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Enugu designates two revenue courts to block IGR leakages

By Lawrence Njoku, Enugu |   12 September 2018   |   5:27 am  


Enugu State Chief Judge, Mrs. Priscilla Emehelu, has designated two revenue courts for the state’s Housing Development Corporation (ESHDC) to block revenue leakages.

The two magistrate’s courts are to handle cases arising from non-compliance to ESHDC laid-down rules and regulations, non-payment of ground rent/fees, illegal property uses, shady transfer of property/sale of property and change of titles/addresses without recourse to ESHDC, among others.

The General Manager, ESHDC, Mr. Chukwuemelie Agu, said: “We have noticed that the major problem being faced by the Corporation is the poor response in payment of maintenance fee/charges, ground rent by allottees/clients.”

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