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6 Apr
The historic case against Donald Trump faces a number of legal hurdles if it is to result in the first conviction of a US president on criminal charges, legal experts said Wednesday.
25 Mar
Donald Trump stages his first presidential campaign rally Saturday at the site of a deadly 1993 standoff between an anti-government cult and federal agents as he rails against multiple criminal probes threatening his bid for the White House. Waco, Texas -- which is marking the 30th anniversary of the siege -- has become a touchstone…
29 Jan
Donald Trump warned Saturday that the next election would be America's last chance for salvation as he attempted to revive a faltering third run for the White House in two US states that launched his winning 2016 presidential campaign. Buffeted by political and legal headwinds, the 76-year-old Republican addressed a few hundred supporters at an…
12 Jan
US President Joe Biden said Thursday "a small number" of classified documents had been found at his private residence, prompting calls for a congressional investigation into the alleged mishandling of official papers.
11 Jan
The U.S. justice department is reviewing documents marked classified found in President Joe Biden’s former office at a think tank, the White House says. About 10 of the files were discovered in a locked closet at the Penn Biden Center in Washington in November by Mr Biden’s legal team, said his lawyer. The batch has…
4 Jan
US Republicans will attempt on Wednesday to break a deadlock with far-right members of their own party over the election of a new leader of the House of Representatives, a day after the chamber was thrown into disarray by their blocking of favorite Kevin McCarthy's bid for the position. The California congressman needed a simple…
16 Dec
Twitter suspended Thursday accounts of more than a half-dozen journalists who had been writing about the company and its new owner Elon Musk. Silencing journalists at Twitter while claiming to be a free speech champion is the latest controversy provoked by Musk since he took over the company, which has seen staffing gutted and advertisers…
5 Nov 2022
Kicked off Twitter and Facebook after his supporters stormed the US Capitol, Donald Trump eventually set up his own platform Truth Social, declaring in April 2022 after a stumbling launch: "I'm Back! #COVFEFE."
24 Oct 2022
The family business of former US president Donald Trump is facing potential fines of over $1.5 million if found guilty of fraud and tax evasion during a New York trial set to begin Monday.