Wednesday, 4th October 2023

Dismissive/Avoidant Attachment Style

20 Mar
Everyone has an attachment style, but not many people are aware that this is a thing. If you are unaware of your attachment style, the end of this article marks the beginning of your awareness of your attachment style. An attachment style can simply be defined as the unique pattern of one’s behaviour in relationships.…


8 mins ago
A university site in the centre of French Mediterranean port Marseille will close temporarily because of nearby dealing in the city's deadly drug trade, according to a letter seen by AFP.
18 mins ago
In every team sport, there is always an unsung hero. In football, he is often the man in the midfield or defence who does the “dirty” job of keeping the opponents at bay, making his team’s goal area highly restrictive. He is that team player, who ensures the seamless coordination of his team while operating…
25 mins ago
A group of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), APC Integrity Group, has said that the embarrassment associated with the row over President Bola Tinubu’s Chicago State University certificate was technically caused by his appointees who, the group alleged, abandoned the President when he needed them most. The group flayed the inability or what they…
43 mins ago
The Federal Capital Territory Internal Revenue Service (FCT-IRS) says it will recognise tax-compliant individuals and organisations as part to further appreciate excellence and dedication to civic responsibilities.
49 mins ago
At least five people were injured in a shooting on a university campus in the eastern US city of Baltimore late Tuesday, police said.
55 mins ago
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is set to fire the starting gun Wednesday on Britain's next general election campaign, with a much-anticipated keynote speech closing his ruling Conservatives' annual conference.
1 hour ago
Canada’s province of Manitoba elected First Nations politician Wab Kinew as its leader on Tuesday, making him the first Indigenous person voted in to head a provincial government.
1 hour ago
An exiled Russian reporter who protested against Moscow's offensive in Ukraine live on state TV was handed over to eight years in jail in absentia on Wednesday for spreading "fakes" about Moscow's army.
1 hour ago
Prudence Foundation and Prudential Zenith have, for the third time, partner Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN) to promote financial management skills through its financial literacy programme, Cha-Ching.
1 hour ago
The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet), has alerted the public on the possibility of deterioration in visibility in some northern states as a result of dust haze propagated into the country from the source region.