Sunday, 3rd December 2023

Ex APC Benue Senatorial aspirant, Urubibi-Adzape reads riot act to detractors

By Adamu Abuh, Abuja
27 August 2023   |   10:03 am
A Benue State senatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mrs. Mimi Urubibi-Adzape has read the riot act to those bent on assassinating her character.


A Benue State senatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mrs. Mimi Urubibi-Adzape has read the riot act to those bent on assassinating her character.

Urubibi-Adzape who was the former Chairman of the Benue State Board of Internal Revenue Services (BIRS) remarked that there is no iota of truth in the story making the round in a section of social media platforms that she snatched the husband of an estranged wife of a popular Benue businessman.

Urubibi-Adzape maintained that she is a happily married woman adding that she would be left with no choice other than to sue those behind the concocted story if they don’t retract the story and tender an apology accordingly.

Urubibi-Adzape in a statement by her lawyers, the Principal Partner Azembe & CO noted that, “the publications making the rounds in different online media platforms to the effect that Mrs. Mimi Urubibi-Adzape is involved with a married man to the point of abandoning her family in Canada to cohabit with the man in Gboko is false and a blatant lie with no substance. Coming from a woman who has been served divorce papers more than two years ago, it is convenient to say she’s just looking for the nearest victim to blame for her amorous behaviour.

On the false claim that our client property was forcefully removed from the man’s house two weeks ago by the purported wife, it is important to put the facts straight and disabuse the minds of the teeming fans of Mrs. Mimi Urubibi-Adzape who trusted and supported her all through her years of service to Benue State.

“For the avoidance of doubt Mimi Urubibi-Adzape has not abandoned her family as she is right now in Canada with her family. She has gone to visit them twice since the beginning of this year and has no marital issues as insinuated by those behind the online smear campaign. To claim that a woman who is in Canada was sent packing from a house in Gboko, Benue State is nothing but the product of opium hallucinations.

The lawyers equally said they have contacted the said man who is the object of this controversy but has denied knowing our client, talk more of having any relationship with her or discussing marriage with her.

According to the statement, “it’ has become crystal clear now that, the woman making this allegations is acting a politically motivated script, or she’s mentally unstable. For a woman who has been served divorce papers two years ago to leave the United Kingdom where she has since relocated to stay with her children to come and sack a nonexistent woman from her estranged husband’s house based on mere allegations is nothing but cheap blackmail taken too far “.

While putting on notice bloggers as well as person’s connected with this intentionally injurious charade, and armed with evidence exonerating Mrs. Mini from any involvement with any man aside her husband, the law firm threatened to sue for damages if the spurious publications are not retrieved and public apology tendered in national dailies.

“We have served all the parties to this debacle with letters demanding an immediate and unconditional retraction of the misleading and injurious publication against our client. Failure to act within 48 hours will be interpreted as an intentional act to sabotage, blackmail and tarnish the reputation of our client and we shall act decisively within the ambits of the law and in tandem with the rights of our client”, the statement added.

When this newspaper contacted Mr Gbaden, he corroborated the claim saying there was no truth in the allegations.
He noted that he was only an acquaintance of the ex -BIRS boss.

“It is appalling as well as laughable these allegations. I advise the public to take whatever has been published as the handiwork of mischief makers”, he said.