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The broken ivory tower


4010252027_c40bcc6f1fSIR: The depth appears bottomless when one stirs the pit of rottenness of the Nigerian system. Should one talk of how many and leave how many? Not even the sacred institution of higher learning is spared. The foundation of the Ivory Tower is eroded by the flood of corruption.

The citadel of knowledge has been reduced to a cesspool. To whom much is given, much is expected. This saying does not hold true presently in most universities in the country. Professors indulge in practices that smear the walls of higher learning with shame.

The decorated edifices that used to epitomise the shine of enlightenment are now occupied by characters not worthy to be scums. One remembers of an era when lecturers are looked upon as priests spreading the gospel of liberalism. Today’s students will be laughing silly of such idealism. To most of them, a college degree is a cash and carry business. And one wonders why most of the university graduates are stark illiterates? The professors shirked at upholding the moral tenet that is fundamental in cultivating a civilised citizen – wrong values are planted in the students.

They learn how to cheat their way through life and you can be sure they are certified by the professionals. The evidence of their ineptitude fouls the smell of society to high heavens. If education is compromised, the degree of abuse in society will be staggering. As a matter of fact, where is the role of university administrators to checkmate the unruliness of these professors? To the extent that the fracturing of the structures of ethics in the universities is a link in the chain of negative trend in society, it cannot be dismissed. The cost is too high for the nation to breed a crop of ignorant citizens. • Pius Okaneme, Umuoji, Anambra State.

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