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European clubs don’t believe in black coaches, says Siasia


SiasiaSuper Eagles interim coach, Samson Siasia has said there are only a handful of black coaches working in Europe because the clubs there do not believe in them.

Siasia has been reappointed Nigeria coach in an interim capacity in the wake of the shock resignation of Sunday Oliseh recently.

He first coached Nigeria Super Eagles in 2010, before he was fired the following year after he failed to qualify the country to the 2012 AFCON in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

Before getting his coaching badges in the United States of America and Europe, he played for French club Nantes as well as Lokeren in Belgium.

He also featured at the 1994 World Cup in the USA when Nigeria made a long-awaited debut.

Siasia told that European clubs are guilty of not giving black coaches a chance.

“I want to believe that the reasons there are not many black coaches working in Europe are because the European clubs hardly give us a chance and they do not believe in us,” said the coach, who himself was severally linked with jobs abroad.

“Many of us have not only played at the highest level in Europe, but have excelled, but even when we get our coaching badges there, these clubs still don’t give us the break we need to show what we can do outside the pitch.

“We have many ex-African players with French nationality, but I can only recall (Claude) Makalele who was at Bastia and that was it.

“Where is John Barnes with all he achieved at Liverpool and even though he grew up in England and played for that country? He was not given much of a chance there as a coach.

“Where is another black coach, Chris Houghton? Where is he now?

“Many of us have good records as players and then coaches, but because the European clubs do not believe in us, we end up having to do something else.

“And even where they give us a chance, they are quick to dispense with us.

“Something is really not right, but I don’t want to put any name to it.”

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  • tee

    Until an African country wins the world cup, that’s when they’ll start giving African coaches a chance.

    • Akpobome

      They can win the world cup one million times and still would be passed over

      • tee

        But they have not won it yet.


    racism, simpe

  • Hackervirus

    Chris Houghton is at Brighton hoping to bring them back to EPL..They are doing well and Chris is doing well

  • kayode Olufade

    Prove yourself first


    Charity begins at home ; Until African Countries give African coaches a chance, no other Continent will.
    Africa must stop using European coaches and use only African coaches.


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    • Abdullah

      Thanks. Interesting.

  • akeebaba