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Sheffield United furlough staff on full pay

By AFP |   11 April 2020   |   8:33 pm  

Sheffield united. Photo: SUFC

Premier League side Sheffield United on Saturday said they were furloughing some permanent and casual staff but will continue to pay them in full during their enforced leave.

Employees affected are those who are unable to perform their regular duties due to the coronavirus shutdown.

However, the club insisted it will not resort to using public money under the British government’s job retention scheme to finance the measures.

“Sheffield United Football Club has informed its staff of the decision to furlough some employees who are unable to perform their regular day-to-day duties at this time,” said a club statement.

“The club confirms that permanent and casual staff will continue to be paid in full, despite the challenges of dealing with the impact of Covid-19.”

The Blades, who were pushing for a Champions League place before coronavirus halted the footballing calendar a month ago, have not ruled out using the job retention scheme in the future.

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