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New crypto listings challenges

By Guardian Nigeria
23 September 2022   |   5:05 am
The majority of new crypto listings projects face challenges during crypto exchange listings. The reason is clear - a huge number of new crypto listings on exchanges.....

The majority of new crypto listings projects face challenges during crypto exchange listings. The reason is clear – a huge number of new crypto listings on exchanges, and, as a result, high competition. Leading centralized exchanges are more interested in hyped tokens due to their popularity and profitability.

Flagman crypto exchange platforms have the highest requirements for the new crypto projects. So, to reach new coin listing on exchanges your project should have a team with a deep understanding of crypto-economics, strong crypto roadmap and active community that can back a growing project so far. That is not what every crypto startup can offer.

However, there is another way ‒ choose an exchange or crypto agency that is ready to share its internal expertise with your crypto exchange listing project and gain investors’ visibility. P2B listing agency uses the base of Tier 1 crypto exchange approach that can ensure easy and smooth crypto listing of your coin or token. Read this article to know how to get a successful listing on the P2B exchange.

Why Are New Crypto Listings on Exchanges So Important?

Getting listed on a crypto platform such as Tier 1 crypto exchange is a big deal for any project. These listings have a huge impact on a listing token or coin. Which one? Let’s discuss it deeper.
When new crypto projects spring up like mushrooms after rain, it becomes difficult to determine which of them are creditable and worthy of investment in. So, crypto listing on trusted exchanges, like Tier 1 crypto exchange or Tier 2 ones, might show the difference between many other crypto projects. It doesn’t matter if the project is a new or established one, it may have a lot of potential but may not be able to reach success due to a lack of exchange listings.

In addition, new crypto listings on exchanges are a great advertisement for a new crypto project since at least the community of traders who use the services of this exchange will know about the existence of a new crypto listing. As a result, its liquidity will increase, and if it arouses interest from the community, the value of crypto will rise significantly.

Listing projects on P2B
Knowing the difficulties that await the process of listing token on other CEXs, the P2B crypto listing agency team has simplified this process as much as possible. By applying for a listing with the P2B exchange, you get:

  • Simple and smooth listing process;
  • Full list of tools and services to successfully launch your crypto project: token sale services (IEO, IDO), marketing services, market-making services, and full support during the listing;
  • Wide range of supported technologies such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tron, Stellar, Polygon, Solana, Fantom;
  • Personal highly professional team that will work for your crypto listing;
  • Full SMM management for your project with high engagement rates;
  • Influencer marketing;
  • Advanced market-making services that combine in-depth human expertise and custom solutions;
  • Community growth with the permanent reporting for each user’s activity.

No matter how much work and effort crypto developers put into their project, without successful cooperation with exchanges, its development will be difficult. That is why new crypto listings on exchanges are given such serious attention. This event is considered the second key in importance after the birth of the project itself. The P2B crypto agency knows how much the fate of new tokens depends on the quality of its work. So, it makes every effort to ensure that the crypto exchange listing is conducted at the highest level.

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