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Pam: That silent achiever at NCPC

By Best Agbese
20 August 2022   |   4:05 pm
Having purposeful leaders in position of leadership will forever be a positive game changer in any catastrophical atmosphere existing in any nation; creating amazing changes in areas where least expected, making tedious tasks that seem simple, and leaving an indelible mark on the golden plate of history in any nation. The aforementioned aptly describes the…

NCPC Boss Rev Yakubu Pam

Having purposeful leaders in position of leadership will forever be a positive game changer in any catastrophical atmosphere existing in any nation; creating amazing changes in areas where least expected, making tedious tasks that seem simple, and leaving an indelible mark on the golden plate of history in any nation. The aforementioned aptly describes the person of Yakubu Pam adventure in the Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission since he assumed leadership. Rev Yakubu Pam has a distinguishing personality for his numerous contributions to the entrenchment of peaceful coexistence amongst Nigerians.

Rev Yakubu Pam has proven himself an excellent man, a man of good faith and integrity before his appointment as the executive secretary of the Nigerian Christian Pilgrimage Commission. Heading other bodies of the Christian faith, including the Northern part of the-Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Inter-Religious Council; and the Internally Displaced Persons, Rev Yakubu Pam had shown Nigerians what a peaceful man he is, without any media scandal in record, especially in a country where tribal war seems to abound. Rev Yakubu has remained detribalized, being for the unity and peace of the nation rather than choose a side to belong or fight for. This much he has diligently pursued in the past 30 years of his life, where he has been advocating for religious and ethnic harmony, especially in Northern Nigeria.

Rev Yakubu Pam is not a stranger to leadership. Hence, he hit the ground running since his well-deserved appointment as Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian pilgrim Commission, and his activated periodic strategic assessment and feedback mechanisms enhanced staff welfare and also engaged relevant stakeholders irrespective of religion. It is sufficient to add that before his appointment; he was the Chairman of the Plateau State Christian Pilgrims Board, a position where he distinguished himself by introducing institutional reforms that placed the board in good stead towards achieving its strategic mandate. Therefore, it’s not surprising how this much Rev Yakubu Pam has brought about in the NCPC. Even less than one year at the helm of affairs, his impact has been felt, and the fortunes of the Commission have taken a turn for the best.

Ingrained in his mind that the mission of the NCPC is to provide a conducive environment for the smooth airlifting of pilgrims to Holy sites and to ensure enhanced welfare, responsible leadership at all levels, Federal and States, for hitch-free pilgrimage exercise throughout the year; and to supervise any interested body or organisation for Christian Pilgrimage to the Holy sites globally, he undertook a strategic assessment on the NCPC, intending to identify different challenges, making NCPC significant to the nation, and to also lessen the religious burdens in our nation. He fired all cylinders toward fulfilling the mandate of the organization.

Rev Pam is a man with many parts, and he is also a man filled with passion for service to humanity. Perceiving the mandate to reinvigorate the operations of the NCPC within a record time, Rev Pam took up the challenge, and brought it to reality. If not for anything, Rev Yakubu Pam has entrenched the regime of transparency and accountability at the Commission, which has been a challenge in the Commission’s operations for several years. That it has become possible within a short period indeed explains the leadership acumen of Rev Yakubu Pam and what it entails to be a leader with eyes on the ball.

Today, the NCPC is a success story. It is a result of the provision of sound leadership and their commitment to render service when it matters most, with the example different personalities like Rev Yakubu Pam presiding over many helms of affairs in this country, Nigeria will overcome her challenges faster than expected in no time.
Yakubu Pam evolutional act at the NCPC is naturally expected because of his track record that speaks volume of integrity, accountability and transparency. His vast knowledge of diplomacy saw him excel in the position of Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) of Northern Nigeria (which includes the 19 Northern States and Abuja) from 2016 to date, Vice President, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, 2013 to date and District superintendent, Jos mainland Assemblies of Nigeria, 2010 to date, including as Chairman, Plateau State Inter-Religious council; and Chairman, Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Committee, Plateau State, were contributory of how he has been able to turn the fortunes of the NCPC around and in record time.

We cannot but commend President Muhammadu Buhari for identifying such a man as Rev. Yakubu Pam for a leadership position in the country. It’s no doubt that he has not only reposed the confidence of Mr President, he has also set a standard for leadership in the country. This much has been stated in numerous forums by relevant stakeholders, whom have never been short of words for the transformation at the NCPC under Rev. Yakubu Pam. Rev Yakubu Pam falls under the category of silent achievers whose impact doesn’t dot pages of newspapers. However, silently, he making exploits and making life more meaningful through the provision of purposeful leaders, different from some acclaimed leaders that are just social media vuvuzelas with little or no contribution to statecraft.

Rev Yakubu has restored transparency to the commission and since then has set the pace for better leadership in other parts of the country. Through his effective-strategic-leadership approaches, the number of pilgrims who disappear has greatly reduced from about 50 annually to 3. He has restored the people’s faith in having religious leaders in politics, and having them deliver promptly too. Since his appointment, he has also won a bunch of awards to further solidify the fact that he is not to be categorized with ceremonial leaders who see the position of leadership as a business for desperately seeking attention and ‘marketing’ opportunities to express their level of moral decadence and crass display of indecency.

Rev Yakubu Pam deserve accolades from all and sundry for his selfless service to humanity in the light of the above. He should not rest on his oars and refuse every temptation to deviate from the lofty standards he has set in the areas of transparency and accountability. Relevant stakeholders to realize that the task at hand is a collective one. As such, it is worth extending their support to the reforms introduced by the Yakubu Pam led administration at the NCPC.

His works are visible to the blind, and also audible to the deaf. He is speaking up, he is not a hypocritical leader, he speaks for Justice and for peace and oneness which are the core things that this nations seems to lack most of the time. His voice is fighting for humanity. Reverend Yakubu Pam has been one of the most accountable leaders that NCPC has ever had, his accountability is seen and has been recognized by all, indeed he has the traits of an excellent leader, and NCPC should be the happiest having to tap into his fountain of great leadership experiences.

Agbese is a public affairs analyst based in Abuja.