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Bank customers beseech banks, defy social distancing, wearing of nosemask

By Eniola Daniel
05 May 2020   |   6:17 pm
The social distancing advisory by the government yesterday was flouted by banks and their customers in Lagos as the customers stormed banks in the state to carry out transactions.

Bank customers disobeying the social distancing rule yesterday at the Fidelity Bank, Matori, Lagos. Photo: Eniola Daniel

Customers are too stubborn, say, bank officials, security

LASTMA impounds erring drivers’ vehicles

The social distancing advisory by the government yesterday was flouted by banks and their customers in Lagos as the customers stormed banks in the state to carry out transactions.

In the area visited by The Guardian, some of the customers were without facemask and they did not observe social distancing.

In Fidelity Bank Matori, Lagos, many customers were seen on queue while few were on their seat as they filled the bank tellers for them to be attended to.

An official of Fidelity bank, Matori when asked why social distancing was not obeyed, he simply said, “they are Nigerians, and he refused to speak further as he claimed he’s not in the position to speak to the media.

Customers at the First Bank, Elediye, Palmgroove, Lagos. Photo: Eniola Daniel

Meanwhile, the same scenario played out in First Bank of Nigeria, Elediye Bus stop, Palm Groove, Lagos. Large number customers in the First Bank were also seen, this time, the number of people there doubled that of Fidelity Bank, Matori. The customers that spoke to The Guardian blamed the situation on lack of proper arrangement by the bank management, but the security officials and the bank management on the ground claimed that the customers were too stubborn and has refused to listen to advice to maintain distance.

Taiwo, a mobile police officer who spoke to The Guardian said, “these people don’t believe that there is Coronavirus; we begged them but they refused to listen, you too can talk to them if they will listen to you. “Where is social distancing? They just refused to listen to anyone.

Speaking with The Guardian on how both the customers and workers are keeping safe, General Manager, Tejuosho Property and Development Company LTD, Edward Stevenson, said, “as a business, it is good to be opened again and we obviously understand the people concern about the virus, but we also understand that people have to eat. 70 per cent of Nigerians depend on their daily income to feed their families. It’s a concern for us to maintain a distance with everyone, sanitise hands and also wash their hands.

He added, “We are also worried about the spread of the virus in Kano and Lagos so, I think, the little I’ve seen this morning, the people are cautious about how they greet and relate. To them, not to hug and shake hands is quiet strange but they are adapting and the people are quite happy that we have measures in place to prevent the spread, and we will continue to improve.

“We have a large number of basins where people can wash their hands, sanitise as soon as they enter into the premises.

He added, “everyone get scanned for their temperature and those with above 37.9 are not allowed to enter the premises and are also advised to seek medical attention and we also reject anyone without a mask.

LASTMA officials impound a vehicle at Anthony, Lagos. Photo: Eniola Daniel

Also, the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) impounded several commercial vehicles in the Anthony area of Lagos for violating the number of passengers that should be in the vehicle to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The officer on duty who does not want his name in print said the erring motorists would face the full wrath of the law.