Property giant, Adaobi seeks collaboration to develop real estate Sector

Hav’i- Lah Real EstateIn a concerted bid in addressing housing deficit in Nigeria and across the African continent, investor in the sector and founder, Hav’i- Lah Real Estate Worldwide Limited, Precious Okechukwu Adaobi, has urged investors to take advantage of the currency valuation to invest in the real estate.

The investor, a 27 years old entrepreneur said the sectors remain which require huge capital investment however noted that they remain money spinners as a result of the turnover on investment within the shortest possible time.
She said the period favours investors outside Africa and Diasporas to buy and invest in real estate assets as the country’s currency valuation which is currently slightly over N800 per dollar (parallel market rate) works in profits for them.

She said, “Because of this, we are seeking partnerships, investors, and clients to invest with us as there’s much profit to be made in this zone or Africa, especially through our current project in Banana Island selling at $450,000 and $550,000 with initial deposit of $200,000. This comes in with a guaranteed ROI of 300% in 2 years from its current Naira market value.

She also added that with the support of Fintech online Mortgage the company would be able to achieve its goal of making millions of landlords thereby reducing the mind boggling housing challenges in Nigeria.

“We are seeking investors to facilitate the development building project to avoid being caught by inflation, satisfy customers’ demands, and keep to the proposed completion date of the project. It is the future of real estate investment that guarantees a 45% ROI with as little as N10 million ($12,500).

Adaobi is equally optimistic that betting on the real estate market in Nigeria remains one of the most rewarding investment decisions anyone can make to hedge against the headwinds and uncertainties that cloud the future.

“The real estate sector in Nigeria is a sector that never depreciates. It increases in value with a 300% ROI over 18 months to 2 years. People are becoming more aware of this and are looking to buy a property either for rental income or to live in it.

Ms Okechukwu says: “To align with our vision to make a minimum of 1,000,000 people in the world homeowners in the shortest possible time by reducing the housing deficit drastically through the help of partners and investors. We are set to build 5,000 housing units in 3 years from our own developed properties.

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