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Keeping Him From Cheating


kemi-AmushanI was listening to my favourite radio station this morning 99.9 beat fm and the OAP was giving a list of lies men tell and I was in stitches… she made me laugh so hard ehn and I thought to myself that really and truly, why do men tell such stupid, dumb lies knowing women are very smart. It’s actually an insult on our intelligence don’t you think?

Today we are talking about a particular lie they tell more often than usual: “Babe I’m not seeing any other woman asides you, why would I ever cheat on you”. That is a lie of the century. Trust me.

Now when it comes to having a smooth relationship with a man, it’s less about how you act, and more about how you react. It’s much easier to stop an argument when you know what your man is so worked up about. If he’s giving you some mixed signals, be sure to think twice before doing something rash.
Now, before I get to the topic for today, I’d like to make a little apology. I got a few angry e-mails from a few readers recently. Apparently, in one of my newsletters, I mentioned that:

– One of a guy’s deepest needs is to “have sex with many different women”

– That it’s something Mother Nature put into males to ensure the survival of the human race; and

– That you shouldn’t fight against Mother Nature.

That’s when you guys started asking: “So you’re saying it’s okay for guys to cheat?” Okay, maybe I wasn’t clear enough so let me set the record straight: It’s not okay for guys to cheat. I’m just saying that there are two ways to keep a guy from cheating. And these two ways are what we are going to discuss today. You can achieve these:

– By working with Mother Nature, understanding his needs, accepting them, and creatively accommodating them within your own relationship

– Or by fighting against Mother Nature, and constantly sniffing around for any signs that he’s seeing other women, and chewing him out whenever you suspect something. 

The first one leads to a harmonious, enjoyable, “give-and-give-and-give” type of relationship for the two of you and the second one leads to a confrontational, political, “give-and-take” type of relationship.
So tell me, what happens when you fight against mother nature? When you go against a dog’s natural way of communicating, and try to train it using human words and human emotions, then the dog will stop seeing you as its master, and start seeing you as its oppressor or enemy.(not that I’m calling men dogs). When you go against the Earth’s natural way of maintaining balance, and continue to pump carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, then the Earth will retaliate with global warming, famine, harsh weathers like the sun and heat of these past few days. Right? Am I making any sense?
Now when you go against your body’s natural need for proper nutrition, and you force yourself to lose weight by dieting and taking diet pills, then your body will rebel
against you with eating disorders, depression, and addictions.
And when you go against a guy’s natural need to feel like he’s perpetuating the species, and you force him to stay loyal to you by nagging, sniffing around, arguing, and accusing him, then eventually he’ll think, “I’ve got to get away from her.” he’ll want to run away for some air.

So why make life harder for yourself, right? Don’t fight against Mother Nature. You’ve got to work with her!

If you want to train a dog? Learn how dogs communicate and how they value the pack system, and use that in your approach. Want to save the world? Learn how the environment works, and what it needs to strike that crucial balance and work towards restoring that balance. Want to lose weight? Then understand how your body naturally puts on and sheds weight then take steps to lose weight without fighting against its natural processes. Want a man to love you for the rest of his life? Then understand his needs, accept them, and meet them with love and creativity within your exclusive relationship. I hope you’re getting my message now!
Which brings me to my next message…women need to understand men so perfectly that they’ll have almost zero arguments throughout their lives together.
And when they do have arguments, they don’t last long, because then:

– You understand each other’s needs
– You’ll know how to work things out
– You’ll instantly know the root of the problem
– You’ll be an expert at finding win-win solutions
– You never go to bed angry and neither will he
And because you never have arguments, there’s no reason for anyone to go looking for love elsewhere. You’ll have everything you need in your relationship!

A reader sent me this mail saying: I could never hold a relationship together for longer than a few months. I had always thought it was because I had a strong personality, and I had some unreasonable rules for the men I met but I didn’t know how bad it was until I followed your advice – instead of asserting my “rules” on my newest boyfriend, I tried to understand him more deeply. As a result, we started arguing less and less and that’s not even the best part! He used to be rather lazy, but after I started talking to him in his language, he changed. He became more attentive, more thoughtful, more hardworking.

There’s so much good stuff happening in my life right now!

I don’t know how simply understanding, accepting, and meeting his needs makes him transform into a real man almost overnight. All I know is that it works. And that’s good enough for me.

Thank you very much for opening my eyes and thanks for this wonderful mission to help crazy women like me find happiness in life!
That mail got me teary eyed and was super excited that I could be of help to her.

Remember don’t fight against him, work with him. And he’ll reward you with the love of a lifetime. Try it out and tell me how it works!
One more thing ladies and we have to face this fact. A good guy can’t love a woman who doesn’t understand him, much less a woman who refuses to understand him. But here’s the thing all it takes is an open-minded approach to a man’s world and suddenly, everything will make perfect sense to you.

Make that open-minded approach today ladies and live a life filled with pure love and peace.

To our happiness, Cheers.

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