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CAN President Urges Nigerians To Love And Forgive One Another



Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor,

THE President, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, has called on Nigerians to live in peace, unity and to ensure that stability is restored permanently in the country.

He noted that the need for peace as demonstrated by President, Goodluck Jonathan in the recently held presidential elections should be the point of reference for all political leaders in the forthcoming governorship and State Houses of Assembly elections, saying there is nothing greater than peace and love as enunciated by God and demonstrated by President Goodluck Jonathan.

In his Easter massage, yesterday, in Abuja, the CAN President urged Nigerians to imbibe the spirit of love and forgiveness as exemplified by Jesus Christ through his death on the cross.

“Easter stands for the suffering, power over death and grace through the blood of Jesus shared on the Cross of Calvary, so we need to emulate the risen Jesus, who turns death into life, to change hatred into love, vengeance into forgiveness, war into peace. ” Christ is our peace and through him we implore peace for all Nigerians. I also pray for the incoming administration led by Maj-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari,” he added.

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  • Noluchukwu obi

    Oga CAN president, you must lead by example. I was so disappointed that men of God is not emulating the life of Jesus Christ. All of you were preaching religious politics in your various churches before the presidential election. It was only Rev. Fr. Mbaka who outstandingly stepped out to state the message from God that prompted so many of you including his fellow catholic Priests to condemn him. He stood his ground and affirmed that the message he received was a divine message from the holy spirit. All of you have forgotten in a haste the story of the Jews and the Gentiles. Three days to the election, the same man Mbaka came out openly to accuse Jonathan and his wife of planning to kill him because of the message. They came with money, he refused and they decided to paint him black but today the Almighty God has lifted him up to the high mountain. I am very sure that so many of you especially the political contractors who call themselves Prophet of God who collected money from the Presidency and started talking rubbish. I want my fellow Nigerians to go through so many Newspapers before or after January this year and see how men of God disgraced themselves calling it prophecies. God has shown them that he is God and cannot be man and as a result disgraced all of them. They are hiding their faces in shame. They same way they deceived Jonathan and his wife is the same way they are deceiving millions of Nigeria on daily basis.I do not blame them, if the economy of Nigeria is good coupled with good leadership, i do not think they will be seeing anybody in their Churches. People go to all these churches because of one problem or the other. But i can see the light ahead of us and that light is bringing peace and tranquillity in this land, i can see economic turn around in this great nation, i can see so many developed countries standing in our Embassies begging for our visa. There is future for this great Nation. This is the time to emancipate this Nation from clutches of squalor, poverty, prostitution among many vices. Our brothers in Niger Delta Take it easy because i know for sure that there will be total economic development in Niger Delta when the right people come to take over positions in your states and the center

    • Andy Andrew

      Good talk sir. The role of these prophets for hire has been extremely shameful. May God answer then and deal with them for bringing reproach to the name of the lord. They are confidence tricksters.

  • benny agafa

    God sent ling spirit into them as God did in the time of old, to shame them, so that we, His children should know them