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Christmas greetings

25 December 2009   |   5:32 am
SIR: In this season of this nature, the wise always would ask the reason for the season, and would invariably obtain the answer of peace, which is the platform for progress. But we all have come through a lot of shakings and anxieties in the course of the year 2009, be it economic, political or social.

We wish therefore that as we go through this season, the peace that Providence so kindly has bestowed on this season would enable us to think more of our neighbours whose aspiration has been lowered, even squelched by poverty and other shortcomings of our environment, so that just as the Prince of Peace brought hope to humanity, we should in our small corner bring happiness to others less favoured by circumstances and ask for grace not to prey on the weaker and disadvantaged in our midst. Merry Christmas.


Pat Utomi,