Wednesday, 7th June 2023

Oya the rain goddess

19 Mar
Oya, also known as Oiá, is a prominent deity in Yoruba mythology. Devotees of Oya cut across Yoruba land, especially in Nigeria, Benin and Togo. She is considered the goddess of the wind, lightning and storms, and is associated with change, transformation and destruction. Oya's genealogy is traced to Yemaja, goddess of the sea. According…


The Nasarawa State Assembly for the first time since its creation is witnessing the inauguration of two Speakers under the same political party, the All Progressive Congress (APC). [ad] Sequel to the drama that took place in the state, three contestants joined the race for Speakership – Balarabe Abdullahi (the immediate past Speaker who had just concluded two terms of eight years, Daniel Oga Ogazi and Jato.
3 mins ago
A civil society group, Enugu Good Governance Group (E-3G) has commended Enugu residents, workers, and traders for substantial compliance with the state government’s directive to go about their normal businesses on Mondays.
5 mins ago
Anambra State government has reiterated its zero-tolerance policy for piracy, counterfeiting and copyright infringement, insisting on protection of intellectual property.
6 mins ago
The Russian-held Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine was ripped open after an explosion in the early hours of Tuesday, according to multiple accounts. The damage has worsened due to the torrent of Dnipro River water unleashed by the breach, forcing thousands to flee, disrupting water supplies and sparking fears of an environmental as well as…
11 mins ago
Cross River State Auditor General, John Odey, and his local council counterpart, Franka Inok, have said the state governor, Bassey Otu, has no power to remove them from office.