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Jonathan Gives Nigerian Democracy Hope, Says Agbaje



Jimi Agbaje

As Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) continue to take glory for weathering democracy in Nigeria and Africa at large, Lagos state PDP governorship aspirant Mr. Jimi Agbaje has said that the action of the president remains the lasting hope for the survival of democracy in Nigeria.

Agbaje said this while delivering a lecture on “Democracy and Governance in Nigeria to mark the 50th birthday celebration of the senior Consultant and Chief Executive Officer RTC Advisory Services Limited, Mr. Opeyemi Agbaje in Lagos.

He stated that the president has left a legacy that would be remembered in history, adding that Nigerians must follow the example to ensure that democracy continues to gain root in the country.
The governorship aspirant stressed that the nation was at the brink of collapsing and that if the president had refused to do nothing the nation would have blown off.

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  • Kolawole Juwon Oyelaja

    Those who swore that the President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari would never become
    President actually meant it. Nigerians have reasons to believe that the congratulatory message sent to General Buhari by President Jonathan was a diversionary tactic meant to divert blame from the President in the event of
    threat on the life of the President-elect.
    Those who don’t want General Buhari sworn in as President are still at work planning their next moves. They have taken on their dastardly assignment as a matter of life and death.
    Indira Gandhi, Indian Prime Minister, was assassinated by her body guards in her garden.
    Rajiv Gandhi, Indian Prime Minister, and son of Indira Gandhi, was blown up by a woman suicide bomber who wanted to place a traditional garland around his neck. Many government officials perished in that suicide attack.
    Anwar Sadat, the President of Egypt, was assassinated by an Army mounted Guard of Honour
    during an annual victory parade in Cairo. Many also lost their lives in that attack. Mubarak, who was among dignitaries on the podium that eventful day, and who became President after Sadat, survived by whiskers.
    In 1983, Filipino opposition leader, Benigno Aquino, was shot dead as he came down the ramps of the aircraft which brought him to Manila after a long absence in exile in the USA.
    All the above assassinations occurred in broad daylight before the gaze of a shocked world.
    Moshood Abiola was believe to have been poisoned in the presence of foreign and Nigerian officials when he drank a tea in one of the Aso Villa chambers.
    Before the Abiola unfortunate incident, Nigeria had never witnessed judicial murder of such dimension. It was the first time.
    Evil still lurks around the corners in Nigeria, and as William Shakespeare rightly observed, ‘’there is no art that can tell mind’s construction in the face’’; a powerful evil cabal of desperados presently exists in the dark political alleys
    of Nigeria, planning to assassinate the President-elect, General Buhari, ‘with extreme prejudice’.
    Let the whole world know, and the over fifteen million people who voted for Buhari warn particularly President Jonathan, Tony Anenih, Sambo Dasuki and their cohorts that they would be held responsible should Buhari or Osinbajo be killed or died in suspicious circumstances. There would be war in Nigeria.
    This is the time the military establishments, the Nigerian Army in particular, should show
    its spirit de corps, and rise up to protect one of their own, who is now Nigeria’s President-elect.
    I think it is the honourable thing to do.

  • Helmeto

    Lagos knew this PDP snake Jimi Agbaje is a useless windbag – loud in words, empty in ideas, a clueless “leader” and a worthless politician. When PDP ruled Nigeria, Abuja refused to give Lagos the monthly state payment, owing billions of naira. While Lagos contributed 70% to the federal economy, PDP abandoned Lagos power needs even though Lagos could have built its own power plants, if allowed by Abuja. Now that Buhari is president, and Abuja and Lagos governments are in a happy partnership, Lagos and other Nigerians will never allow PDP to plunder the state or the country again, ever.

    Even his own polling unit rejected Jimi Agbaje on March 28, 2015.