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With Chronicles Of Truth, Artists Highlight Humane Values

19 April 2015   |   2:00 am
When Chinedu Ogakwu and Godwin Arikpo exhibit their works under the title Chronicles of Truth on May 3, 2015 at Mydrim Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos, the two artists will share something in common in appropriating man’s behavioural pattern of trust.

Chronicles of TruthWhen Chinedu Ogakwu and Godwin Arikpo exhibit their works under the title Chronicles of Truth on May 3, 2015 at Mydrim Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos, the two artists will share something in common in appropriating man’s behavioural pattern of trust.

Embedded in the artists’ concept of truth is personalising of the definition of the word. With 60 pieces of paintings and mixed media, the artists will engage viewers in a combined spiritual and intellectual ways of art appreciation.

Some of the works viewed via soft copies suggest that art could aid psychoanalysis. From portrait paintings, Face of Truth series and Children of the Lights to mixed media such as Labour of Our Heroes and Once Upon a Time, the artists bring onto the canvas a broader perspective of articulating art.

In a joint statement, the basic idea of the exhibition is to show how truth could be complex. “Though everyone thinks they know The Truth, nobody actually knows The Truth except you, and me,” the text reads in parts.

The exhibition, they explain, provides a “synoptic record of events, focusing essentially on the history of mankind.” However, individually, each artist has peculiar characteristics.

Ogakwu sees his art as “a celebration of our roots, the simplicity of our culture, the beauty of our land, the values that we still practice, the wealth of our people and that, which makes us who we are.”

And unlike some artists who do not want to be seen as promoting a specific culture, Ogakwu boldly identifies with his roots. “As an African Ambassador, art is my language and as you appreciate the work of my hands, you become a part of it.” He lists his artistic priorities as “elation, contentment and ultimate satisfaction.”

His Artist Statement reads in parts: “I like to define my artistic style as abstract in nature coupled with an expressionist quality. I believe that art always succeeds when alternate forms of utterance fall short.

Form and colours are the language, and everyone on the planet has access to this purest type of communication. When I am unable to speak my feelings through blunt words or predictable actions, I take my brush to recreate my innermost self on a majestic camouflaged canvas using different media and techniques, forms and themes thus compelling myself to create feelings that scratch the walls of my being in an attempt to escape into the world.

Nets, ropes, sand, wood extract, glue, etc, are used to add some elements of sculpture to the works. The different styles I work are as a result of years of exposure to art and my love for Africa. It is this diversity that brings my ideas to life.” One great pleasure I derive from my art is the wide variety of emotions I inspire.

I strive that every person viewing my art will find something that speaks to them whether I am physically present to hear the response or not, the viewer can still experience a connection to me and a deep sense that we belong.” For Chinedu, historical themes are his strength. He explains how his choice of themes “convey strong message as relates to the primitive life of an African man.”

is Artist Statement reads in parts: “Ogakwu’s vision as an artist is to really remind Africans and the world at large of there root/cultural heritage which should not be left to fade away.

He believes that wisdom comes when the “new” and their thoughts merge with the “ old” and their thoughts. He is happily married with children.” The bio of the artists: Ogakwu is a Port Harcourt based full time studio artist specialised in mixed media painting. He was born February 19,1975 to a very creative family of seven.

He began his training from childhood, followed by a Higher National Diploma in Painting at Institute of Management and Technology Enugu, Nigeria. He has devoted his entire life to making art.

He has participated In many solo and groupxhibitions. His works are seen in notable galleries in Nigeria and beyond-Mydrim gallery Lagos, Terra Kulture, Quintessence, Home stores, Bricklane gallery London, Art Fusion Gallery Miami FL etc. Arikpo’s is an expose of diffused and intense creative energy, a multidisciplinary experimental artist, creative designer, illustrator and painter with a content-driven methodology.

His highly perceptible mixed media art is a metrical synthesis of drawing, painting graphics, mixture, assemblage, and sculpture composed to mutually create new veracity with a more easy-to-read, figurative arrangement.

His extensive patois and innovative use of alternate materials and tactic surpass routine technique, as it crafts a vigorous pictorial phrase that is not only multi-dimensional but also multi- sensual.

These he expresses by fussing beads, fabrics, ropes, papers, etc, into his works. He incorporates traditional symbols into his works to authenticate his quest for history. His imagery is instinctive, subjective, contemporary and simple.

Eh studied at the University of Port Harcourt. Arikpo has exhibited both in the country and outside. His works document the journey of contemporary life with history as back up. This also includes his ties to his fatherland, theology, community, and social values.