PAYDAY Africa: A swift, global payments remittance App.

PAYDAY is a remittance App that enables swift borderless online payments services for Africa,
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*PAYDAY Africa: A Swift, Global Payments Remittance App. Made by Africans, and for Africans.*

PAYDAY is a remittance App that enables swift borderless online payments services for Africa, thereby connecting its users with vast opportunities around the world in split seconds.

Just like every bridge is known to link up two sides, the PAYDAY App is intentionally designed in an international standard, as a bridge between the present and the amazing future of every users dream through her financial services of helping Africans connect and link up SWIFTLY with opportunities, sustain a POSITIVE image through smooth business transactions, build exciting relationships through INTEGRITY and generally open up its users to vast potential opportunities globally.

The PAYDAY app, has been internationally designed to be the fastest and most efficient way for everyone throughout Africa, to receive or send payments swiftly, easily and securely globally, within seconds locally or internationally through mobile phones or computers all at an astonishing zero charge rate.

Moreso, It will be interesting to note that the PAYDAY App is the flagship product of TalentMatch Inc, a company founded by smart young reputable Africans; Mr. Favour Ori and Dr. Rex Idaminabo: intellectually teaming and ensuring accessibility of employment in technology in Africa, working to facilitate cross-border payments throughout the African continent which has emanated in the birth of this great invention of the PAYDAY App.

This project is built on a firm vision of becoming the fastest, most efficient and most successful remittance service provider for everyone across Africa and globally.

Apparently, her mission is to consciously attract and attend to customers with exceptionally high value payment services across the world and for Africans.

Absolutely, this is new, this is exciting and this is more than just an anticipation. It is an improved experience that Africans and all potential users have been desiring to cover the hitches in the online finance system and the PAYDAY app has come to fix those hitches.

PAYDAY Africa, is second to none when in comes to swift transactions and other features. You swiftly receive money from anyone and anywhere in the world, it helps you to take control of your transactions, request payment in seconds, create virtual cards for online transactions, keep track of your inflow easily etc.. It is so user friendly, has a cool exciting feel good features and very secure for iOS and Android phone users alike.

The app was launched on Friday 2nd July, 2021 and is available on Android and iOS devices.

PAYDAY.. Swift Bortherless Payment for Africa



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