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Obasanjo lends helping hand to incoming administration




A think-tank constituted by former President Olusegun Obasanjo to support incoming administration’s transition on Thursday presented its report to President-elect, retired Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

Malam Garba Shehu, Director Media and Publicity to the APC Presidential Campaign Organisation, made this known in a news briefing in Abuja.

Shehu said that the report was presented ‘’at a brief closed-door ceremony by Vice Chairman of the think-tank, and former Finance Minister, Dr Kalu Idika Kalu.

He said that the report focused on education, power, economy, security and infrastructure, adding that Obasanjo commissioned the committee on the assignment about four months ago.

”The whole idea was that Obasanjo set up his own think-tank with the aim of carrying out a study on challenges facing the country in five key areas.

”The study was commissioned four months ago so that the outcome will be made available to the incoming administration after the election,” he said.

”Dr Christopher Kolade, who heads the power committee, gave various stages of the proposed power sector development plan to include, short-term, medium-term and long-term solutions.

”Under the short-term solution, the plan seeks to raise the country’s power generation to 10,000 MW within a very short period of time,” Shehu said.

He said that the president-elect expressed gratitude to Obasanjo and his team, describing their intervention as a great impetus for the incoming government.

”The president-elect regretted that the outgoing government that is supposed to give him tips on how to take-off has done nothing so far.

”He thanked the Obasanjo think-tank for its gesture, assuring them that his incoming administration would need its advice as time goes on,” he said.

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  • Sunshine

    Obasanjo should go to hell with his helping hand. All the retired folks are fathers of corruption and have nothing to offer to Nigerian people. Tony Blair who just visited Nigeria was in his forties when he became the UK, PM,Obama same. They confuse the country with their stolen monies throwing their weights. We have intelligentsia and able bodied men and women if given the chance, would manage the affairs of the country. All these retired thieves should all bagger off.

  • Ray Blake Humbleman

    In places where humans respect honor, OBJ will be under the bright scrutiny of financial and criminal agencies. But in a place like Nigeria, he is still business as usual. What manner of change is this?

    • Name B E MOHD

      Good talk.

  • Adolf

    Buhari to to get lectures on how to be a corrupt president.

  • Mazi JO

    Nigerians better be wary of OBJ’s wisdom and unsolicited counsel.

  • Kamorudeen Adegbite

    we should appreciate the good gesture of Obasanjo,at least, he has contributed in his own little way to the development of Nigeria.

  • olu

    Ye it is good for Obasanjo’s think tank to come up with this noble gesture, but it should remain a good gesture because if the incoming administration cannot fully implement any or all of its recommendations due in part to obvious constraint, the think tank must refrain from publicly criticizing the administration (a position often adopted by Obasanjo). HE (Obasanjo) must follow protocol by using the private secure line to the president. If he hearken to this advice, I believe he would be best served and his views will be respected. He must not be perceived as imposing his ideas (which while being the president he could not implement) on the new administration. The incoming administration will need good advice from anyone but no distraction

    • Name B E MOHD

      Thank you Olu for delving into the personality of OBJ. He should refrain from playing to the gallery as he once said that he has so many advisers but not bound by the various advices they give him.

  • New Nigerian

    When someone like OBJ says he has gift for you, you welcome him and accept the gift. It is then up to you to use wisdom to enjoy the gift or use it to adorn your library. GMB has the wisdom to do the right thing….let no one be confused, GMB & APC has a platform for change that we the people voted for massively – eliminate corruption, banish Boko Haram & terrorists and revive the economy for the masses (as opposed to the few) – We expect technocrats to lead the charge to solve these problems….and we would all be engaged to contribute in the government of the people by the people of the people.