Wednesday, 29th March 2023
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My passion is to create documentaries, stories for social impact, says Dubem

By Eniola Daniel
15 January 2023   |   2:31 am
Visual creator, Nnadi Dubem has said he is committed to creating more documentaries and stories for social impact.

Visual creator, Nnadi Dubem has said he is committed to creating more documentaries and stories for social impact.

The professional video service provider said creating content with smartphones has become easy over time.

He said: “My passion has always been drama, documentaries and stories for social impact. As a dedicated filmmaker, my passion is producing film content using my phone to capture stories on a variety of social issues and bringing people’s ideas to life.

Smartphone videography is not something new either. Filmmakers have used smartphones to shoot Hollywood features as far back as when the iPhone 5S was introduced. An instance, in this case, is Sean Baker’s Tangerine, or Steven Soderbergh‘s Unsane and High Flying Bird.”

He said another most obvious use of a smartphone for professional video production is simply for the shooting of content for social media.

“The two biggest examples in the current social landscape include recording video for TikTok and Instagram while you could record this footage on an array of digital camera options. There is indeed something to be said about recording “organically” with a smartphone camera.

There are a few reasons one may want to consider this. The first has to do with file sizes and ease of use. Even if you are planning to record video on a smartphone and transfer it to a computer to edit, you are still looking at smaller file sizes than most higher-end digital cameras and a quicker workflow.”

However, he said recording video for social media directly on smartphones is the best way to create great content.

“With the latest iPhones and others, videos will look quite outstanding and authentic to the medium. Through iPhone 14, a creator might finally get the best of both worlds in a camera that is easy to use and accessible, yet can showcase at least a glimpse of higher production quality with its cinematic recording. Combine it with lenses and some simple rigs to mirror different shot types and creators could actually do a pretty bang-up job of shooting a commercial spec,” he said.

However, he stressed that it is up to a creator to decide on specific production styles and needs.

Dubem said for those who might have ruled out smartphones as anything but a gimmick, it is time to reconsider their position.

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