One bad turn…

Photo credit: The Knot

Photo credit: The Knot
Iwalewa Benson would never talk to another man except Dotun Moradeyo. They were deeply in love.

It was definitely not a secret in the whole neighbourhood that Iwalewa and Dotun had a relationship that was headed for the altar.

There had been serious plans by the duo to marry in the nearest future, because their affair seemed like something consummated and perfected in heaven.

The only problem they had was the very strict Sergeant Shangolade, Iwalewa’s uncle, a military man for many years, with who the young and beautiful Iwalewa had been living.

Shangolade wanted the beautiful young lady to forcefully marry his 58-year-old boss, who was a Major General in the Army.

He had told his pretty cousin about this proposal, but Iwalewa insisted she would never marry anybody except the young Dotun, who was the apple of her eyes.

Iwalewa always plaited a special, fantastic and alluring hairstyle of braids on her head, which made Dotun admire her so much, because she actually looked like a queen or an angel.

Sergeant Shangolade knew this and felt the only way to stop Dotun from marrying Iwalewa was to cut her beautiful braids.

He went ahead to cut the lovely braids on Iwalewa’s head. The pretty lady felt so bad and sad that she wept continuously and eventually sets herself ablaze and died.

This particular action drew the anger and bitterness of neighbours and sympathisers, who gathered in their hundreds and beat the living daylight out of the wicked Shangolade till he went into coma and gave died that eventful Saturday afternoon.

He died a painful death. That was Karma in action. It is not good to do things against people’s wish.
Re: Accursed Money

Dear Segun. He who hides fire must not forget that he can’t hide the smoke. Whatever a man does to hurt a fellow human being will surely have a bad consequence on himself in the future. Great story.

-Alhaji Wola Olayinka, Ibadan. Oyo State

Re: Enter The Den Of A Lioness

Dear Segun. Do not dig a hole for your friend, as you might later fall inside it yourself.

Ozidiboh was a wicked man for planning the downfall of his wife. May God save us from evil people! Lovely story.
-Alhaji Wola Olayinka

Dear Segun. Your above titled story is quite interesting. Madam Anita was a cat, while Ozidiboh was a rat. It was an evil union. Thanks.
-Mr. Emmanuel Olaniyan, Omu-Aran, Kwara State.

Dear Segun. Goodluck has been described as when preparation meets opportunity. The whole action was a smattering evil. I prefer to come with my own good luck.

-Simple Esiobe, Warri Delta State

Re: Unspoken Passion Mixed With Lies

Dear Segun. It’s only the intelligent and wise people who will enjoy, achieve, learn and benefit from your stories. So many women are miserable because of money. “For the love of money…” 1 Timothy 6:10. Stay blessed.

-Sunday O. Igwe, Calabar Cross River State

Dear Segun. The love of money is the root of all evils. May God save and guide us from evil. Ladies are always attracted to money. Fantastic story.

-Alhaji Wola Olayinka

Re: Confession Story: Dilemma Of A Mother

Dear Segun. I hope many people will get to read it. This will serve as a lesson to parents who are matchmaking their children for one thing or the other. The end result isn’t always good.

Presently, it is a fad; children of the rich marrying each other. Wonderful story.
-Mrs. Adesina, Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos State