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‘Hollandia Slurp-It-Off Yoghurt Meant For Moving Consumers’


Hollandia- image source signcosd

Hollandia- image source signcosd

CHI Limited, makers of Hollandia Yoghurt drink, has explained that the new Hollandia yoghurt pack is an innovative drink that affords consumers the opportunity to refresh on the move because it is convenient and easily disposable.

Speaking on the newly introduced pack, Managing Director, Chi Limited, Mr. Deepanjan Roy, said: “We know that many consumers desire Hollandia Yoghurt for different reasons, one of which is to enjoy their snacks along with their favourite yoghurt drink. We also know that health is one of the biggest motivating factors in consumers’ decision-making process. So, we decided to introduce the Grab ’n’ Go pack for consumers who are on the move and desire a healthy drink with their meals.”

The Hollandia Yoghurt ‘Slurp it off’ 315ml handy pack with its dynamic prismatic shape and attractive cap is designed to hold an adequate quantity of yoghurt for an individual to enjoy with any snack. Christened ‘Grab n’ Go’, as a result of the pack’s light weight, any consumer would love to grab and take it along wherever he goes.

This innovation comes right on the back of studies that reveal that Yoghurt is a calcium powerhouse and a source of high-quality protein. It is nutrient rich and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Because yoghurt is high in calcium, health conscious consumers now take yoghurt regularly for the welfare of their bones.

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