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GTB worker was murdered in Liberia, says family


GTBIF tears could be banked, the account of Dan Orogun’s family, slain managing director of Guaranty Trust Bank in Liberia, would be running into excess. Nothing could stop the tears since January 24, when Dan met his untimely death, which swelled to a crescendo at the weekend during his rites of passage.

For the widow, Isioma and the three children left behind, their tear-soaked eyes say it all, a gloomy future without their caring father. Intermittently, Isioma would provide her shoulders for the kids to lean and cry on, hoping to be their rock of Gibraltar, but sometimes, her strength failed her as the tears rolled down her chin.

But how did the bitter end come for Dan, who had served GTBank for 24 years? According to a statement released by GTBank Liberia, Orogun went missing after an unfortunate boating mishap that took place on Sunday, January 24, at the Barracuda Resort, off the Robertsfied Highway in Monrovia.

However, the Orogun family narrated the circumstances leading to the death of their son, with a slightly different account. According to the deceased’s elder brother, Pastor Felix Orogun, the family has fingered a Liberian businessman and the bank customer, George Kailondo.

Debunking claims that the banker had drowned while on a boat cruise to celebrate his wedding anniversary, which was being peddled in the country’s media, the family spokesman said the deceased had gone with his wife and children to Kailondo’s house to honour his invitation.

“I was in Liberia for two weeks to investigate my brother’s death. And the true position is that George Kailondo had a motive to kill him. He wanted to float an airline across the West Coast (Kailondo airline), and wanted the bank (GTB) to fund it.

“But my brother refused because after the investigation by an aviation expert, it was discovered that Kailondo was not ready to float an airline. He had gone on air to say he was starting an airline and my brother told him the things he needed to do before the bank could fund the project. He saw my brother as a stumbling block.

“Kailondo invited my brother and his family for a dinner. It was a Sunday and by the time he returned home after church service, he received three phone calls in quick succession from Kailondo on the invitation. My brother reluctantly told his wife, Isioma of the need to honour the invitation. He was reluctant because he did not like missing football matches involving Arsenal and the team was to play with Chelsea that day.

“So, he phoned his friend to keep him informed of developments in the match, and then he took a bottle of wine and some soft drinks for the children to Kailondo’s place. On getting to the host’s house, the man offered them drink, but Daniel went to his vehicle and brought the drinks he had brought from home. Kailondo then suggested that they should go for a boat ride so that by the time they returned, dinner would be ready.”

“While everyone was relaxed, Kailondo was dancing and watching Dan, who was busy on his phone. Then, unexpectedly, Kailondo started the engine with high speed and made an almost 360 degrees turn anti-clockwise. The children and Isioma lost balance and fell into the boat, while Dan was thrown into the river. There was no attempt to save Dan.”

The family has called on the Federal Government to ensure Dan’s alleged murderer is brought to book and for the bank to take responsibility for the deceased’s children education up till the university level.

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