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Presidency, ex-ministers in war of words over Jonathan’s achievements




SOME former ministers who served under erstwhile President Goodluck Jonathan have risen in his support, urging President Muhammadu Buhari government to stop discrediting the immediate past administration.

A statement issued yesterday by a former National Planning Minister, Abubakar Suleiman, on behalf of other former ministers in the Jonathan administration listed the gains recorded by that regime in some sectors, including agriculture, electoral reform and national stability. They insisted that the records of achievements of the Jonathan administration remained unbeatable.

In a swift reaction, the Presidency urged the former ministers to pause and reflect deeply on their stewardship to Nigerians, “rather than embarking on a wild goose chase raising issues where there were none in the present administration’s war against graft.”

The statement by the ex-ministers which was circulated by Suleiman’s Media Assistant, Abdul Rahman AbdulRauf, in Abuja reads in parts: “We, the ministers who served under the President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan administration, have watched with increasing alarm and concern the concerted effort by the Buhari administration and members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to condemn, ridicule and undermine the efforts of that administration, in addition to impugning the integrity of its individual members.

“While we concede that every administration has the right to chart its own path as it deems fit, we nevertheless consider the vilification of the Jonathan administration, to be ill-intentioned, unduly partisan, and in bad faith. The effort that has been made to portray each and every member of the Jonathan administration as corrupt and irresponsible, in an orchestrated and vicious trial by media, has created a lynch mentality that discredits our honest contributions to the growth and development of our beloved nation.”

It continued: “We are proud to have served Nigeria and we boldly affirm that we did so diligently and to the best of our abilities. The improvements that have been noticed today in the power sector, in national security, and in social services and other sectors did not occur overnight. They are products of solid foundations laid by the same Jonathan administration.

“Contrary to what the APC and its agents would rather have the public believe, the Jonathan administration did not encourage corruption, rather it fought corruption vigorously, within the context of the rule of law and due process. For the benefit of those who may have forgotten so soon, it was the Jonathan administration that got rid of the fraud in fertilizer subsidies, which had plagued the country for decades. This helped to unleash a revolution in agricultural production and productivity.”

The former ministers further noted: “It was also the Jonathan administration that supported the institutional development of strong systems and mechanisms to curb corruption in the public service and plug revenue leakages. These included the development of the Government Integrated Financial Management Platform, The Single Treasury Account (TSA), and the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Management Systems (IPPIS), in addition to the biometric registration of civil servants and pensioners which saved the country over N100 billion paid to ghost workers and ghost pensioners.

“To ensure greater transparency and integrity in the oil and gas sector, the Jonathan administration ordered investigations and put mechanisms in place to check the theft of Nigeria’s crude oil. It was also under the Jonathan administration that a Nigerian Content policy was introduced, which opened up that sector to Nigerians in a manner that was not previously the case. It was also the Jonathan administration that mobilised and secured the support of our neighbouring countries to ensure a robust multinational response to the menace of terrorism and insurgency, resulting in notable advancements in the fight against terror. President Jonathan personally initiated the collaboration that led to these advancements and ensured that Nigeria provided the needed financial support for the Multinational Joint Task Force.”

According to the statement: “It was the Jonathan administration that repaired and rehabilitated over 25, 000 kilometres of our nation’s roads. Nigeria also became a profitable and preferred investment-friendly destination. It was under President Jonathan, for example, that Nigeria’s electric power sector became more competitive and attractive to local and foreign investments.

The same administration promoted the rule of law, free speech, fundamental human rights, and a robust freedom of information regime. Women’s rights to participate in public life and the federal character principle as well as other constitutional principles were also respected.

“In every respect, our administration promoted inclusive governance and encouraged all stakeholders including the private sector to play key roles in the transformation of Nigeria.”

The former ministers said: “It should also not be forgotten that the Jonathan administration strengthened electoral institutions and created a peaceful environment for democracy to thrive. On this score, it is sad and ironic that the chief beneficiaries of that same legacy are the most vociferous today in condemning President Jonathan and his team.”

Challenging Buhari to publish the handover notes it received from Jonathan, the ex-minister said: “Perhaps the new administration and the APC would be sincere enough to publish the details of the handover notes they received. In addition, the Buhari administration should be fair enough to acknowledge the good works of the Jonathan administration. No administration can be either completely bad or completely good. President Jonathan’s achievements in moving this country to greater heights deserve to be duly acknowledged. We urge President Buhari to build on these achievements.

“We also urge him to press on with the anti-corruption fight, but in a fair and non-partisan manner, in line with due process, and not as a political witch-hunt.

“The various lies and fabrications being peddled by some self-appointed spokespersons of the administration may entertain the unwary, but such sensationalism may achieve the unintended effect of de-marketing our country within the international community. All such persons playing to the gallery for whatever gains should be called to order. The name-calling of members of the Jonathan administration and the trial by news media should also stop.”

The former leaders also said: “We encourage President Buhari to continue with the probes, but this must be in strict accordance with his oath of office to treat all Nigerians equally and with the fear of God.

“We have reserved our comment until now, in the fervent hope that once the euphoria that may have inspired the various attacks on the past administration wears off, reason will prevail. But we are constrained to speak up in defence of the legacy of the Jonathan administration, and shall do so again, for as long as those who are determined to rubbish that legacy, are unrelenting in their usual deployment of blackmail, persecution, and similar tactics.”

Presidency reacts
In a statement, the Presidency hoped that the former ministers have not turned themselves into the latest trade union in town. Calling them the Association of Ex-Jonathan Ministers, the Presidency asked them to do a bit of self-reflection on the sort of government they handed to Buhari back in May to determine for themselves if it would have been right for any incoming government, not just this one, “to ignore the issue of the brazen theft of public assets, perhaps the first of its kind we have ever seen in this country.”

A statement last night in Abuja by the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, noted that the earlier statements by government that there is no witch- hunt or malice against anyone in the pursuit of the county’s stolen assets still stands.

Re-iterating the government’s position, Shehu’s statement entitled: “What are the former ministers afraid of,” said: “This war against corruption knows no friend nor foe. There is no intention to deny anyone of their good name where they are entitled to it and that President Buhari reserves the highest regards for the country’s former leaders, including Dr. Jonathan Goodluck, whom he continues to praise to the high heavens for the way and manner in which he accepted defeat in the last election.

“That singular action remains a feat that has earned the former president and Nigeria as country befitting commendations all over the world, the latest coming from Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations who visited a week ago.

“For the purpose of emphasis, the issue of fighting corruption by President Buhari is non- negotiable. It is sine qua non to the overall reconstruction of the economy and social systems, which suffered destruction and severe denigration under the last administration. President Buhari will not be deterred or blackmailed into retreat and surrender.

“No one in the PDP can accuse President Buhari of undermining the economy when all they handed over to him is at best, was a tottering economy hobbled by corruption and the absence of due process.

“Things have become worsened by the continuing fall of oil prices, which is expected to fall even further with the imminent full return of Iran to the market. All he has been doing while around is to put things together, organising to defeat Boko Haram, paying outstanding salaries, cleaning up the mess left behind, improving security and restoring our relationships with neighbours and the world.

“So what are former ministers afraid of in these things? Have they become a new trade union? Let this collection of ex-VIPs allow the President the peace he needs to handle the reconstruction of the economy and the nation in a manner that most serves Nigeria’s best interests. President Buhari does not need these types of distraction presented by the so-called association of former ministers.”

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  • christopher

    GEJ did well… Buhari do your own and stop this old POLI- TRICKS!

    • New Nigerian

      Why the noise then by GEJ through his mouth pieces as he is “doing” his own – killing corruption, stopping insecurity and reviving the economy?

      • Liminus Oti

        Is this English?

        • New Nigerian

          Ask Christopher as I was speaking his language – that is communications 101. Now, are you the language police or do you have a point to make?

      • AA

        It the APC and PMB making noise, my friend. GEJ’s people are only responding to the noise. The APC shd do their own. Their constant accusation of GEJ just points to the fact that they don’t seem to have anything to offer Nigerians. Campaings are over, they now need to govern. Period.

        • New Nigerian

          They don’t seem to have? Have you not been seeing, reading, living or hearing all the good works going on?. What about about the strategy, coalition building & the operations to defeat Boko Haram in 3 months, what about the strategy, worldwide coalition and operations to recover stolen common wealth, what about the payment of state’s workers salary that was not paid for 5 months under Jonathan that has now being paid, what about the credibility and trust that is now in place that is bringing multi-billionaire investors to Nigeria – Centenary City project got rejuvenated, blackstone group founder just left after visiting with the president…all these while putting the civil service to work again based on rule of law and ethics…we like the noise we are hearing now because not only did PDP pauperized and visited Nigeria with death, destruction and destitution, they made so much noise lying to the opposite while they at it…so let the noise by APC continue.

  • Agbaakin Majeobaje

    Fellow Nigerians………All what GEJ did during his tenure benefited only about 1.5% of Nigerians and that is just his henchmen and the so called ministers now begging not to be discredited while almost the entire nation real in abject poverty. Let him point specifically to anything he did that benefited the masses. Is it employment, roads, electricity, water, hospitals, schools, industry etc. etc. etc.??????

    • AMARA.C

      you are wrong, agriculture benefits everyone, roads and airports expansion,seaport reform,electoral reforms ,national id card,national confab etc benefits everyone.

      • Phemmy Otulana

        To what effect and benefit has all that been to d majority? Let’s not b blinded by sentiments. We know that in an exam, u don’t need to score a zero for u to fail, 39% is still a failure, and scoring 39% doesn’t meant you didn’t achieve or do anything, but it means it hasn’t met d minimum percentage. Another example r d KPIs used in measuring an employee’s performance. I hope u now understand d layman’s explanation!

        • AA

          How did u reach 39% if u are not using sentiments or the propaganda of the APC? Can u justify ur 39%?

    • godblessnija

      I think you are seeing your change now. What have we seen since May 29th. Just fighting corruption and corruption fighting. We have neither seen any victor nor vanquished, almost 3 months now. The country is not moving. Any visible impact we are seeing today is from the ongoing efforts initiated by GEJ government – Electricity, Boro Haram, Relative peace etc. APC we need APC tablets to relieve our pains. Please start working o. Leave propaganda. Campaign ended long ego. Abi, is there another presidential election on 1st October 2015?

      • Emma

        Thank u. Tell dem

    • AA

      1. His administration built 12 universities nationwide. I’m sure u know that the children of big people hardly go to school in Nigeria, so this benefitted ordinary people;

      2. They built schools for the almajiris in the north;

      3. They restarted railway operations;

      4. They made fertilisers available to many ordinary farmers and removed the middle man in many cases;

      5. They allowed the opposition party to participate in the political arena.

      6. They tarred/constructed about 25000 km of roads which is more than some previous governments combined.

      7. There was minimum fuel scarcity during their time;

      8. The naira was relatively stable until the drastic drop in the price of oil.

      Hello? U don hear?

      • Okwuegbuna

        You are properly equipped with information driven by facts and figures.I took time to read all your comments associated with the above discourse, and i am pleased with your presentations and defense.Truth and not lie is the only instrument of liberation.

        I stopped writing since this new government took office. My reason being that i can not proudly call Mr Buhari a president of Nigeria in the 21st century. A person whose WASC is seriously in doubt. A person who has never improved himself professionally in any form or shape. Mr Buhari is not in tune with modern ideas and ideals. It is not prophetic, under Buhari’s watch, Nigeria socio- political stance would slide abysmally within the shortest possible time.

        However, i do not blame Mr Buhari for the negative impact Nigeria is and will continue to witness throughout his stay in office. All the blame goes to the promoters and sponsors of him. They are well aware of his idiosyncrasies and his hollowness of ideas. They used him to wrestle power from the past government just to prove a point of their semi- god influence. And i think the whole is not walking as they are feeling impact of their stupidity and mistake. The ugliness of the new ” change” knows no bounds. The heat would surely be felt by all.

        My sincere admiration for your wonderful logical presentation and for putting up an idealistic act which is free from bias.

        • AA

          Thanks for ur commendation, I am humbled. I think I agree with ur analysis but like most Nigerians I am hopeful that energetic engagement can prevent a lot of the damage that can be done. Pls do not stop writing or criticising or commenting. Remember the saying – all it takes for things to get really bad is for good (or knowledgeable) people to do nothing. May God help Nigeria.

  • Olusola Thompson Adewole

    If this Government want to be sincere, they should always tell the good and the bad of the previous Government/s and stop all these Craps of LIES and LIES. A good Government will always comprise of Opposition Parties participation and not rely solely on their dead head Propaganda just to portray others as the enemy of fellow Nigerians. The previous Government can not be all bad, that’s the bottom line.

    • New Nigerian

      ..the good like hiding $150billion of our commonwealth in private accounts in the US alone, killing more than 30,000 Nigerians violently through commission & commission, having part of Nigeria excised through tacit support of terrorists, systemic wholesale theft through bogus scams – like making the refinery not to work while sharing billions in dubious subsidy, and the list goes on? whose “good” that was?

      • simpledemmy

        Thank you for your contribution. Some pple are just mad dogs of sentiment. Even, d rest of d world know d damage d loots of Jonathan and his cohorts hv coursed to d economy and increase rate of poverty to d masses!

        • Emma

          shut up yr dirty mouth.

          • New Nigerian

            Listen to AA’s advice!

          • AA


          • AA

            let’s kep it clean, Emma. No yabis. Just ideas.

        • AA

          Why must APC and PMB supporters always throw insults? Pls remember that this is a democracy and that people have the right to disagree, criticise and argue. This is not 1984. Learn to be civil or go and live in a dictatorship. Make arguments, provide facts, don’t throw insults – it suggests that u have nothing to contribute.

          • New Nigerian

            Et tu AA! listen to your own advice!

          • AA

            I’m trying boss.

      • AA

        Wild and baseless accusations! Ur source is Adams Oshiomole abi? Can u mention ONE SINGLE verifiable case of this looting u are talking about? Pls just mention ONE case of corruption against Jonathan, and provide facts, not the wild baseless thing u have just written. I am waiting.

        • New Nigerian

          You obviously just tuned in after the election…what you are outraged about were the facts that informed Jonathan’s loss at the polls. Below is a well researched contribution by New Nigerian during the election season – google it and you’d find it:

          “”Just one aspect [Besides the widely reported unmerited 20-40 billions of actual sale of crude oil to the federation account) . President Jonathan have been looking the other way while 400,000 barrels of oil per day is stolen by those he hand-picked to safeguard the supply lines against theft – this is $20.4b yearly for the last 3 years through two 2 contracts that he signed to rebel leaders from his tribe.
          These are the 2 contracts by the Jonathan administration that is a major feed to the monster bedevilling Nigeria and turning it into a failed state, and a personal estate of King Jonathan, it was fall 2011 & 2012 time frame – widely reported by Wall Street Journal and major newspapers in Nigeria – just google it – I like the composition in the piece titled, Help, This Nigerian State Is Failing By Ayobami Oyalowo:
          ”In August, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) broke some disturbing news about Nigeria. It was reported that some ex-militants in the Niger Delta had been paid about N6.32billion within the past one year by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Yes, for the ‘noble’ service of providing security against vandals for the Corporation’s oil pipeline network. Imagine! The breakdown, as outlined by WSJ, is this:
          Chief Government Ekpumopolo (alias Tompolo), Alhaji Mujahid Asari-Dokubo, ‘General’ Ebikabowei Victor Ben (Boyloaf) and ‘General’ Ateke Tom were respectively paid N5.1 billion, N1.44 billion, N608 million and N608 million yearly by the state-owned NNPC, as ‘protection money’ to guard the pipelines they once attacked.
          As if that was not enough an insult on the collective intelligence of Nigerians, earlier in the year the Federal Government awarded a contract worth $103.4million (over N15billion) to the Global West Vessel Specialist Limited (GWVSL) – a firm widely believed to be owned by Tompolo to supply 20 vessels for the use of the nation’s military authorities to secure the waterways. Director-General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Ziadeke Akpobolokemi, had last year sent a memo titled, “Award of Contract for the Strategic Concessioning Partnership with NIMASA to Provide Platforms for Tracking Ships and Cargoes, Enforce Regulatory Compliance and Surveillance Of The Entire Nigerian Maritime Domain,” to President Goodluck Jonathan.
          In considering the memo, President Goodluck Jonathan and Akpobolokemi chose GWVSL as the preferred company for the 10-year concession agreement, renewable for two terms of five years each. Jonathan, in a memo dated 9th November, 2011, with reference number PRES/99/MT/61, approved Akpobolokemi’s memo, which the Federal Executive Council rubber-stamped on 5th January, 2012. According to Akpobolokemi, GWVSL “will provide platforms for effective policing of Nigeria’s maritime domain and ensure compliance with international maritime conventions on vessels and ships voyaging the country’s waters”. NIMASA maintains that the concessionaire would help the Federal Government to enforce the sabotage law and collect levies on its behalf. This, in a country that still maintains a statutory Naval force, and without a track record for GWVSL?
          From the above, the current occupant of the presidential villa showed where his loyalty lies…rather than train the military, he equipped criminals and vandals who had taken up arms against the state. No wonder so much arms and ammunition have found their way into Nigeria and our country has now become one gigantic human abattoir where someone is killed on an average of an hour, daily. Between January to May 2014 it has been estimated that over 1,500 people have been mindlessly cut down by terrorists and blood thirsty killers.””

          • AA

            1. Let us start with the pipeline thing u have mentioned here. Apart from sentimental insinuations, in what ways are these contracts acts of looting or corruption? The only problem I see is that the writer has a problem with the INDIVIDUALS who own these companies who happen to be Ijaw people. Now, if the owners belonged to Nigeria’s old, mostly northern oligarchy (who own over 80% of oil blocks) it won’t be reported as looting! Come on!!

            2. Are u sure u want to talk about Sanusi’s missing bilions – first “49bn”, then “20bn”, then “we are no longer sure”, then he settles with GEJ? Can’t u see that all of that is politics? If not, is PMB not welcome to institute charges against GEJ?????

            3. Those of us who are enlightened and educated shd try to limit the influence of prejudice in our judgments. I am not a fan of Buhari but I will not be soo blind to blame him for things that cannot be proven or argued. I am persuaded that 90 percent of the sentiment against GEJ is pure regional sentiment, political misinformation, and ignorance. Not too suggest at all that the man is perfect o.

            4. But don’t u really think the focus shd now be on the current Tenant of Aso Rock?

    • Rose

      I agree. Even if the election was all about the things that were wrong with your predecessor, a strong government should have the confidence to say what it did right.


    buhari is talking to apc morons, if they do not sustain agriculture achievements ,seaport reform achievements,roads infrastructure achievements, electoral and national identities achievements etc, and keep telling nigerians ban ki moon visits nigeria ,they are nothing but fools of illiterates and failure, propaganda and lies cannot feed stomach.


    Jonathan has made his own contribution to this country. Buhari has come on-board to render his own service to the people of Nigeria. So, Buhari should pls start rendering his services to Nigerians and stop disturbing us with Jonathan talks. Right now, Nigerians are tired of all these trash about Jonathan this, Jonathan that. This method of governance employed by APC which is based on lies and excuses will turn back to hunt the party. APC is intentionally distracting Nigerians with Jonathan talks while looting dry our treasury secretly. Pls Buhari work and not talk. Talk is cheap but it does not produce results, only work does.

    • New Nigerian

      Why the noise then by GEJ through his mouth pieces as he is “doing” his own – killing corruption, stopping insecurity and reviving the economy?

  • Ige Sodiq Hameed


    • New Nigerian


      …my brother, he had no choice. we the people voted him out, and if he did not vacant Aso rock we would have obliged him by going to Aso Rock, on foot and every means of transport available and carried him out of there and take him peacefully to Otu Oke…

      • AA

        Stop deceiving urself my friend. How can there be more voters in Borno that has been in war for 5 years than in Abia where there is thriving business and peace? We know that the election was a fraud and we know that APC and Buhari are frauds. We are still to hear of Buhari’s school cetificate. But don’t worry, the truth will come out in due time. Go ahead and gloat; but in the meantime remind ur guy in Aso Rock that the campaigns are over and that it is time to govern. He is discovering the sad truth that lies and propaganda can win a campaing, but they can’t be used to provide good governance. We want light, roads, end to BH, jobs, etc. We have had enough of the bad-mouthing of the previous regime.

        • New Nigerian

          You peddle urban myth my friend. Go to Borno State and see for yourself how many people are there. I have travelled the length and breadth of Nigeria and I know Abia very well, perhaps you count the leaves too otherwise I don’t know where you’d say that there are more people in Abia than Borno State…I bet you don’t know that the population of Borno State includes migrants from Abia too…as for governing, you’d not acknowledge what is being achieved even if it hits you on the head. So to you be your view and to me be mine – lots are doing done and everyday in Nigeria today is better than the previous day, a reversal of what entails under Jonathan.

          • AA

            Hmm. U know that, as someone once said many years ago, that it is only in Nigeria that there are more people in the desert than in the coast, abi? U know that Lagos and Kano started out with an equal number of LGAs and now the old Kano has 71 against Lagos’ 20? You know that the National Population Commission itself recently said that there is no accurate census of Nigeria? Or are all these still myths? U really want me to believe that over 500k people voted in a state that has been in war for years? And do you have updated information about Buhari’s school certificate? Or was it a myth too that he didn’t submit one with his election form? And was it a myth too that Jega’s famous card reader was very minimally used in most parts of the north? Was it a myth that when Borno had received almost 90% distribution of PVCs, most states in the south had almost half that number? If u want to convince people u need to really try, my guy. Mugu no dey again o.

  • New Nigerian

    Jonathan Administration people should realize that we just voted them out massively – they had also lied through their teeth on the state of the economy, telling us all how well they had managed the country and why they deserve continuity….we the people deserve to know the facts, that is why the media is awash with information of what the real situation is – and we deserve to know – facts don’t lie. But again, they care less about Nigerians before that was why they are plutocratic desperado party, they care less about Nigeria now – a pointer that Nigerians would also not care to put them back in charge anytime soon…having said that, APC should be wary not to disappoint the masses – it should prosecute killing of corruption, elimination of insecurity and the revival of the economy with all the might of state. Nigerians deserve nothing less. We are watching…

  • blissful Jacob

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  • Patitos

    President Jonathan paid his dues rightly to this nation. Only the deaf, dumb and blind like APC would fail to acknowledge this fact. APC all this while and even during the electioneering campaigns, had always been vindictive in nature. They act as opposition even to themselves. Calumny, impunity and vindictiveness has become the sobriquet of President Buhari’s henchmen and mouthpieces. The likes of Lai Mohammed and shameless Comrado Adams Oshiomole have been opening their vocal cavities too wide over un-substantiable allegations just in order to secure Buhari’s favour. Distractions and noise making all the way about corruption, yet nobody has ever been arrested or prosecuted. These distractions must stop!!

    Strategies against Boko Haram and issues that should be treated as secrets/classified information are blown into the open through the mass media, thereby giving them (Boko Haram) room for counter attack. Buhari need to hit the road running as promised, and not this walking game in distraction and confusion. This is why he could not be reasonable and articulate enough to spread his appointments so far equitably. It is evident that the South East is already excluded in the administration of a country that belongs to us all, just as he told Amanpour of CNN during his last visit to the United States of America. Buhari forgets that the whole nation became his constituency the moment he was declared winner of the 2015 presidential elections. This government must be careful not to push the Igbo’s to the wall again.

    • New Nigerian

      Real Boko Haram don’t read the Newspapers my friend. They are in Sambisa forest remember and they don’t speak English? The ones you are referring to possibly are their sponsors that were linked to GEJ administration – 5th columnists who were using Boko Haram as the militia while they were stealing our common wealth – those would naturally disappear once the commonwealth are recovered, corruption eliminated, rule of law restored while bringing them to Justice.

  • simpledemmy

    Pple of no integrity. Jonathan and his cohorts supposed to have been stoned to death by now!

    • Rose

      Please, do as you wish, but at least give these people the dignity of a fair trial. To your surprise you may even find innocence in unexpected places.

    • Emma

      you will do worse if you are ther

    • AA

      And the coup-plotting and bigoted Buhari and his cohorts (OBJ, Danjuma, Amaechie, etc) shd be rewarded with crowns in heaven abi? Such outlandish and outrageous hypocrisy!

  • God’s Judgement

    You are a disgrace to our Nation. Even the dead’s aware and understood the scale of destruction evil Jonathan and his Lucifer ministers invoked on innocent Nigerians. Please been sincere enough to shot your stupid month, because your government had nothing called achievement.

    • AA

      You are just doing what the APC has been doing – throwing wild accusations that you cannot substantiate and reeling insults in a very ill-mannered way. That is one notable character of the APC and his supporters – insults left right and centre. You guys don’t seem to have an idea what democracy is about. This is 2015 and not 1984. It is now 3 months and PMB cannot even form a proper goverment; there is no economic plan and all he and his supporters can do is to blame Jonathan. The jury is out already and the verdict against the APC is already being made.

  • blissful Jacob

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  • Pascal Dim

    Gang of treasury looters(so called the ex-ministration) under Jonathan last week meet their mentor and mumu leader to express appreciations.The intention of the meeting was more than that.It was to have brief of the impending doom that will befall them as a result the on- going probe.Invariable,the possibility of plea bargain.

  • benny agafa



    A path from propaganda the APC and their aggrieved PDP members have nothing to offer Nigeria.
    When you talk of ex leader every day, it means the new leader is doing badly in his job.
    Nevertheless the APC had no program before coming to power, now they don’t know how to govern
    at the federal level. Here is change and 60% of those who brought APC to power are those who pen
    robbed Nigeria money, so who is going to lead the fight against corruption. The real war against
    corruptions will come but not with Aways Propaganda Continues (APC)

  • agbobu


  • Kehinde

    PMB please, focus on governance and leave GEJ alone for history. If there is evidence of corruption against GEJ or anybody, just go ahead and prosecute. Stop making noise on pages of newspaper. You are already giving Nigerians the impression you are a noise maker with nothing to offer. AND TRY DECLARE YOUR ASSETS PUBLICLY AS YOU AND PASTOR OSIBANJO PROMISED.

  • Jacob Chile

    Abubakar Suleiman, you are crying foul now because you are singly blamed. We are Nigerians living in Nigeria as witnesses to what happened under the Jonathan Administration. We do not need you to tell us whether that Administration made achievements or not. What we saw and know is that Jonathan’s Lieutenants (you inclusive) took advantage of his weakness and plundered the country with the ease and peace of a dominant criminal. So please, stop making noise to distract the giant steps being taken now to correct the ills of the past. Bear in mind that in a war situation, whoever find himself in the direction of a bullet will just have to incur the wrath of that bullet.

  • Samuel Enwelim

    GEJ this,GEJ that—-Bokohari and tha APC have been making noise since.since MAY 29, they took over power,they told us that THE Zoological republic called Nigeria has made more than 2 trillion—–where is the money?what have they done?everything we are enjoying now are proceeds from the past administration.they should build on those achievements and stop making noise.

  • akinshow

    I hope all the ministers in GEJ’s administration will be investigated by EFCC. We all need to see proof of their ‘ diligent’ service as claimed though none in Nigeria witnessed it.