Renowned athletic dentist: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby on reaching stardom and new heights of success

Most people that have a staggering success story usually come from a humble or rock-bottom beginning, where success is the only way for survival and comfortable living.

Most people that have a staggering success story usually come from a humble or rock-bottom beginning, where success is the only way for survival and comfortable living. These stories are usually a powerful source of inspiration and hope to many that can relate to them. Particularly if the success is tremendous and in various fields. Epitome example of such is a renowned dentist from Kuwait: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby.

Although, the main difference for this case is that Dr. Ali AlSaqoby beginning was humble by choice coming from an affluent family with a luxurious background in Kuwait. Dr. Ali believes that there is no pride in taking things handed on a silver platter, but rather working hard consistently to accomplish meaningful things by your own hard work, through following your passion.

Leading by example, his passion, grit and hard work coupled with his exceptional talents, helped him to go beyond making a distinct name for himself in dentistry, to find himself as an admired football freestyle athlete that competed in world championships, ranking as one of the top and, performing in international world class shows that were the talks of numerous media outlets, that admired his flawless football skills performances.
His awards exceeded his profession as a fully certified dentist such as having ‘second most talented dental student award’ to include awards and titles from the football freestyle world, such as receiving “one of the most influential people award” from the head of delegation in the world largest EXPO, held in Milan.

In addition to being an elite athlete, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby managed to carve a new niche of success as one of the most popular and most accomplished dentists. This comes by no surprise as per having a history filled with success and noticeable talents since young age.

In high school, his exceptional academic performance was not overlooked by the government. In fact, he was awarded a prestigious scholarship from the Kuwaiti government to select the profession and country of preference. His versatile personality and challenge thriving nature, lead him to study to be a dentist in a top England based university.

From there, he successfully acquired multiple degrees: Masters of dental surgery, Bachelor of dental surgery and Bachelor of science with excellence.

On top of that all he became awarded a continental award as the second most talented dental student in the United Kingdom.
After getting fully certified, his relentless hard work did not stop as he continuously improve himself as a young dentist. Dr. Ali is actively involved in cross specialty training and travelling the globe to seek advanced knowledge of: the latest advancement of technology and treatment methods in the field.

This now becomes obvious in how Dr. Ali AlSaqoby became a highly sought after and a distinct dentist amidst all the talented dentist that are present. Besides providing the best treatment to his patients, Dr. Ali also provides the best teaching sessions to newly dental graduates as per being a young experienced dentist.

He is also one of the most popular dentists in social media, with his large following predominately on Snapchat and Instagram. Gaining tremendous post interactions of hundreds of thousands of likes and shares from his fans and followers, confirms his significant influence as an apt role model.

Thanks also to his gorgeous looks that was used for a good purpose to educate, inspire and motivate millions that admire his well-rounded accomplished lifestyle. He occasionally expresses his love for travel and adapt a luxurious lifestyle that can serve as an ultimate goal for many to aspire to, demonstrating that hard works pays off when doing the right thing that suits your passion and talent.
At this point, you would think how does he manage this all so well? but this is not even all! Besides being also a successful entrepreneur and “An entrepreneur to watch in 2021” according to renowned International business times publication.

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is currently appointed as the current football freestyle president by world football freestyle association. Needless to say, his achievements as per appointing this role are constantly making it to headlines, as he takes Kuwait’s football freestyle to the next level as this sport’s pioneer and genius.

Dr. Ali even organized the world renown world championships qualifier of Redbull streetstyle in Kuwait, and successfully judged it, picking a winner to represent Kuwait in the world final. This is just a small part of his long list of achievements as just the main supervisor.

His latest work will involve a new book that created a buzz among the news outlets involving football freestyle. When being asked how does he manage all that, Dr. Ali emphasized the importance of having a well-balanced healthy diet and well-organized day. He is the living example of “where there is a will, there is a way” as he constantly makes the impossible possible through his grit and passion!

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