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Are online poker platforms more convenient than visiting poker venues?

By Guardian Nigeria
23 October 2021   |   1:03 am
Poker has always been a popular game in many countries around the world, and Canada is no different.

Poker has always been a popular game in many countries around the world, and Canada is no different. However, due to the size of the country and the way the population is spread out, not everyone who wants to visit a casino or poker room has had one within a reasonable travelling distance. This has meant that people have been stuck with playing in their own homes or with friends, and not having the chance to flex their poker skills amongst better opponents.

However, in the last decade, there have been many technological advancements which have made it possible to play poker online, even in the most remote territories. Faster broadband speeds, better computer processors, and even smartphone penetration have all made it easier to play online poker in Canada.

Online vs Land-Based Poker Players
At first glance it might seem that online poker cannot work as well as sitting at a real table. So much of poker is about reading your opponent, how can it work if you cannot see them? The answer is pretty simple – you read their plays, not their face. The way players interact with the cards and the pot is easier to track online, because you can pull up a complete history of previous hands played, and you can spot patterns in behaviour. If a player always under bets when they have a strong hand, you can spot this in the future and avoid getting sucked into their trap.

Online poker sites provide players with huge amounts of analytical data, not only on your opponents but on your own playing style. For people looking to make improvements, this data is invaluable as studying it can really help you to spot weaknesses in your game and find ways to improve.

Why Online Poker is Better
There are many advantages to playing poker at an online site rather than travelling to a land-based venue. For one thing, not having to leave your home is much more convenient. Even if your local casino is in the same town, you don’t have to deal with finding parking, dressing up, tolerating other players etc. You can play in your pyjamas, tucked up in bed at the end of a long day, and relax at your own pace whilst watching the UEFA Champions League and do other activities.

Land-based casinos are full of other temptations including bars, shops, and restaurants. You might find that you end up spending more money than you planned on, just tipping waitresses and purchasing additional drinks. Playing from home helps you save money, because every cent you spend will be going on the poker table, not being diverted to ancillaries.

Online casinos are open to a worldwide customer base and are open 24/7. This means that whatever time of day you fancy a game, there are guaranteed to be people ready to join you. Land-based poker venues don’t have this level of convenience, with poker games often scheduled for specific times, and if you turn up just wanting a casual game, you might not find any takers.

This also means that you can fit in a few quick hands throughout the day, for example on your commute to/from work, using Canadian rail is popular. Casual poker players may be put off by the need to sit down for a long tournament session, so the ability to play cash games of a shorter duration is more likely to attract these kinds of players.

Playing poker at home in a more relaxed atmosphere can have a huge effect on your game. Without the pressure of other people watching your every move, you’ll spend less time worrying about your performance and more time putting in a good one.

Online Gambling Around the World
Every country with legal gambling has noticed a marked switch in player behaviour, with online gambling becoming a clear favourite way for people to play. In the UK, online gambling accounts for a greater percentage of industry revenue that all land-based forms combined. Because of the way the games are regulated, this results in a good profit for the government to funnel into the economy, as well as happy customers who know they are protected from fraud while they are playing.
Canadian online poker is still in its infancy, but there are clear indications from the rest of the world that it has the possibility of being a very successful venture.

In Conclusion
Are online poker platforms more convenient that visiting venues? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’! Not only can players play whenever and wherever they want, but there isn’t the feeling that you need to make a night of it. More players are playing for short bursts, and this makes them bet more sensibly.

You’re also not going to feel pressured into spending money on overpriced food and drinks just because you’re held hostage in a single venue. Playing online poker takes away all the pressures of being in public and lets you completely relax. No need to dress up and put on a show, you can just relax and enjoy the game.