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Veneers preparation

Veneers are a type of cosmetic dentistry technique that aims at improving the overall aesthetics of your teeth or bite. This practice has been known to enhance the color, size, shape, alignment and position of your teeth

How is the Veneers Preparation?
Veneers are a type of cosmetic dentistry technique that aims at improving the overall aesthetics of your teeth or bite. This practice has been known to enhance the color, size, shape, alignment and position of your teeth.

People from all walks of life benefit from the installation of veneers. This specially formulated and designed teeth replacement and repair dental mechanism is used by almost 99% of cosmetic dentists to enhance your oral appearance and function.

How is the Veneers Preparation? First one must understand what porcelain veneers are and how they work. These veneers are medical grade, thin, tooth shaped shells designed to bring you the smile you have been yearning for.

In addition, before you embark on the expensive dental health choice of having veneers fitted, you will need to first find out if you are a suitable candidate.

How is the Veneers Preparation?

The dentist will wish to evaluate your oral health and will probably arrange a preliminary consultation with you to examine you and discuss your oral health and the treatments that will be suitable for you uniquely.

Veneer Preparation and Treatment

Any treatment you are offered will be as minimally invasive as possible but wherever preparation treatment that is irreversible needs to be carried out, your dentist will want to discuss alternative treatments, if any, with you. Once you both discuss and decide that veneers are your best option, a treatment schedule for preparing your teeth for your veneer placements will be necessary, in order to carry out and pre-placement dental work.

How is the Veneers Preparation?

Before veneers are placed, diagnostics to identify prior oral concerns must be carried out in detail and any dental work for say chipped or cracked teeth, must be completed. Your teeth must be in good shape before placing your veneers whether you opt for porcelain, composite, or no-prep veneers. Once veneers are in place, they are there permanently.

Compared to crowns, veneers require little or no structure removal and will improve your smile exceptionally. They can be the solution for teeth that: –

Have worn enamel
Have wear and tear
Have abnormal spacing
Have uneven growth
Have discoloration
The course of your treatment may last for up to six weeks. Once your teeth are ready for preparing for veneers, your dentist will reshape each tooth with a bur. Next, if you’re receiving composite veneers, he/she will apply these and harden them with a high intensity light. Your veneers will then be shaped and polished to fit and suit you as naturally as possible.

How is the Veneers Preparation?
Having porcelain veneers may take a little longer because after dental work and tooth preparation, your dentist will make an impression of your teeth with a mold. This could have to be sent away to a special laboratory where your unique veneers will be made for you. Some clinics make them in-house, but many dentists send them off to specialists.

After your veneers have been placed, you may, at first, find they feel a little rough here and there. A few days of normal eating and drinking should wear them down to a normal smooth feel. Of course, if this doesn’t happen, you must let your dentist know and he/she will smooth them out for you.

Habits that Cause these Problems
Cigarette smoking, eating and drinking highly acidic foods can all tarnish your teeth’s ability to function effectively and appearance. The constant habit of grinding one’s teeth is also a problem many adults and children face alike.
These habits can affect the enamel of your teeth which can contribute easily to misalignment and erosion. Having the right dental advice is key is fixing these issues and desisting from such habits as soon as possible.

The Truth About Veneers

What is the truth about veneers?
Ever rapid and constant changes in dental technology have led to the development of porcelain veneers in cosmetic dentistry. What makes it even more sophisticated is that they resemble the look of your natural teeth.

What is the truth about veneers?
With the right care and maintenance in place dental porcelain veneers can last for up to 20 years. This creates a huge savings for those investing in veneers, which are quite expensive.

How to Care for Veneers

How to care for veneers?
To keep your new veneers clean, simply brush them with a non-abrasive toothpaste and floss as you would normally. Your veneers could last if twenty years if they are porcelain, or five to seven if they are no-prep veneers.
How to care for veneers?
If you don’t bite on hard objects, you should be able to enjoy the investment in your dental health that you have made for many years to come.

The Evolution of Dentistry and Veneers

Over the years dental health has been high on the agenda for individuals and countries across the globe. We see governments creating policies that address the dental health of its citizens as with many other health care industries. Celebrities have also stirred quite a buzz over the years on how veneers have enhanced their smile and restored confidence.

There was a time in human development and history that was plagued by several dental issues that seemed practically irreversible and impossible to fix. These issues are becoming thoughts of the past thanks to a globally committed dental fraternity and innovations.


Cosmetic dentistry, has helped millions repair long term damage to their teeth and gums. Growing in popularity, porcelain veneers have impacted the dental industry and have been a life or smile saver for many.

Finding the right dentist is paramount when on the journey to oral restoration. Our brilliant team of experts are more than committed to helping you regain that previous smile or get the smile you long for over the years.

We are committed to providing exceptional service and stand behind the mantra of promoting and providing superb oral care to all our patients over the years. Friendly and professional staff will care for your every need with consistency and high-quality dental and oral care. Give us a call or contact us online for more information on how you can create your best smile yet!