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How Blockchain and Bitcoin Improve iGaming Security


Representations of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency are seen in this illustration picture taken June 7, 2021. REUTERS/Edgar Su/Illustration

The thing about cryptocurrencies is that they made quite a name for themselves despite the predictions that were cast for them. Bitcoin, in particular, went through a lot of ups and downs when it comes to its value, but nowadays that value is looking good.

As it’s a popular digital currency it’s no wonder that it’s a viable payment method in the iGaming industry. This is a sector of the casino industry that provides lots of casino games and bonuses for players online and since all this is provided in an online environment safety is paramount. That’s why Bitcoin is an option for lots of players.

How Secure Is Blockchain?
Bitcoin relies on blockchain technology which helps the users validate all the transactions conducted with Bitcoin. These transactions are irreversible and they’re displayed on a ledger. The blockchain is the ledger and it consists of blocks of unique transactions. When it comes to the level of safety blockchain is protected by 256-bit SHA functions which are used by banks and the military which pretty much tells you how secure it is. And how does Bitcoin contribute to security?


Bitcoin’s Role in Security

The thing about Bitcoin users is that they need a pseudonym or a random user name to have access to their assets. So, the users are virtually anonymous which is why their personal and financial data are safe. Another added layer of security is the security that each crypto site offers.

This means that users will be much safer if they enjoy their games at a secure site. That’s why certain sites dedicate themselves to providing casino reviews. So, players can check them out if they’re looking for secure Bitcoin casinos to enjoy. Another thing to remember about casino sites is to enjoy them responsibly.

As mentioned before, all the transactions with Bitcoin are stored on a ledger. The ledger is public although the users remain anonymous so it’s extremely difficult to manipulate the data. Scamming it damn near impossible.

When you make a transaction with this digital currency you don’t need to exchange any usernames or personal or financial information, a simple public key does the trick which is why these transactions are hard to crack.

Another important thing to note about Bitcoin is that it has a decentralized system. This means that it has over 10,000 nodes across the world to keep an eye out on the transactions. Also, any node can handle the job of any other node that stops working for any kind of reason. Controlling 51% of the nodes is what you need to do to steal something from them, but the system is designed in such a way to make that impossible.

Bitcoin transactions are transparent and this digital currency is available to anyone. That’s right, you don’t need any permissions to start investing or trading with Bitcoin as it doesn’t rely on any regulatory body to maintain it. So no banks or any other authorities can charge you pesky maintenance fees as you get to maintain your own account.


When you go over all these pros of Bitcoin, it’s evident why so many players have chosen it as a payment method to rely on. This would also explain the number of Bitcoin casinos, sites that focus solely on Bitcoin, increasing. More and more casino sites include Bitcoin in their lists of payment methods.

The thing is that each site cares for the safety of clients’ data and that’s why lots of sites offer SSL encryption when it comes to transactions. Identity checks are also frequent and a foolproof method of weeding out scammers. When a payment method like Bitcoin emerges and offers an added layer of protection, it’s only natural for sites to include it. It’s one of the top digital currencies after all.


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