Respite for adults, children as Polo Herbs launches into Nigerian market Dec. 3

Polo Herbs was established in 1989.

After about 33 years of being in the Nigerian herbal industry, Polo Herbs is set for its official launching on December 3, 2022, in the Chevron Lekki area of Lagos State.
Polo Herbs, which is set to become a household name in the country, is poised to be one of the most sought after alternative health drinks for most people

Polo Herbs is a family business which started in 1989 by the founder, late prophet Polo Johnson Ajayi from Ayetuma, Ogun State. While Pa Ajayi was alive, he used 100 percent organic roots and leaves to cure thousands of sick victims, some of who carried diseases that conventional medicine is yet to find solutions to.

Polo Herbs’ herbal products and remedies are certified and approved by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administrationa and Control (NAFDAC), and manufactured from various natural ingredients, such as roots, vegetables, leaves, natural waters and fruits that are researched, cultivated and produced in Ayetumara, as well as other communities such as Ondo, Edo, Delta States.

Producers of Polo Herbs, Polo Herbs Pharmaceutical is committed to delivering wellness in herbal treatment in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

Polo Herbs is natural, non-alcoholic, purely organic and not third party; the distictive and extraordinary features that separates it from other competitors.
The solutions are without side effects and, are safe for men, women and children, with adherence to prescribed measurement for juveniles.

Solomon Ajayi, CEO of TMY Media, producers of Polo Herbs said after existing for many years and without compromising the standard and value, upon which it was established, Polo Herbs has undergone processes to make it meet the 21st century needs of Nigerians and Africans.

He added that Polo Herbs combats waist pain, appendicitis, erectile dysfunction, low libido, quick ejaculation, acids that causes Ulcer symptoms, loss of weight, irregular menstrual flowing, typhoid & malaria, lowering risk of heart attack, and reducing sugar level in the body.

Speaking to reporters Solomon Ajayi explained why he decided to continue with the business name, despite the demise of their father.
“Yes, it’s a family-based business which started in 1989 by late prophet Polo Johnson Ajayi from Ayetuma, Ogun State. The business has been running since 2006 after the death of prophet Polo Johnson Ajayi by the wife, Mrs Beatrice Ajayi and son Ajayi Daisi.

“I decided to retain the business because my father Johnson Ajayi helped a lot of Nigerians

“The production of polo herbs was inspired by Mr Daisi Ajayi who always supported and helped a lot of Nigerians with the help of the herbals in Ogun, Ondo, Delta, and Edo States.

“In February 17th 2020, Ajayi Daisi came to the family’ with the idea of enlarging the herbs business since many Nigerians are getting healed by the polo herbal medicine which was produced by himself and rest of the family.

“He decided to ask us to produce it in large quantity and distribute it This is is where the idea of how Polo Herbs came as a nationwide product./We all agreed to invest more and enlarge Polo Herbs across the country.”
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