Wednesday, 6th July 2022
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Ilemona Akpa

10 Apr
When we think maternity styles, we think comfort. It is not out of place to see a pregnant woman in a long flowing dress, loose pants and tops. The easier it is, the better right? With the deliberate focus on maternity styles and how to be chic with a belly, maternity style has reinvented itself…
21 Mar
    Elegance and minimalistic are two words that best describe the iconic suit style- The Pinstripe. When we think pinstripe, we think 1920 gangsters and bankers in Oxford shoes, trench coats and a sleek hat to finish. This fine fashion piece did have an earlier appearance in the early 19th century with bankers and…
2 Feb
When we think of flowers, we think of pretty, girly, cute, everything but masculine. From dress to pants and even accessories, women have an unspoken ownership of florals such that guys in floral prints become an interesting conversation starter. Masculinity and menswear have long been tied together. It’s no wonder that menswear gravitates towards dark…
18 Jan
Remember that one unspoken rule that plagues your mind when you have a wedding to attend and you think of a flirty white dress to impress? -Never wear white to a wedding. The most important thing any guest should focus on, even before choosing the dress’s colour, is not to upstage the bride.  According to…


6 mins ago
It was the same old stories, yesterday, as stakeholders converged on Abuja in search of ways to finance energy projects in Nigeria amid uncertain future and severe energy crisis.
6 mins ago
Going by the new guidelines on technical specifications for the deployment of infrastructure in the communications sector in Nigeria, telecommunications operators risk N250, 000...
9 mins ago
Defying an all-embracing definition, corporate governance is the internal regulatory regime of a business entity, corporation, public or private institution.
17 mins ago
With data consumption increasing by 70.8 per cent from 205,880.4 terabytes in 2020 to 350,165.39 terabytes in 2021, no less than 552,667 subscribers across the six-geopolitical zones of Nigeria...
24 mins ago
Year 2022 Batch ‘B’ Stream 1 National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members have been warned to avoid dabbling in local politics in their places of primary assignment.