Only candidate free of sect affiliation can solve Nigeria’s issues – Accord Party’s Imumolen

Accord Party presidential candidate Professor Christopher Imumolen
Accord Party presidential candidate Professor Christopher Imumolen

Professor Christopher Imumolen, the presidential candidate of the Accord Party, believes that only a candidate who is unaffiliated to a sect can solve the effects vested by terrorism on the Nigerian economy.

The effect of terrorist activities such as suicide bombings, kidnappings, destruction of lives, public infrastructure, private and entrepreneurial investments, the climate of fear, panic and confusion and a heated and ungovernable polity has continued to make Nigeria an unsuitable bride for foreign investments.
Speaking at a youth gathering commemorating International Youth Day, PCI as he’s fondly called by millions of supporters, said voting right is the only way to ensure that critical issues are addressed.

He said: “If we lose our votes to those who are already members of, or in one way or the other affiliated to any sects – be it religious, political, ethical – then the effect of the aftermath is that we keep having advocates of sects in offices. You know what that means? How are we going to be out of this menace already affecting every aspect of the nation and her economy?”

Speaking further, he reiterated that one of the major essences of the government is to secure its people, adding that “If the government’s efforts aren’t working, then there must be internal bottlenecks which need a neutral personality to address.”

“Constitutionally, 2023 should grace a new person in governing this nation. So, canvassing for who to vote for is our civic responsibility. Yes, it is because we have the right as a youth to contest for public office, to be voted for, to vote, to belong to a political party, and to criticize the government provided that our thoughts are not to incite the people against the government.”

Professor Imumolen said he has begun the process of preparing the minds of voters to vote right in the coming election and to educate all and sundry on the kind of personality needed to get Nigeria back on its feet from the menaces of terrorism and insecurity with their effects in Nigeria so far.

The educationist who has been using his earnings from diverse businesses home and abroad to alleviate poverty in Nigeria and Africa at large, urged Nigerians not to miss this rare personality God has given them to make the country great again.
“The future you desire is here. We must not miss this election. Once missed, to have it back might be difficult. Hardship will end if we vote right,” he said.

Also speaking, the director general of the Professor Christopher Imumolen Presidential Campaign Organisation, said his principal is not a member or affiliated with any illicit or terrorist sects adding that he will unite Nigeria again.

He said: “I want the youths here to know that Prof Chris won’t be in the office and be biased. He will follow the constitution. He won’t separate the country. He will unite us together again. No wonder he always says and I quote…’Nigeria will be great again!’”
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