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Hungary’s Orban to meet Juncker as migrant crisis deepens


Viktor-OrbanEuropean Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is to host talks Thursday with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to look at further steps to help Hungary grapple with an unprecedented wave of migrants.

The European Union has already offered to send Budapest nearly eight million euros ($9 million) to help it cope with the 50,000 migrants, most thought to be fleeing war in Syria, who last month entered the EU state.

“The visit of Prime Minister Orban on Thursday will be a further opportunity to explore in depth what further assistance we can provide to Hungary,” Natasha Bertaud, a spokeswoman for Juncker, told a news briefing in Brussels on Tuesday.

In the last two years, Hungary, also a member of Europe’s passport-free Schengen zone, has become a major transit country for refugees and migrants attempting to reach countries like Austria and Germany by land rather than sea.

Hungarian police on Tuesday cleared Budapest’s main train station of hundreds of migrants trying to get to western Europe, prompting a demonstration by around 200 young men outside.

“With regard to Hungary’s actions to control its border and to maintain order within its country, this is obviously very much Hungary’s prerogative and we welcome efforts to apply EU rules and protect our common external border,” Bertaud said.

Migration and border control are the preserve of the 28 member states.

But Bertaud repeated the opposition of the EU Commission to the razor wire that Hungary has rolled out along its border with Serbia.

“We do not feel that fences send the right message nor that walls are going to be a solution to the problem, but Hungary has the right to protect its border as it sees fit,” Bertaud said.

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  • Roger Olivier

    When will this utter insanity end? At what point are the political leaders in Europe going to wake up to the warnings and wishes of their tax-paying citizens and admit that this invasion is completely out of hand? Every last one of these so-called migrants is breaking the law. The genuine refugees should have asked for asylum in the first safe country they entered. Economic migrants should have gone through the recognized channels available for legal emigration. Not one of these hordes of invaders has done this. Their arrogant, aggressive sense of entitlement is breath-taking – even at this point they are complaining about the conditions and the lack of adequate reception centres. What on earth do they expect when they arrive in poverty-stricken European countries, uninvited and unannounced. If this is their attitude now, what are they going to be like when they ‘set up shop’ in a host country? Many have no education, no marketable skills and no language skills. How are they going to support themselves and their large families in Europe without years of welfare handouts? Their cultures and traditions are totally incompatible with the Western way of life and it will be just a matter of time before they start demanding that their host country change its ways to accommodate their social and religious practices – like so many of the existing migrants already do in Sweden and the UK. When are European leaders going to say ‘enough is enough’, and demand that Muslim countries start taking in more of these invaders? It had better be soon as the alternatives are civil war, or the demographic and cultural suicide of Europe.

    This is exactly what the EU plans for every country in Europe. What is your “Fair Share” of Illegal Border Crashers from African and Asia? Exactly Zero, but the Elite Internationalist Uber-Government that really dictates major issue policy to countries wants to Mongrelize White Countries. That is why Obummer and Merkel and other Traitors demand that these Illegal Aliens be absorbed into the societies they are supposed to protect.

    These Illegal Invaders and Colonists have Nothing to offer except Poverty, Crime, Disease, Overloading of Schools, Hospitals, Social Services and Prisons, Murder and Beheadings, Diminution of Traditions, Language and Culture, Expanding Unsafe Areas, Rape, Outrageous Demands, Ghettoization, Demoralization, Mongrelization, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Hate!

    Why would a Sane White Country Import or Tolerate Social and Economic Problems, and Future Terrorists?

    When is Enough enough? What is the End Game?

    Does Europe really want their grandchildren to live in a Caliphate by 2050?

  • NXV

    Only a small minority are Syrians. The majority are illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Africans and Bangladeshis and cannot be considered refugees. The Aegean Greek islands resemble Gaza strip and West Bank now, as thousands muslims are coming every day by boats from nearby Turkish coasts. But they were also coming in great numbers years before, although in much smaller numbers than current years arrivals. There were 100,000 arrivals every year in Greece, now there are more than 250,000 from January to August…..

    The role of Turkey is the most important, but nobody talks about Turkey. Turkey has a policy of increasing the number of muslims in Europe as Erdogan and Davoutoglou have a dream of a new Ottoman Empire.

    Turkey does not accept back any illegal immigrant that have arrived in Europe from Turkey.
    Moreover, Turkey has visa free agreements with 100 or more third world countries in North Africa, Middle East, Africa etc.
    All these people book a flight and arrive at Turkish cities by air flights. Then they pay some smugglers and by using boats or by crossing the Greek–Bulgarian-turkish Borders end up in Greece or Bulgaria.

    Greece has a huge problem with muslim illegal immigrants (Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Afghanis, Morrocans etc) since early 2000s. Greek authorities have signed the Dublin 2 Treaty that states that all illegals stay in the first european country. Therefore, the greek policy (that EU has enforced) is to only guard the exit points (ports, airports etc), and let all illegal immigrants to roam freely inside Greece. Many of these people are criminals and illiterate and usually are involved in drug trafficking and the selling of counterfeit products, while some of them work illegally as kitchen hands or in factories and farms (they are preferred to Greek people because they are willing to work with ridiculously much smaller wages and without any health insurance). Crime and homicide by foreigners has skyrocketed in Greece, in a country where there was minimal crime 20 years ago and was one of the safest in the world. Prisons are full with Albanians, Pakistanis, North Africans, arabs, and Nigerians. Islamists have burned shops and cars in Athens to protest for the YOUTUBE movie about Mohammed

    Now all these people move to the North and suddenly they all talk about a “refugee” crisis.

    The problem has intensify and is a grave threat to all european peoples, but the American and EU-elites have a clear policy of destroying european nations by allowing all these people in. They want cheap labor and to destroy nationstates. In that way they will increase their profits by lowering wages and working conditions. They will also achieve the creation of a EU Empire, a multicultural totalitarian dictatorship