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Moving Water Project


Boy and girl outdoor bronze water fountain

Boy and girl outdoor bronze water fountain

ALTHOUGH a smooth still pond is immensely attractive and relaxing, the rush of moving water exerts absolute fascination and gives the atmosphere of your garden a completely different dimension. For those situation where a pond is not feasible option, such as where space is limited or where there are young children, a small water feature without surface water is the perfect solution.

Moving water is both relaxing and dramatic, and there are an enormous variety of ways of including it in a garden. A raised rockery can easily house a waterfall which will bring the feature to life with movement, sound and light.

Safety must be absolute priority when installing and operating pumps and other electrically powered equipment outdoors. It is vital to remember that water and electricity can be a fatal combination.

The importance of taking sufficient care in using electricity in the garden cannot be sufficiently stressed. When in any doubt whatsoever, call in a qualified professional to carry out the work.

After your water feature has been completed, virtually all you need do is to sit back and enjoy the results of your work, though there will be some maintenance, these are minimal. Creating a moving water feature needn’t be difficult. Just a few simple submersible pump placed in a small pond will provide an attractive, sparkling fountain.

Old-fashioned style design

Old-fashioned style design

Water Fountain A fountain in an existing pond is the easiest way of creating moving water. A submersible pump fitted with a fountain jet is simply place in the pond. Where it creates a beautiful sparkling fountain which can be turned on as desired.

Stream There are few people fortunate enough to have a natural stream in their garden. A stream is an ambitious undertaking but the soothing babbling of running water certainly makes it worth the effort. An artificial stream is reasonably straight forward to construct and makes a wonderful garden feature.

Waterfall Water tumbling down the steps of a waterfall creates a feature that is dramatic, both visually and audibly. Obviously there is more work involved in the construction than with a fountain, but a waterfall need not be large or grandiose – just two or three ‘‘steps” will give a very attractive effect. As with most features a waterfall can be simple or complex as you wish.

Trendy water fountain in garden

Trendy water fountain in garden

Wall Fountain A wall fountain is supremely elegant feature that will fit into a small space. Its deal for a courtyard or small city garden. An ornamental wall feature is fixed to the wall. Water is moved by a submersible pump which is concealed and delivered to the feature on the wall. The water trickles through the feature (a mask, sculptural head or figured etc) to a receptacle on the wall below and finally runs down with or without collecting into a pond or surface water.

Cobblestone Fountain A cobblestone fountain is not only quick and relatively in expensive, but also safe for young children. It’s a versatile little feature which can be incorporated in a variety of surroundings. Its size can be varied to suit the available space, down to as little as 45cm (18 ins) across. A water feature of this sort has several advantages over a pond. The reservoir of water is securely covered underground and therefore safe where there are young children, the construction is simple, inexpensive and very little maintenance is required. On the debit side, aquatic plants cannot be grown as there is no accessible water, but you can more than compensate by surrounding such a feature with plants that possesses bold handsome foliage such as hostas in cool colors for maximum effect. Amore dramatic effect can be achieved by fitting the pump outlet with a geyser jet, so that water gushes up in a most impressive fashion.

A Milestone Fountain is constructed in a similar way to a cobblestone feature and makes an excellent centerpiece for a garden. Access to electricity is obviously essential for all the moving water features to power the pump. Its useful to have a nearby sources of water as its constant circulation over stones, results in steady loss by evaporating, so the reservoir will need regular topping up.

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