Sharon Omorogbe ‘Every woman has the potential to succeed in any industry she desires’

Sharon Omorogbe is the convener, Fast With Fierce Sharon (FWFS) Community, a thriving community of individuals who have overcome food addiction, built healthy eating habits, and became healthy by fasting. The On Air Personality, content creator and public speaker is passionate about inspiring young people to live a life of value and impact.

Omorogbe had her secondary education at the Graceville College Asaba, Delta State, the enrolled for leadership training at HoneyPot Ideal Services and Dominion City Institute, before heading for the University of Benin where she’s currently pursuing a degree in Law.

In this interview with ENIOLA DANIEL, Fierce Sharon as she’s fondly called spoke about life as a content creator and AOP, her journey in the weight loss industry, and the benefit of fasting, and eating healthy.

Take us through your growing up years, how did it influence what you do today?
Growing up, there was always a lot to eat at home. We didn’t wait till Easter or Christmas to eat pounded yam and egusi soup; we ate it on regular days. I had several food options as a young child also, and this continued till my teenage years.

As I grew into a young adult, the implication of that lifestyle became glaring. I would binge-eat, never engaged in any physical activity and barely ate healthy. I had to retrace my steps and took a drastic decision; hence I started fasting. I became healthy and lost weight; I’ll never go back to my old ways.

Take us through your career path, how did you get into broadcasting and content creation?
I wear many hats. I’m a compere, voice actor, public speaker, content creator and brand influencer. At a young age, I discovered my passion for broadcasting, which inspired my dream to work as a broadcaster at CNN. I’m deeply passionate about young people; I initiate striking conversations that inspire young people to live a life of value and impact.

I was an OAP at two radio stations in Benin City and had my own radio show. I’ve hosted formal events, red carpet events, birthday ceremonies and even religious ceremonies. I’m currently studying Law at the University of Benin, while I juggle voice acting, hosting events and brand influence.

What really informed your decision to start Fast With Fierce Sharon (FWFS) Community, what do you intend to achieve with it?
In March 2022, I stumbled on a video of a woman who embarked on water fast for 14 days. I took up the challenge and embarked on water fast for seven days. Safe to say I made myself a lab rat; I documented my process, as well as changes my body experienced at the time.

After that, I proceeded to coach 10 people who would do the same thing for free for a week. It was a successful attempt. At first, it was an attempt to prove to myself that I could successfully survive on only water for seven days, but now, it’s beyond that.

My purpose for FWFS has gone beyond personal reasons. There has not been a programme like this in Nigeria; what we have is a diet programme. FWFS is not only helping people lose weight, it also helps in normalising abnormal blood pressure and sugar levels, reversing type 2 diabetes, prevents and cures obesity, helps people overcome junk food addiction, build a healthy relationship with food, helps you stay fit, and live healthy life.

What is your personal story since you started this initiative?
Fasting has improved the quality of my health significantly and afforded me incredible benefits that no drug can completely give. I no longer experience mild or unbearable menstrual cramps; my skin is now evenly toned, bright, firm and plump. Fasting has helped me lose and maintain my weight in the past few months and I’ve never swallowed a pill since I started fasting. Overall, I’m healthier, more functional and stronger.

What has been the testimony from people who have adopted this strategy?
Astonishing, jaw-dropping testimonies abound. I’ll name a few: Conception after several futile attempts, painless menstruation, weight loss, improved eating habits and relationship with food, food addiction cured, towering blood pressure and sugar levels normalised and ultimately, fasting is now their lifestyle.

Is it really easy for someone to be on water and fruit for weeks?
Truthfully, water or fruit fasting is not a walk in the park. No matter how acquainted or how much of a pro you are at it, it is never easy. Some days, you experience withdrawal symptoms similar to that of a drug addict. It’s that horrific because the human body has become addicted to food.

Other days, all you can think of and see is food. But like I always say, with discipline and determination, anybody can fast. Fasting will test your discipline and also unearth a measure of discipline you never thought you could exhibit.

Is there a health implication to weight loss?
Absolutely! However, the health implication is not a negative one. Reduced risk of cancer, better mood and sleep, great skin, increased insulin sensitivity, healthy/normal blood pressure and sugar levels, confidence and great health!

Some of my clients are pleasantly surprised by the astonishing benefits of fasting. In their words, ‘it’s too good to be true.’

How passionate are you about your work and how do you balance your many sides?
I’m deeply passionate about every single thing I do, whether it’s voice acting, brand influencing or compering. I’ll record a voiceover 36 times if I have to pronounce or emote a word impeccably. I’ll script and rehearse my lines for an event I’m hosting, I’ll prepare for unpleasant circumstances while hosting just to be prepared adequately. I’ll abandon an important assignment to lend my ears and give my time to a young person who’s in a dilemma. This is who I am.

My passion for work is the reason I’m disciplined, diligent and dedicated.
On balancing many sides, I make sure to have fun, have time for myself and for family. I have a bright future and prolific career ahead of me. What better time to prepare for the responsibilities that come with it than now?

What’s your projection for the programme?
Currently, my clientele consists of individuals who live in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Ireland. With strategic plans in motion, in the nearest future, there will be FWFS community members in every country in the world.

Also, there will be a physical fasting camp/clinic where people gather in a resort to be closely supervised while fasting.

I also intend to organise a Fast Fest in small communities in order to enlighten people about the astonishing wonders of fasting.

If you had the power, what would you change about the African woman?
The African woman is strong, prolific, talented, beautiful and blessed. There is nothing she sets her heart on that she cannot achieve.

I wouldn’t change anything about the African woman, but I will tell her to believe in herself a little more than she does. I’ll tell her to go to that audition, to start that business, to not give up, because she’s an Amazon and will blaze a trail.

What lessons have you garnered running your business over the years?
I’ve learnt a number of valuable lessons since I founded the FWFS community, but of them all, two stand out: patience and service. FWFS requires me to interact daily with over 20 people daily; my conversation with each client is unique. I have had to be patient, bite my tongue a few times, believe in them more than they do; it’s like holding a child by the hand and teaching him to walk.

Also, FWFS has taught me to serve joyfully. To be available even at odd hours; to pray for my clients, to be genuinely interested in their lifestyle even after the fasting program. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world; it has made me even more compassionate and selfless.

How can we get more women to become successful and rise to the top as you have done?
There is no universal recipe for success. Every human being has her own destiny and circumstances, which is peculiar to her. Every woman has the potential to succeed in any industry she desires. But she must first realize and believe that she can. There is a sphere of influence that we are called to. Once you figure it out, map out actionable steps that will culminate into the big idea that will eventually establish you as an authority or notable figure in that industry.

However, Rome wasn’t built in a day. As you work to achieve that dream of yours, do not neglect what’s most important: investing in yourself; read books, take leadership courses/training, be disciplined, stay committed and watch yourself soar.

What do you enjoy most about FWFS?
FWFS inspires desire to stay on this path I’ve chosen to tread. I’ve inspired a lot of people (men and women) to fast. This brings me immense satisfaction and sense of purpose.

Also, the caliber of persons I now associate with by reason of the FWFS community is incredible. I no longer see members of the FWFS community as clients, but my responsibility. My relationships with some clients have evolved into friendship and I consider it a beautiful experience.

How are you able to combine your many portfolios as a presenter, trainer, social media influencing, and still be at your best?
If I had N1000 every time I get asked this question, I’ll be as rich as Femi Otedola. Truly, juggling so many responsibilities and tasks isn’t a walk in the park. I ensure I do not take on too many projects at a time. This way, I’m not sloppy and do not perform a shoddy job; I function optimally and still devote time to my studies.

How would you assess your level of impact on other women?
The influence and impact I have on people (men and women alike) is phenomenal. This is what I live for: to INSPIRE people. I’ve had people say to me, ‘I did a water fast because of you, I did a fruit fast because of you, your video inspired me to do XYZ.’

I’m truly honoured and eternally grateful to God for this rare privilege. I consider this the true mark of influence; a person following your steps or taking action because you INSPIRED them to do so.

What does self-care mean to you?
Self-care in my perspective is any activity that relaxes and nourishes my mind, soul and body. It’s dancing barefoot in the rain, reading a book, watching a movie while eating parfait, running 3 miles, eating plenty of fruits, or spending time alone with myself.

What we can do better as a society to support women who aspire to maintain a particular shape or size?
Don’t point out the pimple or the back roll to that person, these women are aware of these blemishes and folds. Offer to help in any way that you can. You can invite her to go on a walk/run with you, buy her fruits or support and motivate her as she navigates her weight loss journey. Ultimately, be kind to her.

What’s your advice to women struggling with weight loss?
Stand in front of the mirror and take a good look at your body. Rather than criticize and point at the blemishes and back rolls, recall all it does for you; it houses your organs, it’s the reason you can go into the sun and not be burnt by the rays of the sun, your body does a lot for you.

Your decision to lose weight should come from a place of love, not dissatisfaction. Get on that treadmill, because you want a healthy heart not to prove someone wrong. Eat healthy because you want better gut health not to fit in that dress. Ditch the scale; measure your progress by your blood pressure and sugar levels, metabolism, how well your clothes fit and how confident you feel.

Be kind and patient with yourself; it didn’t take you four weeks to get to this point and it certainly won’t take you four weeks to achieve your desired body weight. Remain consistent.