Reasons To Take A Trip To Turkey

Turkey is an ancient city holding centuries-old culture and has a number of the Mediterranean’s best coastline. Turkey is popular for its distinct stand of being partly in Europe and Asia.

Having an awe-inspiring natural beauty, Turkey has buried in its capital Istanbul, historical values that heighten the rush of tourists to its location. The city combines a mixture of the old and new with Ottoman mansions merged with modern skyscrapers. Cappadocia is filled with landscapes and houses that are formed out of the cliffs. There are more reasons such as the following why your next trip should be navigated to Turkey.



Food is one element that will thrill travellers. Turkish foods are great and they are known for being diverse and tasty.

Turkish kebabs are a thrill and are loved by visitors. To note how special the foods coming from Turkey are, they are recognised by UNESCO as a city of gastronomy where their food is deeply linked with their culture.

Turkish foods range from their flatbreads topped with meat and cheese popularly known as Turkish pizzas (pide)as well to the thin pancakes filled with things like potatoes and onions called gozleme.

Another meal to relish is the yoghurt sauce with chilli oil paired with ravioli also known as manti to kumpir which is a jacket potato filled with as many things to suit your taste buds.

Breakfast in Turkey is a dream come true as the table is made up of eggs, bread, olives, salad, cheese, yoghurt, honey, fruit and more. Set to these platters is Turkish tea or coffee as you indulge in the traditional Turkish breakfast of Turkey.

Food in Turkey is so vast as different places in Turkey have their approach to food that a visit to a new location invites you to something new and delicious.

In places like Cappadocia, you are served with a melted cheese dish called Kuymak and hamsi tava which is a fried anchovy. Another region thrills the palette with testi kebab; a meat stew cooked in a clay pot sealed with bread and served on fire.
Turkey is beloved for its rich greenery to the delight of lovers of nature. This lush beauty of nature is located especially in the north of the country which is located near the black sea. Here you have lakes, green hills and rivers.

The Black Sea near the small town of Rize is the Ayder plateau. This breathtaking scenery is a shift from the regular outlook of Turkey.

This conjures the relaxation appeal, making it the perfect place in a stunning natural landscape.

In the small town of Egirdir are the obvious gifts of nature like mountains great for outdoor activities like hiking. The mountains do not end there as the Eastern Taurus mountain range which is home to Mount Nemrut summit which is the home to the tomb of King Antiochus I of Commagene and two terraces of huge stone statues are worth the view.

The capital of Turkey; Istanbul, has a myriad of interesting historical allures and is one reason to travel to Turkey. Interestingly the western half of the city is located within Europe, while the eastern half is located in Asia.

Therefore Istanbul is the merging point of cultures with a standing old mosque of thousand-year and a lively bar the next.
With lots of historical artefacts, Istanbul is a must-see for tourists like the Hagia Sophia constructed in 537 AD as a church.

Hagia Sophia is attributed as the only greatest architectural achievement of the Byzantine Empire. Since then it has been revamped into a museum, but presently acts like a mosque.

Other places of attraction are the Blue Mosque, popular for the delicately placed blue tile work to cover the interior of the building. The Galata Tower when ascended gives a rich view of the whole city; the Bosphorus River, the Grand Bazaar with its maze pathway. Istanbul is also known for being a shoppers delight as you’re sure to take Turkey home.

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