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How Did They Find Electricity




SIR: For the few days leading up to the March 28 election, we were amazed by the abundance of electricity supply we were getting. Everyone was ecstatic, especially workers who need light to make a living.

We have not in a longtime enjoyed this luxury. The recurring question was: so it is possible for the DISCO to steadily deliver light without frequent blackouts? Our community has grown accustomed to erratic supplies.

Reasons such as equipment malfunction, wire cut, rainfall, wind, transformer blow up and other readily available excuses are quickly offered for the cuts. Now, everyone is fervently praying that every day is general election so that they can continue to have adequate electricity supply.

I wish the future was now. The government has chosen this election period to showcase overcoming our perennial power problem. Our outburst of optimism though, is tempered by the lack of promotion of this gigantic accomplishment.

We all believed that the surest way for any Nigerian leader to win re-election is to campaign on having achieved steady power supply for the country. This modesty is quite unbecoming of our government.

I just hope that it will not be too long before this election season power supply bonanza becomes the norm. There is no doubt that the equipment in use are obsolete.

Look at the greasy and worn-out transformer by your street corner for evidence. Again, one can see tremendous work in progress to upgrade the system. The evidence is probably in the long hours of supply to lift our spirit for the general election.

The damage to the system is much and the cost of repair it is prohibitive but I believe proper mechanism has been set in place by the government to regularize that euphoric experience. It won’t be long. Suddenly, they found a means to give us light to watch a good political show especially in the choice of the winner.

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