SPAC Nation: Uk government shut down Nigerian-owned church over fraud

Senior Pastor of SPAC Nation, Tobi Adegboyega

Senior Pastor of SPAC Nation, Tobi Adegboyega

United Kingdom authorities have shut down SPAC Nation, known as Salvation Proclaimer Ministries Limited, over allegations of fraud and financial misappropriation.
SPAC Nation was shut down after failing to properly account for more than £1.87 million of outgoings and operating with a lack of transparency, the Independent reported on Friday.

UK court concluded the suit against SPAC Nation on 9 June 2022 before Judge Burton, government agency The Insolvency Service announced.

The church known to carry out humanitarian causes had been hit by allegations of financial exploitation and abuses of its members who mainly comprised young Black people from impoverished communities.

“While SPAC Nation claimed it had noble intentions to support vulnerable and young people, our enquiries uncovered a different side of the charity,” Edna Okhiria, chief investigator for the Insolvency Service, said.

“There were clear concerns around how the church group managed its affairs and SPAC Nation failed to properly account for income received from donations and other expenditures.
“The court recognised the severity of SPAC Nation’s actions and this sends a strong message that proper records and accounts must be maintained, even if you’re a charity.”

SPAC Nation is yet to respond to the allegations.

The allegations against the church are currently being investigated by the Metropolitan Police and Charity Commission.

There were claims pastors allegedly pressured young people in the congregation to sell their own blood to raise funds in a practice referred to as “bleeding for seed”.

The court heard that SPAC Nation was incorporated in 2012 as a charity set up to advance Christianity. Much of its charitable work was based in London, working particularly with vulnerable people, youth, and offenders.
The Insolvency Service received complaints about SPAC Nation before instigating its own inquiries into the church group’s activities.

Further inquiries found that SPAC Nation either failed to comply or only partially complied with statutory requirements, including providing data to support claimed donations, and accounting records to support £1.87 million of spending.

SPAC Nation rebranded as Nxtion Family in June 2020, a month after head pastor Tobi Adeboyega announced he was stepping down as leader, though he has remained in charge.

Organisations like SPAC Nation being investigated or closed by authorities navigate local regulations and continue to exist under another name

It was also recognised that the company provided inconsistent information to the Insolvency Service and Charity Commission, and failed to deliver adequate accounting records.
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