by Sports Illustrated. Martin Scorsese in 1995 directed the film “Casino” which can almost be called Frank’s autobiography. Frank Rosenthal was a great professional in sports betting and made a truly great contribution to developing casinos and bookmakers in the United States. He headed more than 7 land-based casinos and was the first in history to create a semblance of modern sportsbooks in their halls. If you really need expert sports gambling advice – you need to find a guy like Frank.

Organizations That Have Experience in Gambling 

This section is more like tips on how you can find the right people for you in large companies or freelancing. You won’t find names or links to profiles here, just notes.

Experts in Casino Marketing 

Let’s leave this field blank, and now we’ll explain why. There are a large number of companies that claim to be experts in the SEO promotion of iGaming sites, but judging by the reviews of casino brands that have used the services of such companies, they very rarely give a positive result. Everyone knows that a lot of money rotates in iGaming, so the cost of marketing services for such clients is obviously overpriced. Contracts for SEO

promotion are always long-term (from 6 months); respectively, marketers receive a fee for six months of work, regardless of how successful they are in promoting a gambling site. In paid traffic (Google Ads, FB Ads), advertising for agencies that do not have special gambling licenses and permissions is most often prohibited, which means that this channel cannot be effective enough.

Casino Parties Experts 

Guys from this niche, in a sense, cannot be called casino experts, but they can be called qualified event organizers. Many companies, thinking about the theme of their future corporate party, choose a casino-style party. To do this, you need to prepare costumes, rent tables for blackjack and roulette, invite card dealers. All this can be obtained by contacting the agency organizing such holidays. Finding them is quite simple – just use the search engine or social networks. These services are most popular in Folied, Alabama, New York, and Memphis.

Casino Security Expert 

There are many cybersecurity companies in the gambling market. When choosing them, it is important to be guided by the presence of practical cases and portfolios. Teams with experience in working with the largest online casinos in legal geos are best suited here.

Casino Expert Writers 

The most popular way to find qualified gambling writers is through outsourcing websites such as UpWork. Unfortunately, among the performers, there are a large number of impostors who do not understand anything about iGaming. Therefore, you will have to move through trial and error.

Casino Employee Table Game Training Experts

Since this type of training often requires the physical presence of students, it is best to find a local offline live dealer school. It is preliminary recommended to study the biography of her teachers.

We hope this information was useful for readers and they will be better aware of where to get gambling advice from proven experts.


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