Wednesday, 27th September 2023

alone time

22 Dec 2020
For some, the solitude this year has been excruciating, breeding loneliness and carrying a serious impact on our mental health. Others have found alone time empowering, enjoying themselves, discovering other talents, and learning to enjoy the time alone. Below are some ways you can enjoy your solitude during this period: Be proactive about it You…
21 Jul 2019
Love can be intoxicating, especially in a new relationship. It is next to magical the way your lover makes you feel. And it seems as if the more you are with him/her, the stronger that feeling intensifies. Slowly, your lover becomes the sun around which your life revolves. You begin to lose you. Which is…


1 hour ago
More than a dozen people were arrested overnight in the US city of Philadelphia following looting of stores after a peaceful rally against police violence, officials said
1 hour ago
Armenia said Wednesday that nearly half of Nagorno-Karabakh's population has fled the enclave since Azerbaijan crushed the rebels' decades-long fight for an independent state last week. Yerevan's attempts to absorb the sea of homeless and hungry ethnic Armenians come with officials still trying to identify the whereabouts of more than 100 people reported missing in…
2 hours ago
Lagos State Governor,Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has given traders two days ultimate to vacate the red line rail tracks at Agege.
2 hours ago
Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC has expressed worry over the spate of insecurity in Imo State ahead of the forthcoming November 11th governorship election in the state.
2 hours ago
The Federal Capital Territory Authority (FCTA) in partnership with Platinum X Art and Media Ltd has concluded plans to organise the ‘Abuja I Believe Carnival 2023” for residents of Abuja and other talented Nigerians in other states to showcase their talent.