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Buhari praises Nigerian media


Muhammadu Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari, currently on a short vacation in the UK, has saluted the Nigerian media for performing its duties diligently.

The President, who made his position known on his Twitter handle, @MBuhari, on Sunday in London, said he was always in touch with news from home.

President Buhari, whose picture was also posted in the tweet, specifically named Channels TV as one of his favourite Television stations.

He said: “Wherever I am, I keep up with news from home. Channels TV is one of my favorites. I’m proud of what the Nigerian media are achieving.’’

The post has, therefore, dispelled the insinuation about the President’s health conditions.

The Presidential spokespersons on Saturday night in Abuja described as ”evil rumours” the social media reports on President Muhammadu Buhari’s health conditions.

Meanwhile, many Nigerians have taken to twitter and Facebook to castigate the mischief makers.

One of the post on Facebook said: “Godly for mouth, devilish at heart…how on earth could anyone use death as a mischief tool? It is only God the almighty that giveth life and HE alone has the power to taketh same life.”

“For those spreading wicked and evil rumour about death of a soul, they should know that; they themselves don’t know when, where and in which circumstances they will perish.

“They can wish PMB death thousand times and have fun; the same God that created them from drop of sperm to their miserable state is watching them. Long live Nigeria and good Nigerian people, long live PMB!”

President Buhari left Abuja for the United Kingdom on Thursday on a short leave, which is part of his annual vacation.

He is expected to resume work on Feb. 6, 2017.

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  • Pete

    Buhari is the first Nigerian leader to always jet off on the excuse of annual leave.
    Wasn’t there annual leave during the tenures of Obasanjo, Yaradua, Jonathan and others?
    Hypocritical and lying old man.


    Today, using popular art forms with the available modern media have helped strengthen the national bonds that Africans desire to forge ahead. This cultural and communication hybridization has also encouraged the African resolve to accept what is good whilst perfecting one’s own cultural dimensions. After decades of existence, the various African media has given rise to a number of issues; questions abound as to whether they are playing a significant role in new development strategies and how they are meeting their goals.
    Media in Nigeria predates Nigeria as a geo-political entity, dating back to 1859 when Reverend Henry Townsend published the first newspaper, Iwe Irohin. Since then, the Nigerian mass media, especially the print media, have been growing with the rapidity of a meteor. Despite the many voices of the mass media in Nigeria, however, their vocality seems to be highly limited by the antagonistic stance of the government as expressed in multifarious legal and extra-legal instruments of control. Although the media have constitutional obligation to uphold the responsibility and accountability of the government to the people, this obligation is stifled by governmental interference even in the face of the freedom of information Act, and a high degree of media pluralism. Despite of these obvious challenges, the mass media in Nigeria, like the proverbial beetle, have refused to be crushed as they inch, day-by-day towards the arena of global media practice.