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Sir: I have watched with great concern how popular social media figures have moved from recognising women’s achievements to paying more attention to their body parts.
The level of celebration and promotion of a lady with a big butt and boobs on social media has become a norm on the Internet by celebrities and social media influencers on daily basis.
A lady that passes her exams with flying colours barely makes it to the podium nor singled out for celebration by these guys like a lady that goes under the knife to enhance her body.
Once you see a post with God Bless Africa caption on certain accounts on Instagram, just be ready to feed your eyes with videos of women with curves, big boobs or butt. What is worrisome about this trend of showing off boobs or butts on Social Media, is that many women who are not so blessed front and back are desperately looking for money to go for plastic surgery to belong. Some of these ladies engage in something they are not proud of just to raise funds for body enhancement surgery.

The trend has led to many women, including celebrities not having confidence in themselves. The so-called influencers and super celebrities have made them believe they are not good enough to be celebrated even if they are successful in their career of choice.
Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) has become one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures and it’s also the deadliest but this continues to increase in popularity despite warnings from health practitioners. Many point to the popularity of influencers as one of the main sources of the procedure’s steady rise.

While we all object to social media censorship called Social Media Bill (SMB) that was sponsored by the Muhammadu Buhari government, we must all agree that there must be sanity in the space and educate influencers on the danger of what they post, how they adversely affect lives and corrupt the minds of so many people. Women must be celebrated for putting their brains to work and being exceptional, rather than making the brilliant ones who are not bodily endowed feel that society does not appreciate success.

If we want God to really bless Africa indeed, we must celebrate things (works) that will attract blessings, not the ones that will tempt people into believing in the wrong things.
• Eniola Daniel is a Lagos-based journalist, media personality and brand influencer who wrote from Lagos. He can be reached on Twitter: UnlimitedEniola  Instagram.


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