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Saudi executes 153 in 2016


hangSaudi Arabia carried out 153 executions in 2016, according to an AFP tally based on official announcements, slightly down from the year before.

The ultra-conservative kingdom is one of the world’s most prolific executioners and has a strict Islamic legal code under which murder, drug trafficking, armed robbery, rape and apostasy are all punishable by death.

Rights group Amnesty International said Saudi Arabia carried out at least 158 death sentences in 2015, coming third after Iran and Pakistan.

Amnesty’s figures do not include secretive China.

Murder and drug trafficking cases account for the majority of Saudi executions, although 47 people were put to death for “terrorism” offences on a single day in January.

They included prominent Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr, whose execution prompted Iranian protesters to torch Saudi diplomatic missions, leading Riyadh to sever relations.

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  • gmb

    The one thing about the people executed by the Saudis is that they only execute positively guilty people.

    How many people in the USA have been executed only to find out that they were not guilty.

    • RIKKI

      only a very very tiny fraction, but they all had priors of some sort , maybe you can count on one hand all the innocent people who never ever had a criminal record who were killed by mistake….yes you have a far far better chance of dying in a tornado or lightning strike then being wrongfully executed in america.

      • GeneralQuarters

        “I believe […] that while all human life is sacred there’s nothing wrong with the death penalty if you can trust the legal system implicitly, and that no one but a moron would ever trust the legal system.”

        ― Neil Gaiman, American Gods

        • RIKKI

          as a former paralegal i never saw discrimination based on race gender or economic status..but i did see lot based on severe functional illiteracy…… boy what were you thinkin to do something that stupid?

          • GeneralQuarters

            Are you rambling or are you responding to Neil Gaiman or me? I didn’t write the quote as anyone can plainly see. If your a former paralegal, your writings are very ambiguous and not very much on point.

    • Petey Cee

      GMB the process is different. Here in the states, the appeal process will be allowed to take decades, in order to ensure there is no doubt about the guilt of the condemned. However, the (generally) court appointed attorney will spend all of their time attempting to establish reasonable doubt, even if it is fake news. In the Saudi system, the condemned is quickly put to death, and once that has happened, their legal system has no interest in reopening the case.

    • Nancy Mc

      When was the last time someone in the USA was executed for apostasy?

    • Fear Democide

      I’m curious how you were able to discover that those executed by the Saudis were positively guilty? Do they have one of those Star Trek type Lie Detectors?

  • lostmyinnocence

    The religion of peace!

    • Bill Thompson

      So you are against the death penalty in the USA?

      • Silverado

        I’ll bite. There you go – YES totally!! It’s racist, prohibitively expensive for taxpayers and it’s misapplied ESPECIALLY in the US. Not to mention that as soon as the establishment executes the wrong person, that should make that so that no type of those mistakes could ever happen again. That’s society’s quick flush method of dealing with violent crime. And personally I’d rather see these SOB’s breaking big rocks into smaller rocks as in hard labor (remember that?) Nor has it ever been proven to be a deterrent. There’s no way I’d ever agree that the same Govt ayeholes that collect my taxes also have the right to execute somebody in what’s supposed to be a free country that’s that shinning light of freedom & right up on that proverbial hill. I’m sorry but capital punishment doesn’t fit into that popular…vision. Even if (God forbid and being consistent in my beliefs) one of those victims was my family member…

        • Cogito ergo sum….

          Good response. The “death penalty” is just that. A penalty. It has nothing to do with justice. It’s simply government sanctioned murder. I’m all for felons on chain gangs breaking big rocks into little rocks . We can use the material to build the wall.

          • Dogchat58

            It’s a penalty that when carried out gives the victims families closure.

          • letting murderers out to break rocks is not justice


          Racist? That is pretty stupid. You would rather spend $65,000 per year paying for murderers to be incarcerated in PC? If you actually believe what you wrote you should take some time to learn about something before opining.

          • Ungawa

            They do get free health care, 3 squares, watch TV…………..hell, where do I sign up?

          • beagle

            Tarzan, is that you???

          • Ungawa
          • the deplorable john doe

            Have you even been in a jail?? My name is a very common one. I was falsely jailed for several hours. I couldn’t wait to get out. That will NEVER happen again. Being arrested, humiliated in a steel box, listening to the drivel from the cops/robbers, NO THANKS.

          • the deplorable john doe

            I hate to say this cause I believe get should reap what you sow. But the legal costs of the death penalty far outweigh the costs of simple incarceration. Me, I’m for the old fashion methods. The punishment is the journey not the destination. So I’d make it a real hard death. A few public drawing and quartering’s would change a lot of minds in the ghetto.

          • the legal costs of the death penalty far outweigh the costs of simple incarceration…………

            sure, liberals appeal a case of mass murder for 50 years.

          • the deplorable john doe

            I agree but that’s the reality of things. Right now it’s far cheaper to lock’ em up.

          • Questor3000

            I support the death penalty for Murder, and Rape. I don’t support it for other crimes, and lacking prima facie evidence like DNA or video or confessions obtained without presence of consel no

          • TurnRight

            So beat someone so bad they end up quadriplegic or in a vegetative state, get life. Rape someone, get death. Makes no sense to me. Personally I’d take the rape any day.

        • Ungawa

          I bet you also have a sign in front of your house that says “GUN FREE ZONE”

          • dperry428

            So, the death penalty has not been prove to be a deterrent? For the executed person it most certainly is a deterrent —- the dead don’t kill again.

        • Rikki Tch Tch

          I liked your breaking rocks idea. However, the federal government has deemed that cruel and unusual punishment. I guess killing you is not as harsh.

        • Candy Man

          Racist? Guess you’re turned on by brown and black turds murdering White people.

        • BobbiM

          Whether or not the death penalty is a deterrent or not is irrelevant. Its purpose is punishment suitable to the crime.

          • Paul Kersey

            I don’t understand how anyone can claim the death penalty is NOT a deterrant. I don’t believe any felon who was executed ever committed another murder. Convicted murderers have been released / paroled and murdered again. Also, some have murdered prison-guards while in custody. It seems to me if they were executed this could not take place. Is my logic flawed ?

        • Karen Bennett

          yes – death penalty and a quick one – maybe if criminals knew there was a real punishment they would think twice!!

        • Smokey

          It’s not racist. Statistically there is one race that makes up less than 15% of the US population but commits approximately 40% of the violent crimes.

        • and de gobment will kill you for firing back,,,

        • Zoeker2012

          Actually, if it were possible, I would agree. The problem is that we have so misapplied our Constitutional protections against cruel and unusual punishment, that it is impossible to create a judicial system which serves as a deterrent to crime.

      • Jim Thompson

        How about some context dipshyt… we don’t execute for religious purposes or for drug trafficking etc. Where do people like you get educated… in front of the TV set watching Daffy Duck?

        • Questor3000

          Murder YES! Rape YES! all other crimes should not be capitol cases. As to religion, no we live in a secular state and we have a constitution.

          • Afterheart

            No, the SCOTUS after a 10 year study in 1892 stated that the US is indeed a Christian Nation founded on Christian principles. By the the way the term “separation of church and state” appears nowhere in the US Constitution. American’s are woefully ignorant of their country’s heritage


          • Questor3000

            No sir You would not have a nation if it were not for one of the founders of the sons of liberty you stupid cluck. Hyam Soloman a JEW stood for America when it was needed the most, he gave up all his wealth to fund the continental army so keep Jesus out of public and keep him in your homes and churches.And yes, if you want your Pagan christmas trees you can keep them to, Just put a mennorah up as well

          • Afterheart

            Obviously you have no knowledge of history…even when confronted by it in writing. Take your bigoted faithaphobe somewhere else. Remember we will all be judged by the Lord Jesus Christ someday whether you take Him seriously or not.

          • Questor3000

            In terms of faith, the rabbis got it right.

          • Questor3000

            Yehska was not who you think. He was not a man, thew torah was specific no man may die for anothers sins?

          • Afterheart

            Jesus the Christ was the messiah or the anointed one prophesied throughout the pages of the Old Testament. Isaiah 53:8 speaks specifically of the messiah being a man not Israel the people or country. Jesus was fully God and fully man but without sin providing the only worthy sacrifice that can let man stand sinless before our Holy God. Animal sacrifice is no longer necessary since Jesus was obedient to the Father and laid down his life to later pick it up again., He was the Christ who freely sacrificed himself for the sins of the world. He was the Christ that set the captives free from Abraham’s bosom. When Jesus died, He went to Paradise (Luke 23:43) and when He rose from the dead, He brought the faithful (Jews) to Heaven with Him (Matt. 27:52-53, Ephesians 4:7-8). Since that time all who die in faith go straight into the presence of the Lord (Phil 1:21-24).
            The unsaved dead from all ages will remain in torment till the end of
            the Millennium when they’re brought back to life for their final
            judgment (Rev. 20:11-15). The fact that Isaiah 53 is seldom referred to in synagogue readings since the middle ages is because rabbis knew that Isaiah was referring to the coming Christ. (the interpretation up until that time) There are many Messianic Jews who have come to this conclusion. Jesus has allowed non-jews like myself, who trust in Him, to be grafted into the family of God. As a Christian, I worship the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and his messiah Son, Jesus the Christ. Although Israel has become a very secular country, I stand with God and therefore Israel. Shalom.

          • Questor3000

            Wrong he does not meet criteria

          • Afterheart

            By the standard of the Old Testament he certainly does. By Isaiah 53 He does, by Ezekiel He does, by Daniel He does. To say otherwise is to deceive ones self. Saul of Tarsus a Jews Jew, later known as Paul, knew Jesus to be the Messiah as well.

          • Questor3000


          • Afterheart

            In the end times, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Lord…Messiah, the anointed one. This includes all the Jewish people remaining at the time. Messianic Jews have already come to this conclusion. Shalom.

          • Questor3000

            SHalom to you also, but the torah speaks of two not one

          • Afterheart

            Isiah 53:8 specifically speaks to the one Messiah or anointed one.

          • Questor3000

            No sir, have you read the hebrew or english?

          • Afterheart
          • Questor3000

            Actually it’s two in hebrew escatology, which is where you Christians misinterprate it.

          • Afterheart

            Sadly, the muslims say that the Jews have done the same thing to the Old Testament changed its meaning / context. There are very good translations of the Old Testament from Hebrew and the New Testament from Greek. The King James Bible is what I use and it did go through a rigorous vetting before being published.

          • Questor3000

            The torah was changed to make it Christological

          • Afterheart

            Hey, thanks for sharing Hyam Soloman with me. I must admit that my knowledge of him was zilch. I have since done much reading on him and find indeed that he played a big part of what was to become America. This in no way negates America’s Judaeo Christian heritage but illuminates God’s sovereign power to use people, good or bad, exalted or lowly to accomplish his work. Isaiah 53 speaks to the coming Messiah (not about Israel because Israel could not save itself). Jesus the Christ fulfilled Isaiah 53 in every way. As the son of a muslim who is now a born again believer in the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and God’s redeeming Son, Jesus the Christ, I wish you Shalom.

          • Questor3000

            Isssah 53 is not Jesus but t he Jewish people.

          • Afterheart

            Isaiah 53 refers to the Messiah. Rashi (Rabbi Shlomo Itzchaki, 1040-1105) and some of the later rabbis, though, interpreted the passage as referring to Israel. They knew that the older interpretations referred it to Messiah. However, Rashi lived at a time when a degenerate medieval distortion of Christianity was practiced. He wanted to preserve the Jewish people from accepting such a faith and, although his intentions were sincere, other prominent Jewish rabbis and leaders realized the inconsistencies of Rashi’s interpretation. They presented a threefold objection to his innovation. First, they showed the consensus of ancient opinion. Secondly, they pointed out that the text is in the singular. Thirdly, they noted verse eight. This verse presented an insurmountable
            difficulty to those who interpreted this passage as referring to Israel.
            It reads:

            He was taken away from rule and from judgment; and his life who shall recount? for he was cut off out of the land of the living; through the transgressions of my people was he stricken.

          • Questor3000

            As a JEW, i am committed to the WELL being of AMerica and ISRAEL.

          • GTH_BHO


          • Questor3000


          • now we do not really live….

        • Stave Austin

          how about some reality dipsh*t Saudi is not the USA. You live there under their rule of law. Don’t like facing the death penalty – move.

          • etg

            But the problem is — the Saudi’s don’t let women leave the country of their own will, and if you are found to be a Christian who converted from Islam, you are executed— not allowed to leave. How is one to reasonably leave an oppressive state like Saudi Arabia?

        • Boris Badenov

          Boris resents this insult to Daffy Duck!
          His IQ would probably increase if he was required to watch Boris’ fine feathered friend.

          • Smokey

            That’s right! Don’t fck with The Duck!

      • Questor3000

        Death penalty for murder with DNA evidence yes. Without it, corruption on the state prosecutors and/or shoddy evidence should always be denied. As to killing people for religion no. The death penalty has no place in America for most crimes accept murder or high treason.

        • m9777

          Murder or high treason…. Where is it otherwise?

        • Social Justice Whiner

          DNA evidence is not the 100% slam dunk proof that most people think it is.

          • Stacker

            No, but it’s a 99.999% slam dunk…which is good enoughj for even the most ardent Libtard

          • Social Justice Whiner

            Well no it’s not actually 99.999% & never is.

          • Stacker

            Wow, “it’s not actually 99.999%” ? You really nailed me with that zinger! Looks like someone needs to tell the FBI (et al) that their “…odds of a coincidental match [being] 1 in 108 trillion” is a bit off then, eh? (Tip: When using the word “never” as a rhetorical device, your argument is immediately reduced to sophomoric hyperbole, apropos coming from a SJW.)

        • the one who knows

          Do you mean except when you when you wrote accept? Reading is fundamental.

          • Joseph Terrell

            And human error is unavoidable. Fortunately, we humans have sufficient mental capacity to understand the meaning of someone’s writing even if the writer does not get everything correct.

          • the one who knows

            Error or laziness of attention to detail, the grammar police strike again, our motto is “To correct and serve”.

          • Joseph Terrell

            LOL! Thank you for your service! 🙂

          • Questor3000

            accept. yes, thank you

      • FirstPeter3_15

        Bill, your post is an argument from irrelevance. Look up ‘apostacy’ and then please explain the similarities with how Saudi Arabia and the USA punish it. Then please draw the same comparisons with the crimes of rape, robbery and drug trafficking.

        • John Thomas Badcock

          Apostasy? Is that like climate change denial at the UN?

          • task

            But first you must be a believer before becoming a denier to be a true apostate.

          • Rick Rose


        • Bill Thompson

          My argument? Where do you see an argument? I asked a very simple question.

          • FirstPeter3_15

            You can play innocent but you know very well your post was meant to point out the similarity between the US death penalty and sharia law, my post was meant to refute yours.

          • Bill Thompson

            “Murder and drug trafficking cases account for the majority of Saudi executions, although 47 people were put to death for “terrorism” offences on a single day in January”

            Just reading the article, bud, and asking if the death penalty in the USA for murder is acceptable.

      • SF.Spring4040

        Yes, absolutely. However, the U.S. prison system needs to be completely overhauled. Those offenders handed down life sentences should not have access to other prisoners, TV, computers, classes, etc. They should be in solitude.

        • AmericaAwakens

          No kidding! Private prisons are ensured a “full house” so they can make money! What a joke! I can hear the politicians now saying, [we will make sure you have a full house of inmates even if we have to do it illegally with our attorneys]. A win-win proposition for gubmt. It stinks as bad as the Congress!

          • SF.Spring4040

            Absolutely. Time for substantial change, beginning with cleaning out “undocumented” inmates from federal and state prisons.

          • AmericaAwakens

            Ship all the “undocumented” out of our country! Preferably with a tracking chip (unbeknownst to them) so they can be permanently banned from returning!

          • SF.Spring4040

            Sounds like a good plan to me!

          • flyr

            but private prisons do not run the justice system

            California spends close to $50,000 per inmate in the State run prisons AZ about half that

            Leaving drug addict on the streets imposes somewhere between $50,000 – $100,000 per year in theft, damage and social services

      • no, except for someone who murders one of your family members……

    • Secure

      That’s exactly what George W Bush told us for eight years.

    • Robert Sanger

      Saudi uses beheading etc to control their population

    • AmericaAwakens

      That is a bunch of chit! “the religion of peace? Not even close!!

    • sixwhitehorses


    • .com

      • MrNewCastrati


  • homeboy johnson

    Sound like many heads were rolling into the drop baskets over yonder.

  • transmaster

    Why is the Guardian showing a hangman’s noose the Saudi’s use a sword to behead those convinced of a capital crime in Saudi Arabia. The way I see it Saudi Arabia is a sovereign country what they do is their business. Look at what trying to impose Western values in this part of the world has resulted in. It hasn’t worked very well has it… closed.

    • Jere Joiner

      Precisely. Saudi values are not our values, and vice versa. I have concluded beheadings might be the most humane way to dispatch a criminal — as long as it’s not botched. Bring back the guillotine, maybe? Glad I live over here!

      • lou

        Don’t know and don’t want to find out if it’s painful. but it’s sure final.

        • Jere Joiner

          They’re the only executions I’ve seen where there are no movements after the sword falls.

  • GeneralQuarters

    “The State is not God. It has not the right to take away what it cannot restore when it wants to.”

    ― Anton Chekhov

    • Dale

      Tell that to the State.

  • rick1000f

    Maybe we should start doing more. Start cleaning up this country.

  • Alewife

    ……so……who cares?

  • Deplorable Catz

    They put Texas to shame…

  • Faisal

    Less vile criminals to worry about. Good job Arabia.

  • lou

    Well that’s one way to fight ISIS without playing defense as Obama did.

    • Secure

      We didn’t have any 9/11-size attack under Obama. We did under the last Republican president.

      • Jeff Sheaffer

        We had 40 TERRORIST ATTACKS UNDER BARACK HUSSEIN! He said on Sept 11, 2016 WE deserved the 911 attack and we can expect more of them: Infested America with Foreign Diseases Quadrupled the number of people on food stamps Flooded America with illegal Aliens, Muslims and
        Africans Destroyed Baltimore and other inner cities with riots paid by Soros!

      • MartinV

        “We didn’t have any 9/11-size attack under Obama.”

        So – you’re assuming you know WHO was responsible for 9/11, are you ?

        Kindly share your vivid insights with the rest of us !

      • Paul Kersey

        It’s Bushes fault ! LMAO

        Happy New Year pres Obama ! Good luck with that legacy thing ! ! LMAO

        • Secure

          Its was a great thing not having another 9/11 under Obama. Thank you President Obama for keeping us safe.

  • Jennica Albert


  • D. Davis

    These throwbacks to the 5th century are not “ultra-conservative”. They are a “kingdom” run by perverted $billionaire MUSLIMS who have been given over to a reprobate mind. It’s time to end the supposed royalty of Saudi Arabia. Perhaps the death penalty was called for in some of these cases, but those perverts in night shirts are not “ultra-conservative”. Muhammad was a child molester having married a 9 year old girl of many.

    • rockinroadie

      Actually she was 6!

      • D. Davis

        Thanks, my mistake.

        • rockinroadie

          Doesn’t make much of difference, does it? He was still a sick twisted pedophile!

    • the one who knows

      He waited until she was 9 to consummate the “marriage”.

      • the one who knows

        He also had to beat her to get her out of those little underoos with Osama bin Laden’s face on it.

  • GeorgeHanshaw1

    The death penalty for apostasy is a major factor in the failure of Muslims to assimilate in the Western world.

    • AlexF

      That and a bankrupt culture devoid of basic humanity, honesty and integrity. Little things like that.

  • Randy Brown

    the saudis should be our enemy with iran and the rest of the moslime world

  • bys55

    The noose would not have a neck to hang on. . Was the photo a weird attempt at some orwellian political correctness?

  • renojim_2000

    So they’re beheading murderers, drug traffickers, and terrorists. What’s the problem?

    • AlexF

      And people who no longer believe in and worship Islam and their pedophile prophet. That’s what apostates are.

      They also condemn women who are raped as adulterers. I think you’ll also find “terrorists” have a very different meaning from what you’d have in mind. Remember, *they are the terrorists* who committed 9-11.

      They’re aggressive bronze age savages with enough wealth to import limitless western technology. What could go wrong?

  • Happy New Year’s (to the ones that are left anyway…) !

  • ……

    Other than apostasy, I’d be supportive of the same consequences here in the US, would thin out the prisons….

  • lburkefiles

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has about 28 million people and they executed 153. In Chicago, IL in the US with a population of 2.71 million 700 were murdered in the streets making being in Chicago 4,575% more dangerous than braking a law in Saudi Arabia. It is best we look at ourselves hard before we point any finger at anyone else.

  • haode

    still not sufficiently fundamentalist to stop the ayatollah’s “stabilization”/annexation.

    nor is the recent turkish movement toward islamic conservatism.

  • Drock

    I’ve often wondered, being that the Saudi’s do not allow women to drive if traffic flows smoother over there.

  • jack nichols

    A big fat guy with a night shirt and a giant curved sword walks around the condemned that are on their knees and then swoosh he swings the giant sword and lops off some poor bas**rds head. With that chopped head another execution according to the ultra peaceful Sharia, the law of Islam. Check it out on u-tube

    • Joseph Vanchieri

      There is nothing peaceful about the cult of Islam. They openly preach hatred and violence. Yes there are Muslims that live peacefully among other faiths bit weekly get taught to hate all who aren’t converts and that killing non-believers is okay. Christians went through a violent period but through tyranical leaders who misused the word of God. Through the years Christianity became peaceful and teaches against violence. The opposite is true of Islam. They are as violent now as they were in the beginning of their cult.


    They execute troublemakers, murderers, and other really bad people… a few Christians, Jews, and those muslims wanting to convert to Christianity. Well at least they got it half right.

  • The Voice of Reason

    So what. 153 people out of how many? This isn’t any form of a statistic. We have 5 times as many in our prisons that have done horrible things and we need to clear them out.

  • Ungawa

    Lets compare Chicago crime with Saudi Arabia crime, no brainer

  • alam

    Why are you showing the noose? Executions in Saudia means beheading by means of a sword publicly.

  • Ungawa

    Liberals/leftists are not wanted in Saudi A., although I wish they would go visit

  • John Schilling

    Only 163? I was kind of hoping for numbers in the millions given that they’re all mooze-slimes.

  • Rikki Tch Tch

    Saudi Arabia should be target number one in the war on Islamic terror.

  • jtisinsc

    Tip of the iceberg !

  • janger

    Is this this same Saudi Government that donated MILLIONS to the Criminal Clinton Foundation? By gosh…I believe it is. Reason No. 5, 798 why the investigation into their graft, corruption, money laundering, and gross malfeasance must…move forward!

    • Paul Kersey

      I believe they contributed AT LEAST 25 million to Killary Klinton.

    • Duo Maxwell

      Not only is this this same Islamic Terror Nation of Saudi Arabia that donated millions to Clinton it’s the same Islamic Terror nation of Saudi Arabia that created ISIS.

      • janger

        The irony is not lost…

  • John R

    If they could increase it a few thousand percent it would be a start. The “religion of peace” is one the world would be better off if it could be neutered.

    • Questor3000

      Islam must moderate itself or risk extenction

  • Wilkins Micawber

    They don’t hang in Saudi Arabia, they behead. They are mohammadan barbarians after all.

  • Darrin Weis

    I bet the MALE executioner masturbates every time he beheads a woman. Pigs are like that you know.

    • Wrong House

      You have a sick mind.

    • Informed

      I bet you wish you could be one.

  • Chance MacAlister

    I wish the U.S. would execute more murderers and rapists.

  • odysseus660

    Praised by Liberals and Democrats. Liberals care so much about women’s rights as they fully support Muslim ideologies and mock Christianity. As I said many times before Liberalism is a true mental disorder.

  • Bob USAF(ret)

    Two or three weekends in Obama home Sh.tcago.

  • Stave Austin

    I don’t understand the problem. Chicago executed over 750 in 2016.

  • Lumpdog

    If only America would put to death the killers and rapist we have on death row instead of keeping them alive on the taxpayers dime…

  • Mark Giles
    I don’t know why Saudi is listed as “world’s most prolific executioners” when the Philippines has executed 400 in just the last 6 months of 2016.

  • PPMStudios

    I witnessed an execution in Riyadh during Desert Shield.

    Their country, their laws…

  • Bofa Deez


  • setti warren mayor of newton ma…..clueless brainless went to saudi “to learn there ways” we have morons still in office…sett warren the top of the parade

  • PBR Streetgang

    …and this is just the government’s official number. How many unknown “honor” killings? Hoy many women with acid poured over their face? I find it hard to believe that the Saudi government puts the number so low; I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that it is at least three times more than reported.

  • liberalsRmorons

    How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries!
    Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog,
    there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.

    The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist
    wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism
    deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity.

    The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

    Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the faith: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.
    No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.

    Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith.
    It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step;
    and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science
    against which it had vainly struggled, the civilisation of modern Europe might fall,
    as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome.

    – Sir Winston Churchill
    (The River War, First Edition, Vol. II, pages 248-50 (London: Longmans, Green | 1899

  • Jim-bo

    Chicago has them beat

  • IBFreeman

    And they gave $25 million to Bill and Hillary and our military supported their side in Syria.

    Coincidence??? I think not.

  • jcarsc

    If you cross your legs the wrong way….off with your head. What a bunch of total hyprocical idiots.

  • Boxlock

    What is so wrong with the death penalty? We legally kill millions of innocent defenseless new human lives through abortion.

  • Rocco Tool

    The article does not point out how difficult it is for a woman to prove rape in Saudi Arabia, where women are treated like dirt.

  • Dogchat58

    Yet the diddling of little boys is ok?

  • Jason

    Rape, as in the woman is put to death because there were not 4 male witnesses to the rape.

  • Kedzie

    The wonderful world of Islam. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you if Obama’s invasion isn’t stopped.

  • sammy1023

    You mean the UN didn’t form a resolution against the Saudi’s for this? Oh yeah, that’s right, they were too busy writing up 20 resolutions against the only democratic country down there. No wonder the UN loves being in NYC, they just sit back and get fat on American taxpayer dollars. Since they’re so friendly to the Saudi’s maybe move the whole damn UN there? Sure they will like it lots, especially the women.

  • BM Babej

    Religion of POS.

  • cslagenhop

    Death to those who slander The Prophet.

  • curious11

    ….sigh! What else is new in these medieval middle eastern holier than thou countries?

  • dont know anymore

    Interesting that they did not include China as I believe they would be number 1 for executions or North Korea.

  • By Any

    All of our dearest “friends” around the world under Globalist rule. What a coincidence!

  • carl6352


  • Delhoghe

    I guess it has to start somewhere. Apparently the Saudis have found the start. Do they execute child molesters and wife beaters in the Kingdom of peace ?

  • BobLarimer
  • Samuel Grant

    Hope they kill everyone in their Muslim shithole.

  • Lose 10 pounds of ugly fat instantly on the Saudi diet.

  • robertv

    Apostasy means being homosexual and also means women who cheat or offend Islam, even though Saudi men have girlfriends and consume alcohol under the radar or travel to Dubai and Qutar.

  • RMR

    The Chinese solved their drug problems during the opium wars. Execute the dealers and especially the users. Eliminate the demand and the problem solves itself. We, on the other hand have legal MJ and opium prescriptions and needle exchange. So we end up with millions of gang members. The Chinese had it right.

  • Josey

    One nuke on Mecca during the Ramadan and the problem is solved. That meteorite they worship, their moon god, is vaporized.

  • jkk1943

    If we executed people for murder, drug trafficking and armed robbery we would solve crime problems in our inner cities permanently.

  • Duo Maxwell

    The article failed to mention that atheism and homosexuality are also punished by death in the Islamic Terror Nation of Saudi Arabia.

    • the one who knows

      It mentioned apostasy which is similar.

      • Duo Maxwell

        Being Muslim then “seeing the light” that Islam is pure camel dung created by a child molesting, illiterate warlord then renouncing it, is apostasy. It’s not possible to be an apostate have never been a Muslim(or what ever) to begin with.

  • Timmae/BANNON

    Sean Penn and Madonna love these nations.


    Provided 20% of HRC’s campaign war chest. No way they expected anything in return! No strings attached: just being nice

  • gene the machine

    one may ask what is worse saudi or chicagogo gagagangland style terror- chicago is where high and mighty obamba and chillary peppery one come from and they have 100 times the murder rate of the state of live free or dry new hampster where moi am from ( and we have more guns per capita that most states- but we are responsible second amendment gun owners verses the obama hillary black jewish coalition crowd chicagogo where they pout about everything and want to shell both law abiding new hampster and saudi how its done and eliminate our rights of decent americun citizens- butt end of stick they have (not 5 times but literally) 100 chimes the murder rate of both and that when obama was in the white house 8 years and chilly nearly by a hair missing 8 more. so what if saudi executes 153 as part of their law and order- its much better than israel next door that summarily as sara lee executes 2000 POOR gaza palestinians in 2014 let alone what they did to lebogni and cheese in 2006 and another 3000 plus died and also mocking another religion by walking in their holy temple in 2000- one of the 3 top causes of 9-11 that they defend to this day—- who is more lawless top to bottom lucy saudi for 153 in a court of justice (though theres is lacking i must admit) verse gangs of new york and chicagoland the way they portray themselfish in their own self admitted guilty as sin movies

    • the one who knows

      Have you ever been able to express a thought without using psychoactive drugs?

  • Eastside WT

    Last year the Chi-Coms executed in excess of 2400.

    • Mac-101

      But the Globalist Pigs love the Chi-Coms!

  • Davy

    The image of the noose accompanying this article is misleading. Beheading by the sword is customary in Saudi Arabia.

  • Mac-101

    Why the nose, what happened to Chop Chop square?

  • getthemlibsout

    i wasn’t one of them;-)

  • Rick Sander

    Why show a noose? Fake News. The Saudi’s use only one method. Decapitation.

  • Informed

    Chicago alone executed 700+ in 2016. Why do liberals think 153 government executions are barbaric, but think the thousands of murders in our cities are not barbaric?

  • Mike

    Send Obama for one last vacation.

  • Bruzilla

    When I was in Saudi Arabia in 2001, and there were all sorts of protests about the execution of a rapist who targeted women at the University of Riyadh. He was sentenced to death and the college students were protesting because the execution was to be done in downtown Riyadh and the students wanted him executed on the campus. Then the campus police protested because they wanted the privilege of killing him. In the end the rapist was executed by the campus police on the campus and everyone was happy… except the rapist.

    Yeah… I’ll take that justice.

    • really.really!really?

      I bet the Cops drew straws on who was going to get to shoot first.

  • roscoekarns

    How many hundreds perhaps thousands of lives saved by this preventive maintenance on people convicted for and out to do no good? How many wannabe terrorists gone, how many children and adults saved? 153 threats erased.

  • MicheleLloyd

    there are any number of people in the US that should be executed.

  • David Brown

    The 20,000 blacks who rape white women and little girls EVERY year in the mighty USA — on a scale never seen before in all world history — should also have their heads cut off.

    • Duo Maxwell

      Decapitation, hanging, firing squad is too quick. Flaying and “The Boats”(Scaphism, look it up on Wikipedia, it’s too lengthily to explain in this short forum) are the only appropriate punishments for creatures that rape children

  • sixwhitehorses

    But still can donate millions to the Clinton Crime Family.

  • Tom

    Too bad AFP did not mention the execution of practicing homosexuals in the Kingdom.Tthose alone would have added 50 more to the number.

  • rgeno

    As long as they are killing each other the more the better……. With this I would not mind death sentences for rape, murder and drug trafficking to be a mandatory punishment in the USA as well.


  • the one who knows

    No recidivism here in the country where animal husbandry has a little different meaning than here in America. No he will not rape or do felonies over and over again. Not a whole lot of need for parole or probation officers here, you do not get a second chance to perform mayhem against a society that did nothing to you. Hmmmmm, maybe we should try it.

  • TurnRight

    The Guardian shows a graphic of a noose, not a scimitar, which is the common method (along with the lesser used, stoning), of execution, obviously so as not to offend Muslims. So, so, transparent Guardian. You must think your readers are complete fools.

  • the one who knows

    The Chinese make the family of the convicted pay the government for the bullet used in the execution. I believe is three Yuan.

  • flyr

    To put the number in perspective

    In a year Saudi Arabia executes 5 people per million population
    In a year the dirtbags of Chicago execute about 250 per million population ( about 500 per million blacks)

    In Saudi Arabia punishment is swift but doled out to only a few
    In Chicago punishment is seldom inflicted and not serious enough to change behavior

    Saudi Arabia also executed a Crown Prince who killed someone in a brawl…..

    Now which system do you think is more humane

    Chicago is a liberal haven……..

    Strict gun control

  • CaptainObviuosTroll

    “a strict Islamic legal cod”

    Don’t call it Sharia,Guardian.Wouldn’t want anyone in the neighborhood to make a connection

    to the folks outside demanding it.

    Remember, telling only part of the story is just as bad as “fake news”.

    Also,there’s about 30 “offenses” for the death penalty under Sharia.

    Don’t tell them that either.

  • maestro

    Look at all the progress Saudi Barbaria is giving us.