Steve Nico takes invoice trading global with Populous

While many people would rather give up on their dreams after facing challenges in life, Steve Nico Williams does not belong to that school of thought.

Growing up in a tough town in Brockley South London, the cryptocurrency business Mogul Steve took some steps that almost put his life at a stop.

Born in the UK on September 15, 1979, Steve and his identical twin brother Sam Enrico Williams rose above all challenges to make a wave for themselves by being top businessmen in Britain.
Their mum, a chef and their dad an accountant, left their homeland Nigeria in the seventies in search of greener pasture in Britain.

Steve and his brother were exposed to a lot of violence and discrimination which almost ruined their early lives. Back then in their small Brockley home, Steve spent most mornings waking up on the parlour couch due to insufficient space in their home.

In a bid to stop the victimization against him, Steve mingled with the wrong crowd which made him spend some terms which he referred to as a ” major wake up call”.

Steve, a commercial data expert studied a GNVQ in Advanced Business at Crofton Comprehensive School in Lewisham and also attended London Metropolitan University where he studied Philosophy(2008).

After school, Steve and his brother ventured into various businesses such as Tramp, a lifestyle and concierge magazine, and researched financial markets and data, before they decided to move into cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency business took them four years to build in their mum’s kitchen with no expectation of having a successful outcome. When Steve put the Populous (PPT) token on the market in June 2017. They never expected to make as much as they did in 24 hours.

Populous PPT, a cryptocurrency platform is one of the most valuable blockchains in the world. The platform works by discounting invoices, thus enabling small and medium-sized businesses with cash flow problems to raise funds against invoices from the crypto community.

Populous is a P2P (peer-to-peer) invoice discounting platform. It is a global invoice trading platform built on Blockchain’s distributed ledger technology.

Invoice finance is a form of funding that instantly unlocks the cash tied up in outstanding sales invoices. The platform enables business owners to allow invoice buyers to buy invoices at a discounted rate in order to unlock their cash quicker. Once invoices are paid by the invoice debtor, the invoice buyer receives the amount previously agreed upon.

“Populous World offers the most amount of flexibility where you can choose to discount the invoices based on your needs,” said Lou Chan, who works for the company.

“A minimum number of invoices per month is not required and you can access our services whenever required.”

Apart from the cryptocurrency business, Steve Nico’s other investments include a stake in a few London businesses.

Although Steve is still focused on creating platforms that offer seamless services, he also intends to inspire people mostly the youths by supporting and helping them build a better a future.


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