Weir explains why NRFF introduced online rugby sessions

By Alex Monye |   20 July 2020   |   3:28 am  

To survive and remain focused in the COVID-19 era, national rugby team players need lessons in psychology and mental alertness, Coach Bronson Weir has said.

Weir, who is Nigeria’s senior national team coach, said online training sessions on psychology would boost the players’ mental alertness and ensure they remain fit during the nationwide lockdown.

The South African said at the weekend that the players have been going through special online lecture sessions handled by seasoned South African coach, Wilbur Kraak, to lift their morale ahead of the return to normal activities.

He disclosed that remarkable results have been achieved through the different lectures held in modern techniques and training in the sport following the response from the players.

“The rugby players have been going through psychological lessons from Kraak. It keeps them mentally alert and focused since they cannot go outside to do their normal training routines.

“Before the lockdown, I had also been working on the players ‘ fitness.

With the series online lecture sessions from me and other top rugby coaches, I believe the players will not be match rusty after the sports lockdown,” he said.

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