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Top promising Crypto assets to consider for investments

By Guardian Nigeria
25 August 2022   |   4:37 pm
Many experts state that cryptocurrencies are the world's future, and we think there’s truth in their words.


Many experts state that cryptocurrencies are the world’s future, and we think there’s truth in their words. Blockchain technologies are quickly gaining popularity among users and are implemented in numerous industries.

The demand for this payment method has significantly increased when people understood that it’s secure, anonymous, and not controlled by any banks or government bodies worldwide. Many users still know only a few currencies, but this technology has gone far beyond Bitcoin. Look at the most perspective crypto assets that are predicted to show growth in the near future.

Ethereum: Top Asset in Your Crypto Wallet
This coin rightfully takes its second place for popularity and can be placed right below Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency appeared in 2013, and it has been underestimated by users for a long time. However, now it’s experiencing a new rise in its popularity. The coin appeared in the top assets for investments in 2020, and even now, it’s not going to give up its position. Numerous people widely use it: for instance, fans of online casinos Canada prefer Ethereum since it’s a fast and secure payment method. If you are still thinking about where to invest money, consider this cryptocurrency when choosing.

Best Crypto Exchange Platform

Less Popular But Promising VIBE

It’s an Ethereum-based blockchain, and many experts consider it a promising asset. The cryptocurrency was released in 2018, and four years later, it’s still at its peak, being in the top 5 list worldwide. Its capitalization is around $295 million, so crypto analytics and investors think it has a great future on the market.

STEPN: Move to Earn

This new technology has already gained a lot of attention from users. It’s based on the Solana blockchain, and its uniqueness is that you have to move to earn crypto. Basically, it’s a game where each player is rewarded with free crypto. Its capitalization has already reached over $830 million; here, the balance between supply and demand is strongly maintained.

Tether as the Most Stable Asset
This is the electronic dollar connected to the fiat currency rate. Tether leads the list of the most demanded cryptocurrencies with a capitalization of over $66.7 billion. It’s considered the most stable coin since it implies minimum risks. On the other hand, Tether won’t bring you insane profits during trading since its rate does not fluctuate significantly. But this is one of the most convenient ways to keep your assets and purchase everything you need since it’s accepted in multiple spheres.

Avalanche: Promising Newbie
It’s been considered one of the market novelties since it appeared in 2020. During these years, this Singaporean project’s capitalization has grown to $7.3 billion. Its main benefit is a great combination of Ethereum blockchain and increased speed. At the moment, over 720 million tokens have been released. Moreover, a part of them has been generated automatically, which is a feature providing insane opportunities for creating different cryptocurrencies.

Bitsubishi & Incredible Growth
You might not have heard about this cryptocurrency since it’s usually not on the list of top coins. However, it showed incredible growth this spring – over 1900% rise impressed all traders and made them believe in its future. The main mission of Bitsubishi is to create a secure and effective decentralized financial system where international companies, traders, investors, and other market players can proceed with instant safe transactions.

Unique Binance Coin with Great Future

This asset is quite popular now, and it’s widely used on the Binance platform to reduce trading fees and stabilize the market. This coin is less volatile than, for instance, Ethereum, which is one of the main reasons many investors switched to it. The decentralized finances market continues to expand, so experts consider BNB a promising asset.

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